When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Insecurity can trigger breast cancer March 3, 2023

Now, those people who suffer from insecurities, especially women, if they suffer from some insecurities, from their husbands, or if their motherhood is challenged, then they develop a very horrible cancer of the breast. If they are insecure from their husbands, who are not loyal to them, or some sort of a problem is there, then the women may develop this breast cancer, because of this center, being absolutely dislocated, due to insecurities, Whenever we see anything facing us which is dangerous, immediately our sternum bone starts vibrating. Those vibrations are remotely caught by the antibodies, and they get ready to fight the diseases. But when the connection is lost and the cells become malignant, antibodies also get tired fighting it. So when the Kundalini is passing through this, this center gets again nourished, and one can achieve a great sense of security within himself, very great sense of security. He feels absolutely secure.


Sahaja Yoga And Christianity December 25, 2022

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1979-05-07 Sahaja Yoga and Christianity – They Are All Seeking

Shri Mataji starts to talk, The first sentence is inaudible.

Music is a very good instrument for the spirit to manifest itself. Specially Veena is one of the Adi Contras as you call them, or you can say the musical instrument. It is a very important instrument for inciting the Kundalini on. As he is a realised soul it will definitely act on people whenever he plays. I am sure it is going to give him a great success, it may not be to many people it will appeal but it will definitely go to people who are seeking of a deep down in themselves, asking for the answers of many absolute questions.

Seeking is a fashion today in the West and also it is very genuine among men. What are we seeking in life, what do we expect to seek? One thing we know that we are not satisfied with whatever things we have, we are not satisfied with our material being, neither with our emotional being, neither with our mental being. Always the joy is followed by unhappiness, that means that there is something imperfect within us, something lacking very much. If that was not so we would have been happy like the birds like the flowers, like the animals. This lacking is felt only in this form which we call as the Human Being, only in the Human Being one feels that there is something that is missing in life because in the evolutionary path as you know human beings are the highest and they have reached a stage where they are aware of this lacking, this imperfection within ourselves.

This is I think also is the blessing of the modern times that we are aware of it much more today than we were ever, some are really aware of it, they are genuinely aware of it, and they are really seeking something. Others take to fashion, they may not be that deep, they may not be that massive, but if I have to tell you that there is a life which is not known to us which is beyond us, it is not easy for a thinking man to believe in it because we see only our body, we can see the working of our minds but we cannot see other things, we cannot feel them through our senses, and it is very difficult for a modern person to believe into something that is beyond. But this is not only one dimension, that we have another life, another force, another source but I would say there are at least 4 dimensions in which we live unknown to those realms which are around us, sometimes we get a glimpse of that sometimes, but we are not stationed there, neither we are there to understand. Here are we have shown in the diagram a Human Being I hope you all can see, can you, you all can come this way, there is no need to be in that way, could all be this thing is better, but cos with new people it’s something special there (special to them?), here, that’s better, now can you all see from there, can you all sit down, can you see from there? Oh you can come round. Here is the human being, as you are a human being.

Now whatever I have to tell you about this you need not believe me at all. There is no blind faith needed on the contrary blind faith goes against reality, but keep yourself open and see for yourself if it works. You need not have any preconceived ideas about it also, because you will be able to see later on that whatever I say can happen to you all. Now this is a Human Being as I have shown here, and he has got the left, right, and the lower and the top of his head, 4 sides. The left side of the human being contains all the subconscious, all that is dead in him in all his lives, and through his left side he is connected to the collective consciousness, collective subconsciousness that is all that is dead. All that has happened all that is ( nawa? ) On the right hand side there is another area which is called as the supra conscious. Left hand side is all the past, right hand side is all the future about which we conceive of, about which we think of by our mental activity we can conceive of all the future we can achieve, for example the idea of going to the moon existed in this part. We have achieved it by movement towards the right and also all that is dead in the name of future like a person who always plans about the future is also on the right hand side in the collective supra conscious. The right hand area is the supraconscious and beyond that is the collective supra conscious. This area is also unknown to us. Left hand side area is also unknown

to us. But whatever is unknown need not be divine and it need not be a conveyance for your realisation. As you see down below is the area where what we call the hell exists. It exists around us but on top of the head there exists an area of supra consciousness that is the area of Divine Power. You have heard in the books that there is all pervading Divine Power, the Holy Ghost, the Adi Shakti which encompasses the whole universe, the whole creation even the small atoms and molecules, it is pulsating because of this all pervading power of Divine Power. In all the scriptures it has been described but how are we to believe it. Is there really such a power existing? Is there something beyond or it is only the material life that we live into, that we are every day worried about what to get for food what to wear, how to go about social life, political life, economic life or is there any other power which is really manifesting, acting, controlling, co-ordinating and also all the time loving you. If there is so has anybody felt it has anybody known it. This is the power you are really seeking, not the power of the left hand or the right hand nor the power of hell which is a bottomless pit. You are seeking the power that is all pervading is the power of Gods love. Love is the most powerful thing, but which love is the dynamic love of God. Is there God even, one can ask a question like that, is there God, are we to believe that there is God. How are we to believe that there is God, people have believed into God without knowing him, without feeling him, without any experience. Why they have been doing it cause there has been a sustaining force. Some sort of sustaining force as been working on them, which has kept them alive. The fact that there is some power who we can call as Divine Power. But nobody has so far been able to give an en masse understanding or feeling of it. Very few who talked about it, who felt it, were never accepted by common people, they were rejected, stoned , crucified, killed, poisoned. It is said that the whole world, the whole universe that you see is just a reflection on the mirror of that all pervading power, when you see the reflection you cannot see the mirror, you have to become the mirror but how? then we come to one question, why did Human Being become a Human Being from amoeba stage and why did he become that? What is the purpose of making him a Human Being of this shape? We should wonder about it, why with two limbs like that, two legs like that in an erect position. It is a fundamental question which any scientist should look into. What is the reason for creating in all these thousands of years a Human Being? It is not just to run a puppet show of politics or economics it has no meaning it is just a game going on, you can see it clearly it’s a game. Is it only to play these games we were made into Human Beings, if so why are we not happy about it, why are we not satisfied, why do we not feel our fulfilment. The reason is our fulfilment is not this, is something very different, unless and until we have that fulfilment we are not going to feel satisfied with ourselves, and that fulfilment is to feel that supraconsciousness which is all pervading. So we can also conclude that if we have to become that, if we have to become that all pervading power or if we have to be connected to that all pervading power what are we going to gain out of it.

First of all you do not know any truths, people say you do not know if there is God, it is all relative. If there is God there is 37 truths, 38 truths, there are 65 truths, is there any absolute truth? A simple question like God, is there God, is a fundamental question. If you ask this question to a computer you might get any number of answers as many number of computers there are. Those people who are feeding the computers will give you a different answer, but if there is something else by which we can know the absolute. We have become a Human Being without doing anything about it. We were just amoeba anyway and we have become a Human Being, we have done nothing about it. What are we going to do to become that by which you are going to know this supra consciousness within you. You cannot do anything about it. It is a spontaneous process it is a living process within you which works spontaneously and that’s why we call it Sahaja Sah means with ja means born, it is born with you, what is born with you is the light to unite with that power. It is born with you, so we call it as Sahaja Yoga, it is the Maha Yoga they call it because this is what one has to achieve. All the rest of the nonsensical things are useless. Supposing you start flying on a flying saucer what’s the use? Supposing somebody gives you 100 diamonds, what’s the use? Supposing you get into a trance and start talking big what’s the use? Supposing by saying some mantras you become a speedy person and you start doing too much of work and cannot rest like a mad possessed person, what’s the use?

