When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Christian Tradition And Christ December 21, 2022

Public Program Day 1. Vienna (Austria), 5 September 1984.

Shri Mataji: I bow to all the seekers of truth.

It is so enamouring to see so many seekers in Vienna who have come to receive their Realization.

Sahaja Yoga is not a new thing. In the tradition of spirituality it is mentioned about 14.000 years back by Markandeya. That ultimately it is the force within you of the Holy Ghost, which is called as Kundalini residing in the triangular bone has to give the Realization. But for that happening human being had to be prepared. People had to be balanced. And that is how many prophets came on this earth after that in the same tradition to prepare people to have that balance. Right from Abraham, Moses we see them, follow them up, up to Raja Janaka who was the father-in-law of Rama. And later on we had so many others like Mohammed Sahib, Nanak Sahib on this earth to tell us about having a balance in live. They taught us moderation and not to go to extremes.

You can see within ourselves we have two sides – one is the left, another is the right side. But the human nature is that that whatever one may try they make extreme of everything – they can do it. Like when they talked about God they went to the extreme of thinking they where God themselves or they thought that now God can be organized by human beings. Because of this extreme nature they could never recognize the reality. Reality lies in the central path. Like those who are very futuristic people who are planning all the time, who are running in the future will always miss the point. And those who are on the left side, who are lethargic also miss the point because they stick to their past. Whatever they have achieved from the past they think that is the right thing, that is what that is – is the reality. Specially those who are very much conditioned by the past cannot see the reality at all. So logically we reach a point where we understand that if you become a futuristic person or if you deny that there is nothing like reality, I have to find out myself then you miss the point. And those who believe in their conditioning like, “Now I have got it, I have found it, I am that”, are also away from reality. You have seen right from the beginning how Jews thought that they are the ones who are chosen by God. Because Moses brought them out of the mire of slavery. And then Moses Himself saw the way Jews were going, so He said, “All right, bring a very strong law,” as you have seen in the chapter of [Jeremiah ?], where He says that you have to kill a person who does wrong. These laws of Shariat were taken over by the Muslims and Jews do not regard it as something of their own use.

Then it advanced further when Christ came onto this earth. He also said in very simple straight forward words that, “You are to be born again.” Then Nicodemus asked Him that, “Why to enter into the womb of my mother?” Christ said, “No, whatever is born of the flesh is the flesh. You are to be born of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is going to give your birth, your second birth.” So that whatever is born of the Spirit is the Spirit.

But there also Christ completely failed to communicate I think, because nobody paid attention to this fact that you have to become the Spirit. Now how do we become Spirit? Whatever we become in our evolution is felt on our central nervous system, on our conscious mind. As human beings we know what is the color, we know what is dirty, filthy, but animals do not know. So if you are genuine seekers, if you are truthful about it you must know that the experience of Spirit has to be on the central nervous system. So one thing we have to accept from these great people who came on this earth that we have something called the Spirit within us. And we have to become that Spirit. In an ordinary language we can understand that so far in our attention we do not have the Spirit. So this Spirit has to come into our attention.

I don’t know about German language but English is a very elusive language in what Spirit is – what we called the Atma, Spirit in the heart, the reflection of God, then Spirit is also a dead body, also Spirit is what you drink as alcohol. (Laughter)

But in Sanskrit language it is called as the Atma, is the Self, is the being. Now when we, I say I, I say so, either I say through My ego or I say through My conditioning. So when we live to our mental projections which is a limited instrument, whatever we do is not absolute.

For example one “Mister I” doesn’t think the way another “Mister I” thinks. But the Spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty within us in our heart is the collective being. That is the absolute. That is the light. When that light comes within our attention we start seeing how we are related to each other. And we find out our wholesomeness.

We find out we are part and parcel of one personality, which is called as collective consciousness. But you actually become, it is not that just that, “Now I am the part and parcel of the whole,” but you really become on your central nervous system. When this Kundalini rises and pierces through your fontanel bone area you start feeling the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head.

Now what is this Holy Ghost is nobody knows as far as the priests are concerned. To My amazement I asked a high gentleman who was a priest of a very great repute that, “What is the Holy Ghost?” So he says, “I am agnostic.” So I said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I am doing my job.”

