When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

The power of woman March 8, 2015

Shri Mataji power of woman 1


Mum? Do you believe in Mum? March 7, 2015

In the womb of a pregnant woman, two babies — a believer and an unbeliever — are having a conversation:

UNBELIEVER: Do you believe in life after birth?
BELIEVER: Yes, of course I do. It is obvious that there is life after birth. Our purpose of being here where we are now is to become strong enough and to get ready for that future life.
U: That’s nonsense! There can be no life after birth! Can you imagine what such life would be like?

B: Well, I don’t know all the details, but I believe that there will be more light and that we will perhaps be able to walk on our feet and to eat with our mouth.
U: Nonsense! It is impossible to walk on one’s feet and eat with one’s mouth! That’s ridiculous! We have a navel-string to feed us. This is what I want to tell you: there can be no life after birth, because our real life — the navel-string — is too short already.

B: Yet, I am sure that life after birth is quite possible. Everything will just be a little bit different. You can imagine this.
U: But, nobody has ever returned from there! Life simply ends with birth. Properly speaking, life is nothing but a long period of suffering in the dark.
B: Oh, no, of course not! I don’t know exactly what our life will be like after birth, but in any case we will meet Mum there, and she will take care of us.

U: Mum? Do you believe in Mum, then? And where do you think she is?
B: She is everywhere around us, we abide in her, we are able to move and live because of her; without her, we simply cannot exist.
U: Nonsense! I have never seen any Mum — thus, it is obvious that she does not exist!
U: No, I cannot agree with you. Sometimes, when everything around us is quiet, you can hear her singing and feel her stroking our world. I am convinced that our real life will only begin after birth. And you?



Kundalini is like a rope with many threads March 3, 2015

“The Kundalini is like a rope with many threads. She rises by unfolding her coils piercing every chakra. The width of the Kundalini or the number of threads start diminishing as She ascends if the higher chakras are not open or if the piercing points in the chakras are constricted. If the lower chakras are open the Kundalini rises as a whole, but if the higher chakras are not open then the constriction does allow few threads to pass. So it is very necessary to have at least the lower chakras cleansed. In the western mind the higher chakras are better but as their Mooladhara chakra is in jeopardy, the force is very weak and their own sensitivity very poor.

When the kundalini rises without any hurdles, it reaches the Agnya and spreads on the lower brain plate like a cloud, so a heaviness or sleepy feeling crawls. I say that first the mother puts you to sleep. The second feeling is when the vital force of Kundalini melts down over the Ida and Pingala. As if the cloud of the vital force starts pouring bliss. Gradually the head feels as if the lead is being taken off. One feels relaxed. Now again these two channels carry it down up to nabhi and now a new force from Kundalini joins it. … Then the triple force rises which opens the agnya. At this time eyes get closed. The pupils start dilating.

Now the head gets clearer but some feel a mild pressure or throbbing at sahasrara. The agnya crossing creates the thoughtless awareness. You feel the silence of sahasrara. At sahasrara the Kundalini accumulates. A kind of release starts as the Brahmarandra (fontanel bone) opens. It works slowly with some, but with most of them it is with a gush. At that moment, the sadhaka (disciple) feels the cool breeze of the vibrations. This is “realization”. There are many who have got jagruti (awakening) and have got the curing power but they cannot remain in thoughtless awareness. They touch it for a minute or so. But the process of Kundalini oozing out works out with time and ultimately they reach a stage of doubtless awareness.

With some like X it was a quick permanent ascent, he felt as if two bath of ice fell on his hands and started melting. The cooling crawled into his Being. If the Visshuddhi is doubtful or stretched and constricted, then, one does not feel the vibrations despite realization, meaning the piercing of the Brahmarandra.. The collective consciousness is felt even before the Kundalini pierces the Brahmarandra fully. You start feeling the burning on the fingers and also the discriminating styles of collective consciousness are manifested.”

