When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Experience Peace Within – How Sahaja Yoga meditation works March 15, 2015


Speaking in tongues February 1, 2015

“We do not know when the disciples of Christ got their realization through the Holy Ghost. They got…. they felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and they started talking in a different language. They didn’t speak in some language like Latin or Greek or anything. They spoke the language of the chakras and they started moving their hands so people thought they were mad…. But you will see now that all the Divine laws can be managed through your fingers if you get your realization, because your fingers become active and emit cool vibrations or cool breeze of the Holy Ghost…. So, there is nothing wrong in that. But those who were not realized people could not understand that and that’s why they called them mad….. That’s not the situation today. Now, please put your hand there on that center…”

Shrее Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program in Unity Church, Houston (USA), 30 May 1986 



How to prove God exists November 7, 2014

“Second part also comes to you as a proof because now you know there are vibrations flowing into you. There’s no jugglery about it. And then you can feel it very clearly. You have raised the Kundalini of many people. You have given them Realization; even the Photograph has given Realization. You know for definite it is so. And also you know that if you want to ask any fundamental questions, you get answer as a great flow of vibrations. So when you ask the question [Mother speaks aside]. When you ask the question, “Whether there is God?”, immediately you get tremendous vibrations proving that there is. You ask the some questions, which you know for definite and say, “Is it so?” And you know that it is not so, definitely you do not get any vibrations. That’s how relatively you know when do you get vibrations when you don’t get vibrations.
If you ask a very big fundamental question, you get vibrations of a very strong nature. But in ordinary things you might get a little. So it proves that the vibrations speak to you as vibrations. This should prove that there is God because you have asked on vibrations and you have found that there are vibrations and that there is God.”
Advice to Yogis, ” How to prove God exists”, Dollis Hill Ashram, London ( UK ), 29 June 1980

Pure Desire within us October 19, 2014


Why are we on this Earth?’ October 17, 2014

“So science cannot answer many questions and one of them is that ‘Why are we on this Earth? What is the purpose of our life? What is the goal of our life? What is our identity?’ This question is not asked and, if asked, they cannot answer. They cannot answer this simple question, ‘Why are we on this Earth?’ But one has to know that we are on this Earth to become the Spirit, to enter into the Kingdom of God. This is our purpose. That’s why we are here, and then to be the instruments of that Divine Power, which is all-pervading.”

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi – 15 October 1993, extract from public programme, Philadelphia, USA.


Pure meditation with Sahaja Yoga October 4, 2014


Rationally you cannot understand God September 14, 2014

“We take things for granted, everything for granted. That’s the only trouble with human beings, taking everything for granted. If we do not take for granted everything and just in all humility say that, ‘O Lord, we know very little about You, we’d like to know,’ He takes you up and makes you sit in His brain, so that you become aware of the powers of His brain, of His heart, from where He loves you; where He is the ocean of compassion, you become a drop in that ocean.

And you also with your waves, you jump up and down and enjoy that compassion of His, just a drop you are, but you are the ocean. This is what explains what Kabira says. You see, these great people have described him but it becomes absolutely ambiguous for you.

The human rationality cannot explain all these things. So your rationality has to improve onto vibratory awareness. You have to go through that level, minimum of minimum, to understand God. You cannot understand Him at this level. So don’t come out here with ideas that you are going to give something to God, no. You have to take, you cannot give anything to God, but in your humility, if you express yourself, He likes it.”

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi – 11 September 1978, extract from public programme, Caxton Hall, London, UK.


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