Now what could be this Holy Ghost? Let us see because if there is the God Almighty, the Father and the Son, how can you have a Son without the Mother? So there has to be a Mother and that Mother is the Primordial Mother which is reflected within us as the Shakti or you call it as Kundalini. So this is the Holy Ghost as described in the Bible.

To understand about Christ also one has to go to other scriptures. Same about Mohammed Sahib, same about Moses. But all this religions surprisingly have become like small points stagnating. So one has to understand that when we talk of the Holy Trinity it is the Father, the Mother and the Son. So this Mother, this Holy Ghost is represented within us as the Kundalini. She resides within us as a living force. And is called as a residual energy because the whole body is created, the mind is created, ego is created, but that has not yet manifested itself. It has not manifested because when it manifest then you get the effects of it. So the Kundalini is the power of pure desire, the desire of God, is the Primordial Mother. Now this pure desire within us has not yet manifested, if it had we would have been satisfied people. But we are not satisfied because we haven’t found that which gives complete satisfaction. So this power of our pure desire resides in the Kundalini in a sleeping state till we come across someone who has the capacity to awaken this Kundalini.

Now it is very simple to understand if you understand how we sprout a seed, which is a living process. When you sow the seed into the Mother Earth, the Mother Earth has the capacity to sprout the seed. How much do you pay to the Mother Earth? How much to you exercise about it? It is all spontaneous, it’s sahaj. So this spontaneity is the sign of life’s force. Our evolution has come through that life force of spontaneity. But it is very difficult for many human beings to accept that it should happen spontaneously.

( …child was suffering of epilepsy during the speech… )

What is it? What is the matter? What is it?

I mean, if you have somebody who is suffering from epilepsy it’s better to take the child outside, because the force here is so much of spirituality that it reacts, so better take the child out – but the child will be cured, no doubts – but take the child out.
Now when the Kundalini rises She passes through these six centers within us by which She enlightens these centers. And as a result of that we get our physical wellbeing. Now for example if a boy who has epilepsy is a possessed personality. And you know when Christ also addressed people the epileptic started shouting. So on the left hand side when we have problems of our mental problems – schizophrenic or this epilepsy or all these things – they also get completely cured. But this is not so important, it is just when we are going to have a vision of our Spirit and when we are going to establish the purity of God within ourselves our whole temple gets cleaned up. So the temple gets automatically cleaned up and we feel that we are purified. The innocence gets awakened within us automatically. Now Christ has said, “Thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” But how many people there are you find who have no adulterous eyes? Now these are the people who are innocent. Those eyes are innocent have to be something special. And they are the ones about whom Christ has said that, “They are twice born.” So the innocence within them is awakened.

Then after the entry into this chakra which you see there the Kundalini sucks in both your ego and superego as a balloon, you can see them there. By that you become thoughtlessly aware, you go beyond thought. A thought raises and falls of, and then is another thought that rises and falls of. But there is a space in between and you go and steady yourself in that space of thoughtless awareness. But when the Kundalini pierces through then you start feeling the All pervading power all around you. Like the Cool Breeze. You feel in the hand something going in from all around. And when you start growing up then you start giving to others. But you become again collectively conscious in the sense that you can feel your own centers now, you know which center is catching on the fingertips.

But now I feel here all of you have one common problem, it’s the left Vishuddhi as we call it – this finger is catching. Now what does that mean? That means that you people feel guilty for nothing at all. You condemn yourself for nothing at all. And you think you must suffer for getting to God. Now logically you understand that why should you suffer to go to God? It was all right before Christ, but why after Christ has suffered for us? Are we going to suffer more than what He has suffered? So why should we suffer? In the name of this suffering, people go to the left side.

If a human being leads a moderate life he’ll never get diseases, he’ll never have any trouble. But under the imaginary idea that you have to suffer and that you are guilty you go on moving towards the left. And what is on the left? Is the collective sub-consciousness, is all that is dead. In Vienna or Austria I think there are more dead than living. (Laughter) The whole left side is catching. Since My arrival here I am trying to clear out the left side of Vienna. And on top of that you people feel guilty. (Shri Mataji laughing) You are moving in the wrong direction all together. Now see the seriousness of it.