H.H.Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Letter to a follower, London, 1977


It is an individual journey towards God February 28, 2015

“It is an individual journey towards God when you meditate. And when you reach there, then you become collective. Before that it’s an absolute individual journey within. It’s absolutely individual journey!… You should be able to see this. In this journey nobody is your relation, nobody is your brother, nobody is your friend. You are absolutely alone; absolutely alone. You have to move alone within yourself. Don’t hate anyone.
Don’t be irresponsible. But in the meditative mood you are alone. No one exists there, you alone, and once you enter into that Ocean then the whole world becomes your family. The whole world is your own manifestation. All the children become your children. And you treat all people with equal understanding. The whole expansion takes place when you enter inside your Spirit, and start seeing through the eyes of the Spirit. There’s such Calm, such Peace, such Bliss within you!
You have to be ready for that journey. That journey is alone in your meditativeness and the more you find something in your meditation, the more you want to go and distribute it to others! That has to, if that does not come into you, then it has not worked out. There is no purity, there’s some sort of a bias.
In that individual pursuit, whatever you find, you want to enjoy it with others, you want to give it to others. This is the sign of a person who has been really meditating. The one who is meditative and has not been able to distribute what he has found, is cheating himself and cheating others as well. Because that joy that you receive in your meditation has to be distributed, has to be given, has to be shown! It should flow in your being as a light radiates from every illumined lamp.
We don’t have to take a vow to say this is an enlightened light, in the same way, a saint should not be certified that he is a saint. The depth you achieve within yourself spreads all over, it is such an action and reaction. The more deeper you become the radiation is much more. A simple person, very ordinary person, uneducated person, can be like that. We have, you know, one gentleman called Vardic (sounds like) in Bombay , he’s an old man, he’s so deep, he radiates. People depend on him, he radiates love, so meditative. You don’t have to spend too much time on meditation, but whatever you spend time, whatever you gain is has to be visible outside, how you radiate and how you give it to others.
That’s the quality of the saints you have to be. Unless and until you become deeper we cannot save other Sahaja Yogis and we cannot save those who are not Sahaja Yogis. You have to rise higher and higher to pull the whole curtain up. Those who try to rise higher pull the whole thing upward and they give a pull to everyone who ascend with them. So just try to keep your aim clear cut.” – Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, 21 March 1983

Pure meditation with Sahaja Yoga October 4, 2014


Kundalini is the Pure Desirе September 9, 2014

Today I told you about Kundalini, and that it is the Pure Desire within us that manifests or is awakened to give us our self-realization. The Pure Desire is only fulfilled when you get your self-realization. Otherwise, it is not manifested but is just dormant, still residual. Kundalini has created the whole universe, but until and unless you get your self-realization, until and unless you become one with your spirit, you have not achieved the manifestation of this power, which (state) will go on making you run and run and run, thinking that you have not yet achieved or not yet found out your meaning. It will be there all the time, ‘sleeping’, but giving you a feeling of vacuum. So this power must be made to manifest.

This power has got certain qualities. The first quality is that it goes against gravity. You see, a thing rises, it doesn’t go down. So a person has to be aspiring by nature. If a person is not of the aspiring type the Kundalini doesn’t rise, because, like you see when food presses down (from) the stomach it presses the sides of the intestines. By that, these movements of ‘going down’ take place. You see my point?…. So when the Kundalini starts pressing on the sides of the chakras, She creates a feeling of throwing it higher and higher so the chakra is bounced upward. All the heavy things all go downward, but the Kundalini rises higher and higher and higher because it is like a fire.

Fire never burns downwards, it always burns upwards. She also looks like fire and has the capacity of fire within Her to purify and burn off whatever can be burnt off. She purifies the things which cannot be burned and burns the things which are inflammable and can be…So when the Kundalini rises She burns off all useless things; all your useless desires, useless ideas of action, all sorts of useless accumulation of feelings and ego and every sort of nonsensical thing in between. Everything is burnt off fast because they can be burnt; they are not eternal by nature but are temporarily there. All that is temporary She burns down and that’s how She enlightens the Spirit, because the Spirit cannot be burnt by anything.

This burning is so beautiful in that it burns off all that is bad, stagnating, polluting, diseased and it cools down the system. It is very interesting to see how this power of fire becomes the cool breeze, but in science, also, you find that electricity can give you a hot breeze or cool breeze. You can transform from one to another. There is no ultimate for these things; they are always reversible. Supposing something becomes a magnetism; you can always convert it into electricity and electricity can always be converted into magnetism. But Kundalini’s such a thing that once she burns off everything that is there, that’s how you get the heat, because she is burning. But when she cools down, becomes cool, then she’s not reversible. That is why this is a “living process”. A living process is never reversible. All dead processes are reversible, they can be reversed…So the Kundalini expedites the living process, within, of our evolution.