So what do you have to become is yourself, which you are not yet yourself. Because you do not know what is within you you cannot feel yourself, because you cannot feel yourself we can say that

there is no awareness about yourself. At the most you can see some pain here or a pain there because you cannot feel yourself you cannot feel others. Now what is the mechanism that God has built within us? How are we built, we have to find out. In our being God resides as a reflection in our heart as spirit as Atma. How are we to know there is Atma is a simple thing like I would say I am not this church, I am not this life, because I can see I am not this lamp, because I can see I am not this mind, because I know how it works, I am not this body because I can see there is something else that is seeing it, you go on negating one by one you reach a place where there is one I which knows what is that I, you have to reach that point. From the point of science we have to know there are many things absolutely undiscovered so far. If there are doctors here they will know we have a system called as autonomous nervous system, yes, it works on itself, what is this auto in Sanskrit, we can call it (Swayam???) what is this Swayam what is this self driven self motivated system you have just given it a name, you have not explained anything by saying it is autonomous but who is this auto, who is this Atma, who does this work? If you can understand that there is something which knows everything about us and around us that is the one, is the spirit. You say that all the time “I know” now which part of you knows? But how to know the self? Is there any mechanism within us That God has placed to know the self by which we know this all pervading power of supra conscious, there is a beautiful mechanism within us placed and that mechanism is called in the Sanskrit language as Kundalini because in India people have meditated, they were not so much challenged by the nature as they are challenged in other countries. It is a very warm country people can live with minimum. It was not necessary for them to indulge so much in the protection of their body securing food or ordinary life, they could live so their attention was turned towards the questions that I just answered, that why are we here as Human Beings and when they started searching it in their meditation they discovered the great truth about this great instrument called as Kundalini. Of course in the bible also there is a mention of Kundalini, because it is said that I will appear before you like tongues of flames. Tongues of flames, how do we explain tongues of flames. Where are the tongues of flames within us, have you seen any tongues of flames within us, have you seen them outside somewhere, that God is going to appear before us as tongues of flames? That is a description of the Kundalini of the chakras of the centres which lies within us in this way as it is shown over there. You may say you are not seeing it. Alright, for that you have to have a different personality, a higher personality where you become that all pervading power when you get in contact with that Divine Power. Then only you start feeling those centres within you on your fingers you can feel them very clearly, you can feel all these centres that are within you and also the centres in other people. Now there are at least 50% people who have felt it among you. Minimum of 50% people who know about it and at least there are 25% who have mastered this. So why not the rest of them all of them should get it. But for that keep a little open mind and I will explain to you what is the Kundalini within us. I am talking of the subtler things, much subtler than we think of. Can you say from where does our idea of innocence come. Do we ever realise that there is definitely this idea prevalent, we accept the word innocence. It is a very subtle thing innocence is from where does it come to us, innocence where does it lie within us? Can any psychologist tell me from where does the innocence come and how it is destroyed and how you can regain it back? All these centres here these 7 centres that lie within us represent such subtle things like innocence. The first centre which lies below the Kundalini, the Kundalini which is the main force, residual force which brings forth this experience of Self Realisation, the one that connects you with the mains like you can say this is connected with the mains. Unless and until it is connected What do we talk of God, what do we talk of the all pervading power, it all has no meaning. It is just a joke going on if it is not connected if I speak on this will you hear me? In the same way when you are not connected with God through your self realisation all talk of God could be alright or could be horrid. You may be worshipping a devil in the name of God. How will you know that a person is Divine? This Kundalini which is above the first centre which is in three and a half coils is an energy that rests in the triangular bone in every Human Being in a dormant stage just waiting for that moment when somebody who is authorised can raise it and give you that power. This is, I am talking about your own power, and not my power, it is your own power which must manifest. If you go to a Guru if he just polishes off your money, what do you understand of it, he is just befooling you. If he cannot give you your own power then his is not a Guru. It is your own power which must manifest and you should feel this all pervading power, your must experience it, you must experiment it and should be able to

manoeuvre it. Then only one can say you are self realised not only that but you should be able to feel your own chakras and you should be able to feel the chakras of others, and you should be able to give realisation to others. All this can be done once you are self realised without that nothing can work out. My talk is a talk it has no meaning unless and until it has worked out the miracle of Kundalini awakening. Now, a lot has been said against the Kundalini awakening part. People are frightened, there are books and books which fills people with awe to read about Kundalini, saying what, whatever it is it is a dangerous path of kundalini it is going to torture us and all that. I can assure you that in India, abroad, and everywhere thousands of people must have come to Sahaja Yoga, not a single person has suffered, on the contrary at least out of them 70% people have achieved Self Realisation. Because she is your Mother. She is your Divine Mother. If your Mother has so much of compassion for you, love for you she is the source of all that love and she is not going to trouble you on the contrary she is so kind. She is just waiting for the moment for it to happen she is not going to trouble you and torture you. Then how is it these people have felt such horrible experiences you may ask me, They are not authorised people, they do not know how to they have no authority to awaken the Kundalini. Supposing you do not know how to handle a mechanism electrical mechanism when you put your hand into it you will burn your hand, does that means electricity gives you burning. If you are not a person who is entitled to do a thing such a person has to be definitely a holy person. If he is not a Holy person he has no business to raise the Kundalini. A person who leads a very sinful life has nothing to do with Kundalini. One must know that a cynic can never take you to God. But a person who is Holy and the one who is realised can definitely raise your Kundalini and the Kundalini only will rise because of him and not because of any ordering or any manoeuvring or any doing about it.

All these things are absolutely useless because Kundalini is the consciousness which understands, which thinks, which loves and it obeys only the one who has the power to love as much as she does. All these big big books I have read I was amazed how these people without any knowledge about Kundalini without any understanding about it have written these big books just to make some money. Have they not to answer to God for what they have done? So have no fear about Kundalini she is your Mother, the kindest of all, full of love, and she forgives you all that you have done, she is the storehouse of all the compassion that you could think of and she is not going to burn you or trouble you or give you any trouble. But if you have a problem she will attend to it. For example if someone is suffering from liver trouble you can see with your naked eye the Kundalini pulsating coming to the liver and supplying it. Here there are, as I have told you 50% people who have seen the pulsation of the kundalini at the triangular bone, and there are thousands who have seen it with naked eye, you can see it pulsating in the triangular bone. Some of these people who have written such big books on the kundalini have said that the kundalini resides in the stomach, I mean something so absurd they have written, something so wrong so false and that is why you don’t be afraid of this word kundalini. This kundalini is the one kept in a sleeping condition they say for this last culmination of your evolution as a human being to become connected with that subtle force and this kundalini when it rises and passes through the various chakras it enlightens them one by one. All these chakras are placed within us during the different evolutionary periods. The first one which is the Ganesha Chakra as they call it, is the mooladhara chakra is the centre of mooladhara. But is not the mooladhara or the Kumbha as they call it, is mooladhara chakra is the one that sustains the mooladhara. Now what is the word meaning mooladhara, means the support of the root. What is the support of the root? The support of the root is the ground is the earth is the matter and that’s why this represents the matter within us. Matter is innocent, matter has got innocence and you get your innocence from this chakra. She Ganesha was made out of the, they say, it is a beautiful poetic way of saying it, out of the mud that was covering the Mother Parvati or you can say the Gauri at that time. Because she was not married in the sense that she was a virgin just finished her marriage and she was to meet her husband and this virgin wanted to have a bath before meeting her husband, so she cleanses her hands properly and makes this deity of Shri Ganesha which is bestowed on this centre. If you really develop your proper insight through meditation you can see Shri Ganesha settled down there very clearly.