The other day I saw a very good demonstration of the cancer research doctors who showed on the BBC that when a person is vulnerable to cancer he is attacked by some entities, some proteins which exist within ourselves since our creation. They gave the name to those things as proteins 58, protein 52, just giving names, but they do not explain it. So this area they are describing is nothing else but the collective subconscious. And this attack comes to you from that collective subconscious. That means if you try to go to the left you are in for trouble. So we create our own problems. Those who try to live with the left sided ideas of feeling unhappy all the time, frustrated, suffering – suffer. Now those who feel guilty on this side of the left Vishuddhi which I am feeling it too much you all are caught up, get the trouble called Angina or sort of a thing where the blood cannot flush up.

Now we have so much leisure in life that we sit down and try to create our own miseries. To understand real miseries you must get out of all these affluent places and go and see for yourself what misery is. But those who really face, really face miseries are happier people. In the developing countries I have not seen many people who feel guilty, very few. They never feel guilty, they have no time. (Laughter) That’s why it is said that cancer is a rich man’s disease.

So as a result of the Kundalini awakening you come in the center, your attention from the left side is pulled in the center.

Same thing like this boy today was attacked by the left side will come to the center and he’ll be cured. Now the right side people are the people who are extremely aggressive type. Both are just the same, one aggresses other, another aggresses himself.

Those who are very much futuristic and of that kind get another type of trouble of a very active heart and a very active liver. They suffer from over activity and they go in a circle and they can’t stop it. (Shri Mataji laughing) So to compensate it then they take to alcoholism or all kinds of things which are left sided. And the left sided take to violence and all kinds of nonsensical things – just to balance.

The whole world is today filled with violence. We all talk of peace but there is no peace within. We have created atombombs to kill each other; no animal has done such a thing. How can we get over the war situation unless and until there is peace within us. But when you get collectively conscious you know we are all part and parcel of one personality.

So if this finger is feeling sad or rather I would say is hurt another comes to help it without feeling any obligation about it, it’s a relieve to yourself. Then the question comes, “Who is the other?” But only after Realization when you are connected to the mains then only you start feeling that compassion that flows. Otherwise whatever compassion you try to express gives you an ego. But after Realization you become a personality which is hollow and the All pervading grace flows to you and you enjoy witnessing it. In that state you are completely at peace with yourself and peace with others. When a person gets Realization for the first time you enjoy human beings as beautiful flowers. After Realization only you have some meaning to your life that you yourself realize, “Oh God, I did not know that I am such a glorious thing.” Because once you become the light you give the light. And the whole priorities change in such a beautiful manner that you become absolutely confident, fearless and loving personality. Your mere presence can cure people. Your mere presence can do thousand and one thing which you are amazed how it works out. Many people ask Me a question that, “Why is it in India which is such a Yoga country people are not happy?” I would say relatively they are very happy people. But materially they are not so good. But Krishna had said that, “Yoga kshema vahamyam” – when you will get your Yoga you will get your wellbeing. But Indians after the 300 hundred years of slavery have become very westernized. Now they are trying to develop on your way the plastic affluence. Say in this all group how many Indians there are? None. So those who are in charge of affairs have no wisdom of their own, they take their wisdom from the West. I think they will also dig out everything from the Mother Earth, have big factories, then they’ll have tinned food and then after right that they’ll become Hippies and then they will come to Sahaja Yoga. (Laughter) It’s a circle they have to go trough. But it can be short circuited and in the villages Sahaja Yoga is working out very well for your information by which people are improving in every way, even in material way.

So now when you receive your Realization the first thing that happens to you that in your attention you become collectively conscious. Mohammed Sahib has said, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak.” He has written more about resurrection than about doomsday, but Muslims do not think about it.

