When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Question: dogs? May 17, 2015

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Shri Mataji:: Good, good. Dog is very good. Dog is a disciple and he knows his Guru. He knows every bit of his guru. All the Deities inside the Guru. Every mood, everything. But that knowledge it gains. It knows what pleases the guru, and as soon as the guru comes home, he will express all his joy. He will give up everything and run to […], expressing the joy. So many things one has to learn from a dog. They are wonderful things, they are beautiful.

3 November 1981


Public Program, Perth 1994 May 14, 2011


How Truthful Are We About Seeking – Caxton Hall 16.7.79 May 8, 2011


Guru Nanak Jayanti is on 21st November 2010 November 20, 2010

Sri Guru Nanak is the first Guru in Sikh faith. According to sources, Sri Guru Nanak was born on 15th April 1469 in a small village called Tolevandi which is at present time 30 miles from Lahore, Pakistan. He was born into a Kshatriya family.

Guru Nanak was born in a simple family. His father was an accountant. From his childhood he had great qualities. He had a mystic disposition with great learning skills. He soon mastered Vedas and Sanskrit. He also studied Persian and Arabic as he got association with the Muslims when his father worked for a Muslim landlord. Thus he became learned in Hinduism and Islam.

There are so many miraculous incidents about Guru Nanak’s childhood days and youth. During his life he advocated Oneness and Supremacy of God. He formed the new religion based on the principles of Hinduism and Islam.

Sri Guru Nanak dev’s Divine Message
Guru Nanak’s significant work is his book Guru Granth Sahib which is revered as scripture by all his followers. The vast collection of his revelatory verses are found in the book.


Guru Nanak

Shri Mataji and Ten Priomordial Gurus August 22, 2010


21 Names of DEVI June 21, 2009


Art describing Kundalini June 14, 2009



The flames at the top of the heads is Kundalini, reflection of Holy Spirit.



























The descent of the spirit

The descent of the spirit

Anthonis_van_Dyck_-_Die_Ausgie  Fung_des_Heiligen_Geistes

Anthonis Van Dyck - Die Ausgie Fung des Heiligen Geistes




















Sahaja yoga – Russia seminar

Sahaja yoga – Russia seminar


What is a mantra? June 13, 2009

Mantra Shri Mataji


Blossom Times, Volume2, issue6 December 31, 2008


1.   The swinging pendulum of Modern Era

2.   Editorial

3.   Why Should We Meditate

4.   Evolution

5.   The Transformation

6.   Schools of thought – now and then.

7.   Corporate Meditation a reality


Bulgarian Sahaja yoga newsletter December 28, 2008

Unfortunately only at Bulgarian language.






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