Shri Ganesha is the embodiment of innocence and that’s why he is a child, that’s why his head is that of an elephant, because an elephant being an animal doesn’t grow into ego and superego like

human beings do. Thats why he is a child. He is the embodiment of childhood and he incarnated on this earth once which is described in Devi Bhagwhat if you read as Mahavishnu. He has incarnated as Mahavishnu and this was nobody else but Lord Jesus Christ. Even he was born in a way the same way as Ganesha was born without the father, to a virgin. If I am saying something untrue you can find out later by verifying it through a method which I will explain to you a little later, this is a very very important centre for all of us, because unless and until the deity settled on this chakra permits the kundalini will not rise. If your innocence is in danger the kundalini will never rise and even if it rises for a little while out of its excitement it will again be sucked back. Though this chakra is placed below the kundalini which is a very important point? Which people do not know, it is below the kundalini and not above the kundalini so it is not necessary to pierce this kundalini pierce this chakra through the kundalini it is not necessary. What is necessary is to know the importance of this centre and allow the kundalini to rise and it passes through other 6 chakras and that is why is is known as ? And that means there are 6 chakras which it crosses. Now the lower chakra which is the first one Mooladhara chakra I will describe it in more details because we nt have too much time because you must be anxiously waiting for the experience. It is very important and is controlling or manifesting the pelvic plexus outside. Now we scientists know about the pelvic plexus being placed there. This pelvic plexus also has got 4 sub plexuses in the same way this centre has also got 4 petals. Now you know what is a pelvic plexus is and what it does. It looks after the sex, the excretion of the urine and stool. At this place Ganesha was placed because he is like a lotus in the mud and that is why it is important that we must understand about our sex life, and we must know that we have to be correct in our ideas about sex life. Those people who say that we can excite kundalini through sex are immoral people. They are sinful people they are teaching you how to commit sin. This is your Mother so why is she sitting down there and if you want to put your sex onto your Mother, what do you call it? I was shocked, I am so shocked that there is a regular organisation going on in this London which is teaching you how to commit sin, and there are 1000s and 1000s of people following that sort of an organisation. I think it is a very wrong thing and absolutely condemnable blasphemy apart from that it is punishable, and if they have any fear of the divine laws they should give up all these ideas and take to a proper life. It doesn’t mean any kind of fanaticism, it means that you should lead a good married life. It doesn’t mean that you should take to sanyasa, sanyasa is against Sahaja, it is absolutely against Sahaja. If someone is a sanyasi know that there is some sort of a danger in this man. Sanyasa is another show, what is there to show that you are a sanyasa, if you have sanyasa within you, you are there you are a sanyasi. Why to put a cloth or a dress to show that you are a sanyasi? All these extreme behaviours of life are not needed. To achieve that state you have to stabilise yourself still, stabilise, do not go to extremes. There is no need to go to extremes. It is in the central path you have to be not to go to one extreme or to another extreme. Actually when you go too much to one extreme you will definitely go to the other extreme. It happens like that like a pendulum you move from one to another, for example you know in this country people were very materialistic, they thought that matter was very important they were building up doing this doing that. Now when it is over you young people have discovered that “Oh God what is all this, this is not joy giving” so you also have moved to another extreme. No it is not that way, it is in the centre you have to be in the centre, in a complete balancing way in a stabilising way to achieve your self realisation. It is in the central path that the kundalini rises not on the left or the right, that is the path of the Sushummna Nadi, and this is the bridge which is made when you are facing a person who knows who is authorised to give you realisation. This bridge is created within you through what through what I call as Chaitanya Lahari, is the cool vibrations which are described even in the bible, the cool vibrations of the Holy Spirit. So where do these vibrations come in? Are they within you? They are not yet felt in your central nervous system you cannot feel them, the spirit emits them. When you are enlightened the spirit starts emitting those vibrations, and by that you can feel it within yourself. The different centres that are within you you can feel them. Which is (mistaken??) we have shown here the different chakras that are represented on the hands where you feel it. For example, here you see the second chakra is the Swadishthan chakra when do you feel on the left hand Swadishthan chakra? You feel on the left Swadishthan chakra when a person is unauthorised is using unauthorised ways of handling the sites like psychologists, all the psychologists catch on this centre. When do you catch it again is when a person is over hard working that is called as (Akita??). In the book of Gita (Akita ?) the one who works very hard for

material things and for physical being and doing all kinds of yoga at the same time just to have a nice body or to have a nice house or to have a nice aura of material well being such a person always catches on the left Swadishthan. What is the disease you get out of it? Diabetes is the first that shows you are so imbalanced that the balance has to be created and you get the catch on the left hand side, means you get the diabetes. You can get the kidney trouble you can also get some trouble with your spleen. On the left hand side the other catch would be the left Swadishthan could also give you a kind of a very dry personality. You could be a very dry personality extremely dry, it dries out your warmth, your sweetness, that’s why you find in this world people you see so called intellectuals the way they talk sometimes you feel you are talking to a machine. There is no feeling in that person, you just talk to that person, you feel what is the matter with this person, what has happened to him. Why is he so abnormal. In the same way you can see all these centres shown here one by one these are, can be felt on your fingers once you are realised and you can correct them. You can find out about the truth. For example if you want to find out is there God, you put your hands like this and ask this question in your heart and you will get the cool breeze. As it says here for the first time you enter into the temple of truth. That You can ask a question, you can get an absolute answer. Any one of you who are realised all of them will get the same answer if it’s a small child he will say the same thing. If they are old people they will say the same thing. But I have seen that people who come to Sahaja yoga are very slow to move because we want to separate, we want some sort of (chamukya) we want to see something that is something so fantastic we want sensation but we have to get something permanent. Something of very permanent nature which is for our being, which has to happen, our evolution has to go forward and this is a step human beings have to cross into, they jolly well have to cross it they have to have it those who will not do will have to take to another force and that force is very dangerous. So it is better that you take to the course of evolution and know your own power and enjoy yourself because not only will you know the truth, the absolute truth, but you will know what we call the all pervading power from here you can tell about others what is wrong with them, because you jump into collective consciousness. You start feeling other people. You can be sitting down there and you can see what wrong with this person, what’s wrong with that person. You can even correct that person even only thinking about them you can help. Of course when you get this enlightenment physically you are alright mentally you are alright emotionally you are alright. Now there are many people in Sahaja yoga who have been cured of cancer in London itself a very famous person who has been cured of cancer, cancer can only be cured through Sahaja yoga. I have told this thousands of times. But when they get cancer only they will come to me not before, till they get the cancer they will wait, they will not take it up seriously until they get cancer or some sort of a trouble, if they come to me they will only come when they are sick and about to die. Instead of that if you take to Sahaja yoga seriously you will never get cancer not only that you can cure other people because you are working on the parasympathetic which is the balancing thing, how it is cured how it works out, everything can be learnt without paying a single Pi to me or to anyone who knows about it. It is a very simple thing how these physical ailments can be cleared. By clearing all these centres because these are centres which are underlying forces which control all our other organs which we call the autonomous system, once you can control these centres you can control all of them and you can have a very beautiful health, no problems with your health. But this is just a kind of attraction that it is a chocolate on top of the inside because I have seen mostly people come to Sahaja yoga when they are absolutely sick. But are you seeking only that? Then you will get cured, again you will have come back again then again you’ll get cured and have another attack?. The other day I cured somebody of heart attack absolutely angina was cleared out and everything was clear. But then again after 5 or 6 months he comes to me, Oh Mother I am getting a stomach pain oh I have stomach trouble, I said what did you do about it, he said nothing, I was very happy I went home and I was thankful to you. Now if this life is cleansed it has to be enlightened. Now if it has to be enlightened then it has to give light to others or it has to just rust out ? if anybody works on your chakras, cures you, fills you up with all that is promised you have to give light to others. You have to know about it you have to cleanse yourself you have to understand yourself, and not to just get lost and then again arise after 8 months and say Oh Mother this was the problem and I had I had a terrible time and I don’t know I have come back again. It is very common with many people who come to me they say oh Mother that once they are realised we should be alright already well, we should be just like great people. Really? you see