So you start feeling in your hand the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost, and by this Cool Breeze, which is the energy of the integrated Divinity you can, you are anyone, you can vibrate the water, and it can be sometimes ten times. With these vibrations you can cure a mad person. Not only that, but by giving Realization to others – anyone can give Realization to so many people that you receive the blessings of your own being. And this new dimension makes you feel that the whole world is one. All petty-mindedness, all short-sightedness, all useless nationalism, everything falls off. You become so powerful that all your habits fall off. You are like a lord, nobody can entice you. But the attention that you have works, it acts. If you pay attention to something it acts, it works. Like – there was somebody who said, “Mother, how can it act?” I said, “All right now what to you want to know?” He said, “I want to know about my father who hasn’t telephoned to me from Scotland.” I said, “All right, put your hands and just think of your father. And these are the centers of your father. And he started getting a burning in this area and I said, “That’s it, that means he is down with very bad bronchitis.” So he telephoned to his mother and he found out that his father was down with very bad bronchitis. (Laughter) Now I said, “You pay attention to it, just think of it.” And after an hour he said, “Miraculously I am cured.”

So the first meaning of yoga means the union with the Divine, which is fantastic itself. But the second one means the deftness how to handle this All pervading power. It pulsates into everything. But you have to learn how to handle it, which is called as pure knowledge – Shuddha Vidya in Sanskrit. And within a short time you become a master.

It is very surprising I came to Vienna, and in such a short time there are so many people in Vienna who have got Realization. And within this short time there are so many masters we have in Vienna. An interviewer asked Me, “Have you got all your children, Mother, who are scholars?” I said, “No, they are ordinary people.” I said, “You become the knowledge after Realization, so you know everything.” Because you know the essence of everything and that’s how you can explain everything. As a result of that you really become dynamic. Your problems are solved automatically, and you are free, you have entered really into the Kingdom of God, where is no taxation, no laws, no regulations, and you are looked after like a king. But in the beginning every human being seems to be diffident, if not sceptical. Either this or that. They start thinking, “How can it be? How can that be? How can be I am such a bad person, I have done this,” all guilty business starts coming up in the mind. But you must know that this creation has created you as the epitome of creation, and the creator Himself is worried. If you do not get your Realization then what about Him, what’s going to happen to Him? He is more, much more anxious than you are because the time has come, this is the Blossomtime then thousands of you have to get your Realization. But you have to listen to Me with a scientific mind – that is an open mind and not a closed mind. It is like a hypothesis for you, all right, but if it is proved, why not? Why not have it, if you have all this powers, all this properties, all this glories within yourself? Why to hesitate? I don’t want anything from you. You cannot give Me anything. Except that you get your Realization. That is your birthright. But very difficult to convince people. Only the false gurus can do it because they mesmerize everyone – so finished. But you have to rise in your own freedom. You have to evolve in your own glory. So such a method is useless. So whatever has to be achieved has to be through your freedom and through your wisdom.

So I think for today’s introduction I have covered lots of subjects and I’ve tried to bring you to the center of the subject, that we have to have our Realization. So after this we’ll have the program of meditation, but those who want to leave should leave. Just a minute, please. Just a minute. Those who want to leave should leave first because after this I will not like people to be disturbed, so please to be civil and fair to others, if you want to leave you can leave first.

Please, those who want to leave should leave first.

Aside: No, no, Gregoire, let them leave first, because most of them, those who asked questions last time left. So I want them first to leave and then ask questions. They should not waste the energy. No, no, no that’s waste of energy.

All those who want to leave should leave. We’ll only allow people to stay here who would stay for about 15 minutes more in patience, and not people who only ask questions and then leave. We don’t want the time of others to be wasted for nothing at all.

There is some (space). Let these people also to be seated more. Be more comfortable. You have to be comfortable, please. If you can come this way and that way. You all can come, there is a room there. Better. Be comfortable.

They can come this way. Is there some of the Sahaja Yogis can give room to these people who are standing all the time. You please see that they are seated properly.

All right, now you can ask Me questions. (Shri Mataji laughing)

Last time those who asked the questions for hours together, and then they disturbed everybody and then they went away.

Now, please ask the questions now, if you have any. I’ll be very happy to answer your questions now.

Left – see, this is what happened last time.

Aside: Who is that? Now, what is he saying? You tell Me in English.

QUESTION: Shri Mataji, he says that in the Christian tradition he has heard that the Holy Spirit is something which comes from outside and now You said it is something which is inside. How can one unite the two?