So the power of Kundalini is to purify like fire. She doesn’t purify us like water, surprisingly. Now, what does water do? Water never burns off anything but it dissolves certain things. It can take something within itself; it can contain some dirt within itself. Supposing you put a color in the water, it assumes the color. But Kundalini does not assume the color. She burns out – Do you follow my point? – So, if you have anything wrong within you, she’ll burn it off, but she’ll not absorb it – she’s pure. She cannot absorb those things into her that will pollute her. She cannot be polluted…. This quality of fire, for example, if you put gold or silver into the fire you can purify it. The pure form comes in. That’s how you know. But if you put gold and silver in water nothing will happen. At most you can wash it from outside. But in[side] and out[side] you cannot do it. So, outwardly you can do it with other things, but with Kundalini you can do it in[side] and out[side]. The face also looks beautiful, as if some glazing has taken place on the face, a bright new face. It’s not sallow or horribly burning nor is it pale and ugly-looking, but becomes radiant. Radiance is what the Kundalini gives you. Have you seen molten iron? Supposing you take a pillar of iron and heat it to a point whereby it starts showing copper and all sorts of color – golden copperish and all that, like a furnace….But very silently, very silently it works out.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – 17 June 1981, London, England


1000 Names of the Divine Mother September 7, 2014


The World Mother is coming into physical manifestation August 31, 2014

Johanna Brandt. 1936,  The Paraclete Or Coming World Mother

“the World Mother is coming into physical manifestation at this critical time to expound the teachings of the Christ, 

 I believe that the Revelation of our Mother-God is only the beginning of the Cosmic Surprises awaiting us in the Age of

 We cannot have a Father in Heaven without a Mother.

When the Comforter comes in the outstanding form of a Woman to teach us the truth about the Motherhood of God the teachings of the Christ will be better understood and more universally acceptable

 In ” The Perfect Way ” by Dr. Anna Kingsford, in Lecture Nine, page 293, paragraph 43, the writer mentions the Holy Ghost, the Third Person, the Aspect of God as the Mother, “having been ignored or suppressed by a priesthood desirous of preserving a purely Masculine Conception of the Godhead. ”

Her influence will never be withdrawn, for She will abide with us forever, as Her Son said when He was preparing to leave the world after His brief  ministry. This is a great Promise, and if I have understood aright, the Comforter will be with us for many years in the flesh



The World Mother will be the first human being to do the “greater works” prophesied by Jesus the Christ, and She will not only do them but also teach us how to do them in the ordinary course of the daily life.”


What is Kaaba? August 16, 2014

“Now, Kaaba is a place where you have a beautiful Shivlinga, which is called as Mekkaeshwar Shiva in our Puranas, from ancient times it is mentioned that, there is a pinda which is absolutely Vibrating and which is there.
Now Mohammad Saab religiously avoided talking about that. He only said, “If this stone can be so godly, why not human beings be?” But He did not explained much as it is whatever He tried to explain, the people were so insensitive, so cruel that they tried to kill Him many a times, they to gave Him poison, ultimately he died in a very, very bad state, they tortured his life, they were lunatic people, they used to live in tribes, very tribal by nature. And they [unclear] He tried His level best to propagate that there is God and God is above all and I am the messenger of God, but they would not listen to Him.”
Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi , Public Program, New Delhi ( India ) 7 February 1981

Absorption is the only way you grow June 22, 2014

“Absorption is the only way you grow. How does a tree grow? By absorption. What is the mouth of absorption? Is Nirvichara. What is Nirvichara? Where you do not think about it.
Now when I say you are not to think, at a lower stage, people will say, “Oh, you know, She’s very dominating, She’s very dominating, I must say!” This is the idea will come. But absorption is only possible when you have the faith, and the whole thing goes into you, you just go on sucking it like a child.
The whole thing goes into you just like a lake which is without any ripple. It reflects the complete, entire creation in it, complete. If there are any ripples, then there’s diffusion, there’s confusion. So this is the stage of faith which starts from the second to go to the third.”
Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Old Alresford Place , Winchester ( England ), 18 May 1980

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