we have a marketing attitude towards things. That we have come to Mataji we have obliged her now she has given us realisation and we have obliged her now it is her duty to see that we are fully here at that level of realisation. Now this is not the way because you must have understood we are talking about the Divine Power about God. There is a certain protocol about it. What have you given to him for all this, and that is what fails in people that they do not know how to sustain Sahaja yoga and how to keep to it which is a very simple thing, not much has to be done but you must sustain it. Do not take it for granted and that’s how I find many people come, they get realisation, enjoy themselves, for about 5/6 weeks or 5/6 months, or maybe 5/6 hours back again the same. Because there are two forces that work on you is as shown here on the left and the right the ego and the superego at the very beginning the ego and the superego are sucked in but again they come up, especially the ego in this great ego oriented society and the superego comes back, and you see your ego and superego coming on you and then you start mingling with it and you get to it. Even this portion which opens out which is called as Sahasrara the top bone, when it opens out even that gets covered and calcified. So Sahaja yoga is not a trick like that it is not a sensation by any chance. It is a happening within. The second thing that happens to you that when you start giving this Divine Power to others you start gradually deepening into your own being and feeling your source of joy. Life becomes full of joy and happiness, that joy and happiness must be your own, has to be there but it is lost and it has to be found out and once found it has to be sustained has to be kept aloft. Like you get into the boat you are still just feeling dizzy, you are still falling out. Now somebody asked me when do we feel we are steady, when you are steady you are steady. It is that simple some people of course once they got realisation some have even got it on my photograph amongst them just got their realisation from the photograph they are still realised. But some of them I have worked for hours together, months together, and years together, and still they go back to the same level. I am here to work for you because I am your Mother. I am going to work very hard, no doubt I have worked very hard, and I have hoped very hard everyone knows that, what about you. You have to also love yourself and you have to also understand that this should happen to you it should be your experience and that you should sustain within yourself and then you will know your fulfilment that now you have become one with that all pervading power and that is the time when now you can really give it to others. And you will be amazed what wonders you can do. There are some people here who have done wonders then you will know you well know how powerful you are and so far you have not been at all introduced to yourself as in Sanskrit says (??’a la Vidya’ ) know knowledge of yourself how powerful you are. For that you need not be a Prime Minister or you need not be a great personality on the contrary many people who are simple who are normal who are in the centre, ordinary people who we call it are the best for Sahaja yoga. Those extraordinary people take time because they have lots of complications around them and they are very difficult but for simple people Sahaja yoga works wonders. In London you know we have lots of people here who have got it and around London and outside in England we have lots of people who have got realisation but today is a special day which we are celebrating which was 5th May 1970 that was the day when this last Sahasrara was opened out. That was the day I saw the opening it was definitely tongues of flames with round flames with all colours opening out like living flames very silent and moving and extremely compassionate and you could feel the compassion opening out fully, and I saw the lotus opening like that with many colours and in the centre was the agnya chakra I could see that had brought it up the kundalini upward and that was a sign that now en masse realisation could be started because it has to be en masse. Many people have to get realisation otherwise nobody is going to believe that there is God or that there is All Pervading Power or there is any spirit. Already people have challenged God without knowing what foolish things they are doing. Then you will realise what is this All Pervading Power and how it works and then the whole thing looks like a drama. It is all ( mithra??). It is all falsehood you see, start seeing it. Once you start seeing it then the whole thing becomes a joke and you see the game, you see yourself as a witness of the whole game and you are not involved into it. I think we should now go in for realisation because telling you about kundalini is not so easy. It is a tremendous thing and cannot be explained in one lecture and I have already got say 84 lectures they have got for which they are going to bring out and still I have not been able to cover the whole thing. But we have now been able to compile something, a book called “The Advent” by Gregoire de Kalbermatten who is here now, and we have been able to publish that book in Delhi. And for which we have really at least I should say how many thousands people, I

didn’t count, but thousands of people and lots of them got realisation, and this book has been really very much comprehensive, you can get that book and read it but still experiencing is different understanding is different. That book covers a very little part of the whole thing, but still it gives you a good introduction to the subject which can open your eyes to reality. I hope they have some pamphlets here also to give you the first understanding of the thing. It is a serious thing it is not a joke it is not just putting something into your head and finishing off it is a very serious thing and has to be taken up seriously, so it is very serious it is fully enjoyable. I cannot remain serious for more than 10 minutes because it is all a joke for me so once you become that it is very very simple and a very very normal thing. But before that you have to take it up with understanding and with respect and regard towards yourself. If you are really seeking you will do it. We have had people very difficult cases who have achieved it and who have done it. So I do not think that it will be difficult for you to get this realisation,and to achieve it, to sustain it, to learn about it and to give it to others. May God bless you all.

If you have any questions you can ask me for about 5 or 6 minutes but ask sensible questions just wasting your time and my time is not a good thing, just ask me very sensible questions because as I said it it has to happen to you. It is your own power You have to get it, you don’t have to pay for anything, I don’t need anything from you, nothing you can give me, so if you have to take change your attitude if you are taking from me. I am not asking for votes I am giving them not asking for anything. You might not have met a person like me before but think it over that you have to take from me and it is a gift to you so before taking the gift don’t open the mouth of the horse, try to understand what it is and then ask me sensible questions because just wasting your time is not good. I will be very happy to answer your questions if they are sensible and good enough and if they are helping you because there must be some questions which must be asked.

Inaudible question is asked…..

That is a good question a very good question. You see a very good question, that is a very good question, that is Sahaja Yoga is a religion? Now what is a religion according to you, first of all the question comes back to you, what is a religion when you said if it is a religion then I would like to know what a definition of a religion is from your side. So I will tell you what is a religion and what is Sahaja Yoga? The idea of all religion is, I mean what we call as religion is that you find certain truths about things. Like there was Christ alright, he lived on this earth, he did this he did that, so some people take it up, they are not realised souls, they have not sensed the divinity, they have not known what is Divine Light. They take up the authority upon themselves, they organise it. Say like this is the religion of Christianity, and the same about Hinduism, some pundits get together, they have some dry discussions among themselves and they are not realised they never read also books say Shankaracharya and they start a religion. You cannot start a religion, the religion is within you is the religion of evolution. The religion is in your stomach do you know that? It is in your stomach existing now here if you see the yellow thing, the green thing around the green is the void as we call it, or you can call it bhavasagara in the Sanskrit language as they call it. This portion is sustained by religion, every Human being has a sustainer, for example gold has a sustaining power, alright because it is untarnishable, we can say that it has a sustaining power of gold. Correct? In the same way every human being has got a sustaining power as a human being. If he does not have this then he falls in his dharma in his religion. Whatever is false, falsely made is not a religion. That is why people are turning away from religion. Religion exists in your stomach but you can deny it, you can defy it. You can say that I don’t believe it. You can have cancer of the stomach because of that you may have some disease because of that. Fanaticism is not religion. Fanaticism is a disease. I am not talking of disease I am talking of something that is within you. So if you think evolution is a religion then I would say that Sahaja Yoga is a religion. If your evolution if you call it is a religion then Sahaja yoga is a religion but is a religion which takes you beyond your sustainance beyond your religion your dharmatit, beyond your dharma. We have amongst ourselves Hindus, Muslims, Christians all that, you know that. All these people can feel it within themselves as a religion in their stomachs, they can feel it. They can find out where is a religion because I say the religion in the stomach is looked after by the deities of Primordial Master who we call as Dattatreya in the Sanskrit language. I don’t mean in Hinduism. It doesn’t mean