Shri Mataji: Now, it is a controversial thing is Christian tradition itself. Now it has come to a crux , so I can tell you about it. There is a – recently a book written by an Englishman I think, who has challenged the miracles of Christ, His Immaculate Conception and all these things. And according to him Paul never talked about it. Now you see, I have to tell you the truth. I must tell you the truth. Now this gentleman Mr. Paul, when I saw him in the Bible I was surprised, who is this gentleman here? He was himself a Jew who tortured Christians, he saw that Stephen was tortured. Then suddenly he gets a supra-conscious, some sort of an epileptic fit in that he sees some light and he becomes the organizer of Christianity, who had never met Christ. He was an intellectual and he intellectualized Christ and he established himself in the Bible. How is he there? What he did was to write letters of organizing God and all the people because he wanted to go to Gentiles. He fought very much with Peter and there was no combination established because Peter was not an intellectual. So this Mr. Paul started a religion of his own and surprisingly Khalil Gibran has said the same thing that I am saying that, “Who is this strange man Mr. Paul?” It would be like this epileptic boy talking of Sahaja Yoga. And not only, Khalil Gibran also says that Paul is a person who does not know what he is talking about, he is not sure about himself. He said it very clearly in that book “The Son of Man”, you please read it. Complete chapter. So this Peter was completely made into nothing by Paul. And then he incarnated on this earth as Augustin and started this so called tradition.

Now you’ll be surprised there is an Archbishop of Durham who says that all these things are hallucinations of the disciples and there was no Immaculate Conception and there was no miracles of Christ. Because intellectuals can’t understand these things. Now this church where – they bestowed upon him a very great honour in a church, that church was burnt by a great fall of a lightning in there; absolutely burnt on top. So the Archbishop says that, “It was God’s grace that the walls did not burn.”

I tell you that not only Christ had Immaculate Conception but every miracle He did is a fact. And He is the Truth and can be established when you come to Sahaja Yoga – that He is such a great truth and all these false people who try to malign him. And to challenge Christ is a very dangerous thing. Is very dangerous. Because you must know He has eleven destroying powers, which are called in Sanskrit as Ekadasha Rudra. He is the great incarnation of Mahavishnu. He is innocence personified. He has all the powers of innocence and who can challenge Him? Unless and until one has Realization one can’t understand Christ.

So many people are shattered. Their faith is shattered the way these intellectuals have taken over the tradition, so called tradition of Christianity.

Yes, but it’s true that the Holy Ghost can bless people and the Kundalini rises when the Holy Ghost blesses the people; so the Kundalini rises because of that is a fact. But they don’t know how to explain, what they talk they don’t know. They did not even explain in any way, because they don’t know anything about it. They don’t know, they have no knowledge about it. They did not even explain that when the Holy Ghost blessed the disciples what language they were speaking and what they were doing that people thought they were mad. Because the Holy Ghost blessed them they felt the Cool Breeze and they started talking the language of the centers, as we talk. Not that somebody started speaking German, somebody started, say, speaking Sanskrit. It is only possible these things happen when you get possessed. But they got their Realization and they started to speak the Divine language of the centers. And when these powers are felt then you start moving your hands in the deftness of it, you know how to use these hands, how to give balance, how to raise the Kundalini. The hands start moving and that’s what people thought they were mad.

But I move in a society of another kind as you know and in that I meet many ambassadors and great intellectuals, and they all say that these disciples of Christ were all stupid fools. Because they have not been to universities – what university did Christ go to? This is how it is a big rift now between the people who feel Christ is the embodiment of Divinity and those who are intellectuals of this kind, who are challenging Christ. But Sahaja Yoga can prove that Christ resides on this center of Agnya there at the cross; because when the Kundalini stops at that point, at the Agnya point, you have to take the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, then the Kundalini rises in its dignity. “That is the gate,” He has said.

So now as far as the tradition is concerned I’m rather doubtful how the tradition took, every religion, even Hinduism is like that. Islam is the same. Any religion you take, the tradition is nothing but tradition of going down, down, down, down. If it was a right tradition there would have been no problem. Today we have so many churches, so many fightings. You see the Vatican in the Mafia, Mafia in the banks. I can’t understand.

What Christ you gave Him – the thorn to be adorned on his crown. What kind of crowns these people are wearing? In India also, we have also now started another kind of competition with your crowns. So somebody is making a big umbrella of gold. I must say crown is all right – they are wise, but umbrella is dangerous. (Shri Mataji laughing) They are playing with Divinity, they have no sense that God Almighty has a tremendous wrath for such people. The religion of Christianity or any religion is the religion of the living God. At different times there were great flowers on the “Tree of Life”, but we plucked them and said, “This is mine, this is mine,” and we are fighting the dead. But in Sahaja Yoga you will know the beauty of all these great prophets and you’ll be amazed how they have enriched us, all of them.

So now, I think one question was quite – needed lot of explanation and thank God I could say it in Vienna.

Now let us have our Realization.

Now, we’ll have tomorrow, all right? You can bring the question. I’ll definitely answer your questions. All right? It’s already 8:30. Because you see, it depends on how it works out.

Now this is only just to take help from Mother Earth, though there is something plastic in between. Contact is – there is plastic, but doesn’t matter. (Shri Mataji laughing) If you are sitting on the Mother Earth it would have worked out much faster. (Shri Mataji laughing) But with shoes you are a little bit tied up, so you leave it lose, it’s better.

Aside: Are you all right with German?

Do you follow his German, is it all right? (Shri Mataji laughing) All right.

There is no language for love. It is silent.

Please put your hands like this.

Now again I have to make a humble request that don’t feel guilty. At this moment forget the past. Don’t condemn yourself, please. Forgive yourself and forgive everyone.

Now at this time you have to just close your eyes and I’ll tell you how you yourself will be giving energy to your different centers – yourself. And your Kundalini will rise spontaneously because with your energy you’ll open out the spaces of chakras.

Now the left side represents your desire to get Realization, is a power of desire so you put the left hand constantly on your lap towards Me. Like this. On your lap, on your lap. Very relaxed way, but with the fingers opened out.

Still the guilt is too much, please. (Shri Mataji laughing)

Now, with the right hand we have to do the action, which is very simple. You have to first put your right hand on your heart. On the left hand side. Now, all the centers on the left hand side we are going to nourish.

Place your hand on the heart and press it a little bit, not much.

You can keep your eyes shut till I tell you to open, because if your eyes are open the Kundalini may not rise.

Now when you put your right hand on your heart, close your eyes and you have to ask Me a question. You can call Me Shri Mataji, or if it is difficult – Mother. “Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask this question three times. Without feeling guilty.

Aside: [Hindi] Heart! [Hindi]

(Note: Shri Mataji asks for a candle to be placed at the table)

Now without feeling guilty again you put your right hand on the upper part of your stomach on the left side. This is the center of the Primordial Master. Left towards Me, left towards Me. Left hand towards Me, please. Left hand towards Me.

But other way round you have done. You are doing the other way round. Left hand towards Me. To her also. Yes, left hand towards Me, please, again.

Now logically you have to say when you said – when you asked a question about the Spirit you must know if you are the Spirit you are your own Master. So, logically you ask the second question at this center, “Mother, am I my own master?” Ask this question three times please. Three times.

Somebody should see also if somebody is not doing properly, it’s all right now.

Now you have to put this hand in the lower region of your abdomen where resides the center for your knowledge. The instrument to work out the Divine resides there, called as Swadishthana Chakra. So to know the knowledge of working out the Divine power you have to ask Me that you want that power because I cannot force it upon you.

Now when you put your hand there, six times, because there are six sub-plexuses to this center, you have to say, “Mother, may I have the true knowledge?” Six times please.

“The true knowledge, Mother, give me the true knowledge.”

Aside: Hm, better.

Six times please.

Aside: Hm, good. [Hindi]

Now six times you ask for it.

Now raise your hand above on the upper part of your abdomen where you had put it on the center of Primordial Master. Now as you have asked for the true knowledge the first thing you have to say at this center with full confidence in yourself that, “Mother, I am my own master.” Say it ten times please, in My presence.

Keep your eyes shut, please. Please say it ten times.

Aside: Heart. [Hindi] Hm, better! [Hindi] Hm, better! [Hindi]

Now raise this right hand to your heart, please.