Hinduism at all but it is called as Dattatreya in the Sanskrit language, in English it’s Primordial Master. He is the same who incarnated on this earth as Moses as Abraham, has incarnated as Muhammed Sahib as Raja Janaka, as Nanaka, and also as Shirdi Sai Nath. Can you believe that Muhammed Sahib is the same as our Nanak. Now in the religion of these people the Muslims so called and the so called Sikhs are fighting amongst themselves, can you believe that Mahavira and Buddha were the same as Hassan and Hussain which we can prove it to you on vibrations and on curing people they were the same people reincarnated just to improve on themselves because people believe into something which they were not so they were incarnated just to show this was wrong, no no I never said it this is the truth. In the story of Nanaka it was said that once he was sleeping so they said. “You are preaching that there should be unity between Hindus and Muslims and you are putting your feet towards Mecca,” he said really? Then he turned to the other side, he said Mecca has moved. He was the religion but not his followers. They drink, he allowed them to drink did he? When Muhammed Sahib said don’t drink that means they make a fanaticism out of all that. Fanaticism is not religion you must understand the difference between the two, the living religion is within us when you get that light inside. You cannot drink. I never drink. I never tell people don’t drink before realisation. After that you just don’t drink you just give up, because you start feeling yourself the beauty within yourself. When you are bored only you will smoke and drink. When you are enjoying yourself why would you drink. So your religion automatically awakens and you just don’t have to bother. Nobody has to tell you that you will get cancer don’t smoke. 99% just give up smoking without any difficulty and that’s how they save money. People have given up drugs. Horrible things they have given up You won’t believe If I tell you that there some of them sitting here came to me in dead condition, absolutely in dead condition, they gave it up when they found it. So this is a religion that is within you which is enlightened through kundalini and then it works out. But it is an absolute religion in the sense that you all feel the same thing. If you feel one finger the other is also going to feel the same thing. There is no argument about it, there is no argument, everyone will say I am feeling this Mother so that person is suffering from this trouble or this trouble whatever it is. Even if you take 10 children if they are realised souls if you dry their eyes they will say the same thing and they will all clear out there everyone of them, whether they are Muslims, Hindus, Christians doesn’t matter. The other day I had an Arab lady I have cured came to me who is realised she brought another Egyptian to me, he had pain on the left side centre because the left side is affected but then after the left side was cured you see they all started feeling pain here and pain here, so I said do you get pain here and he said how do you know that’s the reason I am here to you, I said do you get pain here he said yes throughout, we cured him also. A little bit you get pain, just not much just feeling just you start suggesting the pain is here and here and here and with your hands you can move it and you can take it out. Many mad people have been cured by coming to Sahaja Yoga because when the enlightenment comes when the balance comes in when there is light within you the darkness goes away. The darkness of the subconscious and not the supra conscious disappears and you become an enlightened person. If enlightenment is a religion then I would say Sahaja Yoga is, there is nothing discarded of all the religions, nothing is discarded but it is enlightened and brought forth and told to you that this is. What was Buddha, do you know who was Buddha how he was brought, do you know who was Mahavira, now those people who worship Mahavira if they are fanatics they are really if you go to see them really you will go mad with them you will not understand what’s the matter, what sort of an interpretation is this of Mahavira, or of Buddha or of Rama or of Krishna or of Christ and when you start feeling these fanatic people in the name of religion oh God any religion get out of it. It is correct I must say you young people have seen to it, but still don’t go away from God. You see always you have seen in this world everything that is beautiful is covered with something ugly because it is a market, you want to sell something in the market, religion you cannot sell in the market. They are selling religion. If you read any one of these people there see £50,000,000 for this £30,000,000 for this for raising this organisation for doing this. Is such a headache when I see these things the other day I was seeing that picture on the TV of the world that they were organising so much money and that money, is that God is that religion so differentiate between the real religion and the unreal one. Fanaticism is not the way to God, it is never the way. It is one side of God but you can go to the other side of denying of God, denying of religion is another side, both are extreme, you have to be in the centre. Again I say that you have

to be in the centre. You just wait and see and let it happen to you, alright? It was a very good question. Beautiful.

Are there any other questions?

Unheard question is asked

The extreme of sanyasi? Alright perfectly alright. You see one should not think that becoming that is very important. It’s alright if you don’t want to do it it’s alright, like vegetarianism also is another fad you see there are Jains in India who are vegetarians to this limit that they want to be kind to the bugs so they get the bugs of all the village they collect it and keep one pundit and put him in the hut and put all the bugs to eat that ear or drink the blood of that pundit, or what we call as a priest and that is how they think they are being very kind to bugs. But what are we going to do with the bugs here you tell me. You see one pundit is better than thousands of these bugs, how if the bugs come here how am I to give them realisation? This is what it is you see if by temperament you do not like sex life it is perfectly alright but by becoming a nun if you will find God is a wrong idea this is what I am trying to say. If by temperament you don’t like to eat flesh and things it is perfectly alright, but if you think that by becoming vegetarian you are going to achieve God is wrong, not the extreme of anything. Not extreme of anything. Any kind of fanaticism you see this is the reason why today Gods name is erased because of fanatic ideas, we have to understand that if we have to allow God to work within us we have to be sensible. We have to be wise. Now see this temple is sold out to ??? what would you say to that? Why? why has church been allowed to ????? I don’t say there is anything wrong with Bharatiya Bhavan but a church has been sold to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan a sign of what. People are neglecting religion, for what, alright? So we have to be sensible and wise about it because we can see the future now. we can see for ourselves what is going to happen to these younger people who are thinking about it. They should also not be allowed to go to another extreme. 26% people in this country believe in God can you imagine what do they think of themselves? 26% people only believe in God. Out of them 6% must be others not British and what do the British think about themselves that they don’t have faith in God, whom do they have faith in I cannot understand. So it has gone to that limit, now at least away from only the poor countries where there is no food nothing, so you supply food to them. Now supplying food is not Gods work at all, looking after the poor is not Gods work who has told you that it is Gods work?

Even Christ has said that poor will be with you always but I am with you for a short time. If you look after the divinity and our Divine life and not all these poor people let other people do it, let the government do it. Why are you doing the governments job to be philanthropic? That’s not your job looking after the poor, you will see they are like labours unions there supplying the poor food, supplying what is the need? Thats not the way. Understand that when you have to do for anyone it is just you do it. You just don’t think you are doing anything great you just do it because its just you feel happy about it. You are just doing it for your own happiness there is nothing like ???and all that. You just do it there is nothing so great to feel proud of it that you have done so much good work and so much good work. It’s all nonsense this is just ego pampering. What can you do for others, what can you give? Dead things like I give a television set to someone or a chair to someone, all dead, is it going to give joy to anyone? That is not joy giving all these great religions which were formed and all these organisations should have given some joy to people, they have not they have failed completely because their attention was never in the seeking in the finding out of the truth, they were just organising it. Do you understand my point? There are many ways in which we can follow after getting realisation there are. ??? There many ways in which you can watch those thoughts. If you watch you see because you are a realised soul yourself, you know, then your attention is enlightened. Just put your attention and the whole thing will subside. It is like a light, if you put light to anything that is darkness the thing will disappear. It will work out, just put your attention. From where do these ideas come, from your ego or from your superego, just find out because you know all about it what is the ego and the superego is, what sort of ideas are coming, you can just watch it and you can get rid of that, it is not difficult. You can remain into thoughtless awareness. There are so many ways we have by which you develop yourself and grow.


Unheard question

Yes, no doubt he said he was a prophet he was the Son of God.

What is Holy Trinity?

Holy Trinity is God the Father, God the Mother, and God the Son.

Ask direct questions.

Just now if you ask direct questions how am I to answer them? That I will tell you later alright? Alright?

So no doubt you have to find out also certain things, find out things about me, things about Sahaja Yoga because I am very cautious, and very careful because I know the ego of Human Beings, if you say one word they just jump on it so I am very careful but to you I am going to tell because you are realised. But first of all get your realisation before your ego starts jumping about alright? Just see it, it’s just there it keeps giving you ideas just look at that, tell him to wait for a while till you get your realisation. Through your rationality you are not going to go there. I have told you there is an instrument which has to trigger it. It is effortless not by thinking you are going to reach there, it is going to happen to you it is a happening, so just wait and see, don’t allow your mind to take over you because if your mind comes in between it will try to drag you behind. What has your mind done so far, nothing, why depend on your mind?

Unheard question

What is? Conscience? Conscience, conscience is the thing that gives you the religion, is the balancing force, conscience is the one that is sustainance within you, that’s the one that is all the time giving you balance that is within you as I said so is there is religion within you, the conscience is there but we are very good at killing it every moment.

Unheard question

Not aloud, alright, we will do it later, alright yes?

Unheard question

This kundalini is placed at the triangular bone, you may not even feel the awakening of it. If you are a smooth instrument it will just shoot off. It will not be felt but what you will feel is absolute calm and a thoughtless awareness as they call it is the first stage where in Sanskrit language it is called as Nirvicharya Samadhi, nirvicharya samadhi that is the first stage, Samadhi means enlightened consciousness, first the consciousness is enlightened, at the stage where you are thoughtless, the second stage where you rise into is doubtless awareness is called as Nirvikalpa Samadhi where there is no doubt left. Between this and that you are faced with doubts all kinds of nonsensical doubts but only remember if you have felt the vibrations if you have felt the cool breeze there is something about it. Let us go forward with it, let us go higher with it and work it out so it starts today.

Please put your hands just like this towards me just like this, with your feet on the ground straight. Just like this. Think like I know what you are thinking some of you are thinking is this hypnosis? See if I want to gain something out of you why would I hypnotise, am I mad? To hypnotise a person and carry on on your head? I am not to gain anything from you alright? This is the first thing I do not want anything neither can you give me anything. Now you are taking something from me, so

there is no question of hypnosis. I have no interest, you have to gain something. Just put your hands just as if you are asking for something and then close your eyes. You must have respect and regard for yourself that you are that light and you are going to get it and you are to be enlightened. You are not ordinary people you are not animals you are Human Beings and you are great and you are going to get it, you are not going to feel small about it. If you are going to get it if you do not get it doesn’t matter it is going to work out. You can close your eyes if you can close them properly, some of you may not be able to close because eyelids may just flutter out although such people should open their eyes. If your hands are shaking also please open your hands . If there is no shaking if there is a regular flow and for which you shouldn’t be worried and do not start thinking about it. Just allow your mind to rest a little while. (Shri Mataji is Blowing into microphone)

Put your hands like this, all of you. First thing you feel absolute blankness in your head you watch your thought and you find there is no thought coming to you then you start feeling a cool breeze, some people might feel a tingling in the hands or some sort of a burning, then just throw it away. But if it is flowing a cool breeze just allow it to pass. All those who are feeling a cool breeze in the hands please raise your hands, all those who are feeling it. Raise them higher is it alright can you feel it. Then put up your hands all of you all of you whether Sahaja Yogis or not please put up your hands, Good. Now again raise your hands All those who are feeling the cool breeze in their hands raise them higher, both the hands, raise them higher more. They have got it. There, Good. Now take down your hands and those who have come for the first time and are not feeling anything in the hands please raise your hands. Good yes, so those who are not feeling if they could come here we would work on them.


Sahaja Yoga A Unique Discovery August 22, 2021

MAN in his search of joy and happiness is running away from his Self, which is the real source of joy. He finds himself very ugly and boring because he doesn’t know his Self. A human being seeks joy in money or possessions, in power or human limited love, and ultimately in religion that is also outside. The problem is how to turn one’s attention inward. The inner being, which is our awareness, is energy. I call it the energy of Divine Love. All evolution and the manifestation of material energy is guided by the supreme energy of Divine Love. We do not know how powerful and thoughtful this unknown energy is. The silent working of awareness is so automatic, minute, dynamic, and precious that we take it for granted. After self realisation, this energy appears to us as silent throbbing vibrations flowing through our being. But we have been unable to achieve self realisation because we cannot fix our attention on something that lacks form (abstract Being). Instead, our attention wanders outside on forms.
Now there is a method to tap the Divine power – Sahaja Yoga. At the very outset, I have to say that the working of Sahaja Yoga is very simple, although the operation within is quite complex. For example, if you want to watch television, it is very easy. But to explain the engineering technique of a television set is very difficult and the explanation is complicated. To learn about a television you also need a qualified engineer who understands it and who can explain its working.
I will try to explain Sahaja Yoga in the simplest way, but please note that it is really complicated if you want to know it in detail. The best way to enjoy television is first to switch it on and watch. Then later you can try to understand its engineering. As a Mother I would say that I have done the cooking for you. Why should you worry about how it is done? If you are hungry you should start eating. If you are not actually hungry, but only inquisitive, what can I do? I can neither force you to eat nor make you hungry with discussions or lecturing. I leave it to your wisdom and to your freedom to feel that longing.

The word ‘Sahaja’ (Saha + ja) means born with you or inborn. Whatever is inborn manifests without any effort. Hence Sahaja Yoga is the name given to my system, which is effortless, easy, and spontaneous. It is a part of Nature, you may call it life’s source-the vitality of the Divine.
To understand life, consider the case of something that is living: a germinating seed. The seed grows by itself into a tree, blooms into flowers, and then the flowers become fruit. Any human effort cannot change the process of growth from a seed into a tree. The gardener can only look after the growth of the tree. In the same way, the process of the growth of our consciousness, to further evolution, takes place effortlessly.
When a foetus is between two and three months old, in the mother’s womb, a column of rays of consciousness, emitted through the all-pervading Divine Love, pass through the developing brain to enlighten it. The shape of the human brain is prism-like. So, the column of rays falling on it gets refracted into four diverse channels corresponding to the four aspects of the nervous system.
These are:
1. Parasympathetic nervous system
2. Sympathetic nervous system (right)
3. Sympathetic nervous system (left)
4. Central nervous System (This need not be discussed as it is the link with objectivity).
The set of rays that fall on the fontanel bone (apex of the head known as Taloo) pierce in the center and pass straight into the medulla oblongata through a channel (Sushumna). This energy, after leaving a very thread-like, thin line in the medulla oblongata, settles down in three and a half coils in the triangular bone at the base of the spinal cord (Mooladhar). This coiled energy is known as Kundalini.

The subtle energy enters through the center of the brain (Sahasrara Brahmarandhra) and precipitates six more centers on its way down. The gross manifestation of this subtle energy, in the Sushumna channel of the spinal cord, is termed the Parasympathetic nervous system. The centers of Chakras are expressed as plexuses outside the spinal cord. Surprisingly, we have the same number of plexuses and sub plexuses outside, as the number of Chakras and their petals inside, the spinal cord.
Medical science knows very little about this system. Science calls it the autonomous nervous system, meaning the system that works spontaneously-on its own. For example, if we want to increase the rate of our heartbeat, we can do so by exerting ourselves (activity of the sympathetic nervous system). But we cannot directly reduce the heart (activity of the parasympathetic nervous system). The parasympathetic nervous system is a system that is like a petrol pump through which the petrol of Divine Love fills us. But when a human child is born and the umbilical cord breaks, a gap is created in the Sushumna (the subtle channel in the spinal cord). And on the gross level, one can see there is a gap between the solar plexus and the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system. This gap is known as the void in the Zen system of religion and Maya (or Bhav- Sagar) in Indian thought. Later when ego and superego bloat up like balloons and cover our brain at the apex of the left and right sympathetic nervous systems, the fontanel bone calcifies, and the all-pervading vital force of Divine Love gets cut off completely.
Then the human being identifies himself as a separate entity and the consciousness of ‘I’ (Aham) presides. This is why Man does not know His universal unconscious. His ego severs this subtle connection.