Aside: Better.

At this point now you have to again assert twelve times because there are twelve sub-plexuses, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Please say it twelve times, on the heart. And the heart is very much catching – open your heart! With full confidence, not to be frightened of anything.

Aside: [Hindi]

You must have the earnest desire, that’s very important, because it’s the power of desire.

Now you have to put this right hand on the base of your neck on the left hand side, from the front. Now this is the center which gets caught up – it gets caught up when you feel guilty. That’s how you also get spondylitis. Now at this center please say 16 times, “Mother, I’m not guilty.” And if you want to suffer and you have been doing all this guilty business too much then say it 108 times to punish yourself. (Shri Mataji laughing) You have to be in a cheerful mood – you are entering into the Kingdom of God.

Aside: Ah, now it has worked out.

Now you have to put your right hand across your forehead please, and hold it. At this point you have to say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Many people think it is difficult, but it is a myth. When you don’t forgive what do you do? You just torture yourself. Just say that, and you’ll be amazed how your head will become lighter. Say it from your heart.

Now put this hand at the back of your head. At the back of your head you have to just say, without feeling guilty, without feeling guilty, again I say, without feeling guilty that, “Oh God, if I have done anything wrong, please forgive me.” But don’t feel guilty. Because God is the Ocean of Love, He is the Ocean of Compassion. Above all He is the Ocean of Forgiveness.

Now will you please not feel guilty, I am telling you hundred times please don’t feel guilty when you say that. By feeling guilty is not going to forgive you. Just say it out. To feel guilty is not your idea, I can assure you, because you are the Spirit. Spirit cannot be guilty. My only worry is that you don’t feel guilty and your Kundalini doesn’t stop at that point. (Shri Mataji laughing)

Now put the hand on top of your head on the fontanel bone area with your palm pressing against the scalp.

Aside: Now, better. It’s coming.

At this point you have to again ask Me for your Self Realization, I cannot force on you. I have to respect your freedom.

Aside: [Hindi]

Now you have to say seven times, “Mother, please I want Realization, please give me my Realization.”

(Shri Mataji blowing into the microphone)

Now change over your hand. Please put right hand on your lap and left hand on your head. Keep your eyes shut.

(Shri Mataji blowing into the microphone)

Aside: [Hindi]

Now just feel if you are getting the Cool Breeze on top of your head. Change your hands and see. About four, five inches high.

Aside: [Hindi]

Change your hands again.

Hm, better. Are you feeling? Good? Good! Just move it like this then you can see. Don’t think, don’t think – watch Me without thinking.

Ha! All right! You got it. You got it? Good!

Both the hands now. Now you put your hands up like this. And ask a question, “Mother is this the power of Holy Ghost? Is this the Breeze of the Holy Ghost? Is this the All pervading Power of God?”

Aside: Color of the hands changes.

All right? See now in your hands are you feeling the Cool Breeze?

Some are feeling on the left, some are feeling on the right also.

So, those who are feeling in the left should put their right hand towards Me and left hand like this

After some time you’ll start feeling in the right hand also.

Now those who are feeling the Breeze in the right hand should put the left hand towards Me and right hand on the stomach. Those who are feeling on the right hand. Right hand on the stomach. Better. Feel it. Better now. And watch Me without thinking.

Aside: Hamsa is catching.

Tomorrow you must put some nasal drops and then come here because you all have got little sinus trouble.

Ha, all right? Good? Now put both the hands, see now. Just. All right? Did you feel? Good!

Now those who have felt over their heads and in their hands raise your hands, both the hands.

Great ! (Shri Mataji lauging)

Sahaja Yogis: Bolo Shri Durga Mata Shri Adi Shakti Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai!

Shri Mataji: Oh, I’m so thankful to you.

My greatest desire is that you have touched your Realization. Now you don’t think about it. Keep quiet. Tomorrow relax and come to the program and you have it completely fixed. But it is like a very small primule being sprouted out like a germinating power, a little plant of your Spirituality. You have to be gentle with it and careful. Say, even a month if you just establish yourself you’ll all become great trees. Don’t discuss about it, enjoy the silence. Who haven’t got it I know also, haven’t got it, doesn’t matter. Please come tomorrow and you all will have it.