The sympathetic nervous system uses the vital energy. There are two systems-left and right. The two channels, which carry this energy, in subtle form (in the medulla oblongata), are known as Ida and Pingala respectively. The right-side system (in the right-handed person) caters to the emergencies of the active consciousness (extra efforts and emergencies). The left-side system (in medicine they say it remains dormant) caters to the subconscious mind of the psyche (libido).
Both these sympathetic-nerve systems are called the Sun and Moon channels (i.e., Surya nadi and Chandra nadi). Hatha Yoga comes from the words Ha and Tha, meaning the Sun and Moon. By this yoga you can control the activity of the sympathetic; you can use more stored energy or else completely stop the activity of the sympathetic for a short time. Just by using the stored energy you cannot achieve the eternal flow of the Divine. With control over the sympathetic you can slow the heart rate or even stop the heart for a short time. You may achieve all the physical gross symptoms of the parasympathetic. But you cannot activate the parasympathetic which is the channel for your real yoga (meeting of the Divine). With Hatha Yoga you may even control your mind. But the mind thus governed is heavily conditioned for the spiritual flight into the divine. One may keep good health and good mind to be a good citizen in a society, but that is not the only aim of life.

Both sympathetic and parasympathetic act on the plexuses, but in opposition to each other. The parasympathetic relaxes the plexuses while the sympathetic squeezes the energy by constricting them. One fills in the vitality and the other consumes it.
There is a gap in the parasympathetic nervous system (Sushumna) but no gap in the sympathetic nervous system (at the navel). This is the hurdle that has rendered all our searching-and entry into the parasympathetic-fruitless so far. It is like three ladders, two of them touching the ground while the central one is hanging in the air. So whenever we try to rise in our consciousness, we move on to the sympathetic system.

If we pass toward the right side we enter onto the activity that goes on bloating in the balloon of ego. Thus we feel responsible and active. When this activity increases beyond limits, like a growing tree whose roots are not equally grown, the being falls to the ground.
Over activity of the sympathetic nervous system causes tension, sleeplessness, and ultimately all deadly diseases like cancer. These diseases are caused by the constricted plexuses that have been drained of their energy. If you can make the parasympathetic dominate the right side, then we can antidote the effects of over activity. Then all the diseases and the effects caused by this right side get cured automatically.
The left side sympathetic nervous system (libido) has the power to store all that is dead in us. It connects you with store houses of the subconscious mind and with the collective subconscious (Bhootlok or Paralok).
At the backside of the brain, at the apex of this channel, the super ego exists like a balloon. It becomes heavy by storing, the conditioning of the mind through libido. So if the tension is heavy it breaks the superego into many fragments. If you still overexert by conditioning, a partial vacuum forms and this sucks another dead personality from the collective subconscious (Paralok) into your superego. So in your pursuit of truth, if you take to further efforts and indulge in concentration, training of the mind, forced abstinence, forced meditation, or complete slavery to the emotional attachment of the mind, the libido with the aid of the affected superego may connect you to the collective subconscious (Paralok) where all dead souls-bad, good, or saintly-exist. These souls start manifesting through you and you get siddhis or extra sensory perceptions. Actually these are the different subtle (dead) personalities dominating us through super ego.

There is another method that may be effortlessly employed by many so called teachers. This method, by which they turn the Chakra in the direction of the libido, can put you into your subconscious. This method either makes the aspirant go into a trance or accept the complete domination of the dead spirits introduced by the teacher through the plexuses.
In the first case, the Sadhaka feels relaxed, his mind is switched off. But after a few years of practice, he realises his weakness. He cannot face reality and takes to heavy use of drugs. In the second case, the aspirant becomes a complete slave of the teacher and starts giving away all material possessions to the teacher without understanding the logic behind it. These teachers never explain the technique they have employed, nor do they give their powers to anybody else. In short, all efforts in the name of religion, or the mishandling of Kundalini by so called realised people, can only activate the sympathetic nervous system (Ida and Pingala). These activities cannot make any progress toward bringing about the play of parasympathetic (Sushumna).
All mesmerize powers such as materialization power (enslaving masses for money or fame), visionary powers (Drishti Siddha), speech powers (Vani Siddha), curing powers, transcendental feelings (powers of switching off the mind), separation of body, and many other powers, are very ordinarily found among those who practice the control of spirits (Pret siddhi or Smashan Vidya). All such powers can be proved to be the powers of the dead in any one of our experimental Centers.
These are not Divine powers because the Divine has no interest in these gross subjects. It is interested only in the miracle of the inner being and its further manifestation to bring about human evolution. Thus those who indulge and use their attention (Chitta) on such ‘siddhis’ and those who run after such gross miracles find it difficult to follow Sahaja Yoga.
We have noted that when such people confront Sahaja Yoga, they start trembling and shaking like lunatics. If with very great difficulty such a person reaches the state of Self-realisation, he completely loses all interest in such powers and in their exhibition. He is freed of all extra dead personalities who dominated him.

There is no need to pass through the subconscious strata to jump the unconscious. The subconscious is an end by itself and one gets lost after entering its realms. These strata are placed vertically. The only direct way is through the parasympathetic (through Sushumna)-the central path that takes you to the Divine (the universal unconscious)-through Sahaja Yoga.
It is very dangerous to use the powers of the subconscious which may become uncontrollable and torture the practitioner and Sadhaka. Those who are temporarily benefited may suffer irreparable loss to body, mind, or grace.

All religions have promised inner silence when you reach the state of Self-realisation-the inner miracle of the subtle awareness and not gross jugglery. The Bhagavad Gita says that you become the witness (Sakshi Swarup) of the play of the Divine. Many modern thinkers are also talking about the new awareness. This has been described as ‘thoughtless awareness’ which results in collective consciousness. We hear of many prophesies made by ancient and modern writers about the evolution of a new race of super-human beings of unique awareness. These are no longer empty words. Through the discovery of Sahaja Yoga it is possible to achieve the transformation of the human consciousness to the higher planes promised by various seers.
The subject of Kundalini is no longer a matter of book knowledge. Now you can see, with the naked eye, the breathing of the Kundalini at the Mooladhara. You can feel the different Chakras in the spinal cord with your fingers. Formerly, bridging the gap in the Sushumna was the insurmountable problem. But it is being discovered that this gap can be filled with the vibrating power of Divine Love. The Kundalini rises like a majestic mother and breaks the apex of the brain (Brahmarandhra) without giving the slightest trouble to the child (Sadhaka). It happens in a split second, in the short spell between two successive thoughts. Of course, if the aspirant (Sadhaka) is diseased or his Chakras are constricted by over activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the Kundalini, being the Mother of every individual and the embodiment of love, knowledge, and beauty, knows how to reveal Her love beautifully and to give rebirth to Her child without causing any hurt. There are many descriptions about Kundalini warning us against the dangers and perils of the taming of Kundalini. Also many books describe various gross or frightful experiences of the Kundalini awakening.
Actually this is caused because Kundalini cannot rise without Sahaja Yoga, i.e., if someone, who is not Self-realised, tries to awaken Her, the Kundalini does not leave Her seat and, without the proper invitation, the Kundalini becomes adamant and angry. Thus the sympathetic gets into activity. When She is accused of sex, She sends heat waves over the sympathetic nervous system which causes the constriction or blockage of the plexuses and the path of the Kundalini is completely broken down.
Sometimes one gets into funny gesticulations or loses complete awareness of the outside. Moreover with mishandling of Chakras and Kundalini due to the ignorance or greed of the teacher, the chance of realisation for the aspirant can become very poor and sometimes impossible.
The mind that is very much conditioned, or the mind that is the slave of self-indulgence or of egoistic actions and thoughts, is also a very slow conveyance for Sahaja Yoga. Even if you read too much about the de-conditioning of the mind, you may get only further conditioned. If you try to de-condition by efforts, you can become conditioned much worse than what you were. De-conditioning is only possible through Divine Love. The main ‘condition’ of Sahaja Yoga is that your will and freedom are always respected.

In Sahaja Yoga the person is fully aware and alert and receives inner silence and experience without doing any unnatural movements. He sits in a completely easy pose throughout or he also may lie down (Sahajasana or Shavasana). The breathing is normal or less than normal.

Religions are also the expressions and experiments of realised souls-the seers. They also talk about the inner being, second birth, and about realization. In the beginning, in India, they tried to take the attention inside by introducing symbols that they saw of this unconscious, universal being within. This gave rise to pantheism and the aspirant’s attention got stuck to symbols (Sakar) and to rituals which killed the main objective.
So the other type of experiments of talking only about the abstract (Nirakar) gave rise to many other religions which ended up as dogmas or ‘isms.’ The reason is obvious. Talking about the flower or the honey cannot take you to the honey but can only create dogmatic ‘isms’ in the mind. You have to be a bee to reach there, i.e., you have to be reborn. This has to happen within to take you inside. It is too great an achievement and unbelievable, but I feel the search of ages has brought great results.

The mind, with a child-like innocence achieves very quick results. Whatever may be the loads of the mind, if the longing is honest and earnest, sooner or later, the aspirant can get Self-realisation. After reaching this state the vibrations start emitting from the extremities. These are described by Adi Shankaracharya in his work ‘Ananda Lahari.’ These vibrations are the waves of Divine Love that can fill also other persons’ inner being and give them the same experience of Self-realisation. This is how the chain reaction starts. One light enlightens another.
The physical manifestations are as follows:
The pupils of the eyes become dilated (Parasympathetic action). The face becomes radiant, the body becomes light, all tension is completely removed. The rising of the Kundalini can be seen by others and felt by the aspirant. First the throbbing is clearly felt at Sahasrara (apex of the brain) and when it stops, complete silence is felt within and in all awareness. The flow of grace is felt coming down, cooling the whole being. As the attention moves to the subtle, gross attachments drop out. A person gradually loses identification with falsehood and artificiality.
In matter, he sees beauty and not its possession value. In knowledge, he identifies himself with the Truth and is not afraid to profess, nor does he indulge in the double standards of life. His flow of love becomes spontaneous, generous, without any tinge of attachment, possession or any return. The person becomes ageless-a hollow personality.
Now let us see what happens inside.
The attention of the consciousness moves to the inner being (Kundalini). As the thread (Sutra) of a necklace is passing through every bead of the necklace, the inner consciousness (Kundalini) is also passing through every human being.
As soon as our attention moves to our inner consciousness we can move on to everybody’s Kundalini. One starts feeling the Kundalini, its nature, its position in other persons. Collective consciousness is thus established. Now you become a universal being. After some days you cannot say who the other person is. The power of love is so great and dynamic that with the movement of your fingers you can move the Kundalini of thousands. It becomes child’s play.
This is how the en masse evolution of human beings will take place. These are the signs of the advent of the Golden age of Truth (Satya Yoga).
Let us forget whatever hardships we have suffered in our search in the past. It does not matter if some could not find it before this. You have to open your mind and understand that though the discovery is unprecedented, it does not make any seeker or predecessor small. If some experiments are made, it does not matter if, ultimately, we have found out the way. It is a collective achievement. Perhaps in the chaos of Kali Yoga it was to happen and many of us, who have been earnestly searching in many lives, are reborn to have their promises fulfilled by the Divine. Maybe we were our own predecessors.
On the tree of life there might have been very few flowers but now the blossom time has come. Their fragrance of longing has collectively materialized the manifestation of Sahaja Yoga. Many are going to jump into the realm of thoughtless awareness where you get introduced to yourself and start identifying with your universal nature.
Those who deserve will get the throne of their inner being which rules the skies of peace, and the oceans of divine love and supreme knowledge within, which is limitless (Anand).


Leucoderma-Vitiligo March 7, 2020

Peanut oil can be very damaging

When I was living in Dehra Dun, North India, one of the new Sahaja Yogis there had a daughter who had leukoderma, also called vitilego, a harmless condition where the skin becomes discolored and gets unsightly white patches. I asked Shri Mataji about it and She said it was caused and/or made much worse by the use of peanut oil in cooking. Sure enough, the lady told me she always used peanut oil for cooking. On another occasion Shri Mataji told us to avoid peanuts as they are very bad for the liver.

Linda Williams


If the psychologists are dealing with pathology February 23, 2019



Should I search for the material or for the spiritual April 27, 2018


Question: I have a search for the material and a search for the spiritual, but while I am young should I use it for the search for the material or the search for the spiritual?

Shri_Mataji: If you get the Spirit you get the material automatically. The whole material is controlled by the Spirit. Is very surprising how you get it. Is you enter into the realm of God. You’ll be amazed that in England, there’s such a lot of joblessness, people don’t have jobs at all, unemployment. See all these words I don’t know. Unemployment. But not a single Sahaja Yogi is unemployed. Not a single Sahaja Yogi is unemployed. The other day, one gentleman was to come from Paris to Australia for a particular seminar and he thought he wanted to come because this is the other side of the world and all that, but quite excited. But he didn’t have money, and suddenly he got the money which he wasn’t to get for eight years. Suddenly he got the money, he is here. All such miracles work out. From Australia I’ll tell you one miracle that’s most interesting. There was a little girl, she wrote a letter to me: “Mother, I want to come and see you in India, but I don’t have so much money to come.” She and her mother they both wanted to come and they had a fete in the school and she had taken a trinket for selling and when the teacher saw it she said, “This is gold, better take it to your mother.” And when they went to the jeweller the amount was the same as they would need to go to India. So in so many ways you are helped. You don’t know the realm of God is very different. So efficient, works so fast. We haven’t entered into that realm.
Public Lecture – Brisbane Australia 1987


Forgiveness April 1, 2018

“Now also you should surrender yourself to this idea of forgiveness and really try to forgive. You will be amazed, you will feel very much peaceful, very happy and the person who has tortured you will come round. What we have to do now, is to transform people. That’s our job. We have to transform them.”
(HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Easter puja , Istanbul, 25/4/99)


Parasympathetic nervous system January 24, 2018

What is the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems?
The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for intense physical activity and is often referred to as the fight-or-flight response. The parasympathetic nervous system has almost the exact opposite effect and relaxes the body and inhibits or slows many high energy functions.

“The Parasympathetic Nervous System is the gross expression of the central subtle channel (Sushumna Nadi), and cannot be activated by the seeker’s own efforts. Whenever he puts in any effort, his attention moves immediately to the Sympathetic Nervous System, never to the parasympathetic.” -Shri Mataji’s First Book


Greatest weapon December 21, 2017



Why children suck their thumbs December 15, 2017

Warren: Many children suck their thumbs now…
Shri Mataji: Ah, that, this thumb (left thumb) they suck because you are catching on the left Swadhisthana.

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program Day 4. New York (USA), 27 September 1981


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