Now you’ve got the absolute and like a computer you can ask any question, any absolute – like ask a question, “Was Christ born out of Immaculate Conception?” Ask a question in your heart.

Ask this question. You’ll get much more Breeze.

All right? Now, you ask another question, “Did He – did Christ walk on the water?”

Ask a third question, “Was Christ the Son of God?”

You are in without thoughts.

Ask a question, “Is there God?”

Now the last question you should ask, “Am I the part and parcel of the Whole?”

Tremendous experience!

May God bless you all!


Sahaja Yoga A Unique Discovery August 22, 2021

MAN in his search of joy and happiness is running away from his Self, which is the real source of joy. He finds himself very ugly and boring because he doesn’t know his Self. A human being seeks joy in money or possessions, in power or human limited love, and ultimately in religion that is also outside. The problem is how to turn one’s attention inward. The inner being, which is our awareness, is energy. I call it the energy of Divine Love. All evolution and the manifestation of material energy is guided by the supreme energy of Divine Love. We do not know how powerful and thoughtful this unknown energy is. The silent working of awareness is so automatic, minute, dynamic, and precious that we take it for granted. After self realisation, this energy appears to us as silent throbbing vibrations flowing through our being. But we have been unable to achieve self realisation because we cannot fix our attention on something that lacks form (abstract Being). Instead, our attention wanders outside on forms.
Now there is a method to tap the Divine power – Sahaja Yoga. At the very outset, I have to say that the working of Sahaja Yoga is very simple, although the operation within is quite complex. For example, if you want to watch television, it is very easy. But to explain the engineering technique of a television set is very difficult and the explanation is complicated. To learn about a television you also need a qualified engineer who understands it and who can explain its working.
I will try to explain Sahaja Yoga in the simplest way, but please note that it is really complicated if you want to know it in detail. The best way to enjoy television is first to switch it on and watch. Then later you can try to understand its engineering. As a Mother I would say that I have done the cooking for you. Why should you worry about how it is done? If you are hungry you should start eating. If you are not actually hungry, but only inquisitive, what can I do? I can neither force you to eat nor make you hungry with discussions or lecturing. I leave it to your wisdom and to your freedom to feel that longing.

The word ‘Sahaja’ (Saha + ja) means born with you or inborn. Whatever is inborn manifests without any effort. Hence Sahaja Yoga is the name given to my system, which is effortless, easy, and spontaneous. It is a part of Nature, you may call it life’s source-the vitality of the Divine.
To understand life, consider the case of something that is living: a germinating seed. The seed grows by itself into a tree, blooms into flowers, and then the flowers become fruit. Any human effort cannot change the process of growth from a seed into a tree. The gardener can only look after the growth of the tree. In the same way, the process of the growth of our consciousness, to further evolution, takes place effortlessly.
When a foetus is between two and three months old, in the mother’s womb, a column of rays of consciousness, emitted through the all-pervading Divine Love, pass through the developing brain to enlighten it. The shape of the human brain is prism-like. So, the column of rays falling on it gets refracted into four diverse channels corresponding to the four aspects of the nervous system.
These are:
1. Parasympathetic nervous system
2. Sympathetic nervous system (right)
3. Sympathetic nervous system (left)
4. Central nervous System (This need not be discussed as it is the link with objectivity).
The set of rays that fall on the fontanel bone (apex of the head known as Taloo) pierce in the center and pass straight into the medulla oblongata through a channel (Sushumna). This energy, after leaving a very thread-like, thin line in the medulla oblongata, settles down in three and a half coils in the triangular bone at the base of the spinal cord (Mooladhar). This coiled energy is known as Kundalini.

The subtle energy enters through the center of the brain (Sahasrara Brahmarandhra) and precipitates six more centers on its way down. The gross manifestation of this subtle energy, in the Sushumna channel of the spinal cord, is termed the Parasympathetic nervous system. The centers of Chakras are expressed as plexuses outside the spinal cord. Surprisingly, we have the same number of plexuses and sub plexuses outside, as the number of Chakras and their petals inside, the spinal cord.
Medical science knows very little about this system. Science calls it the autonomous nervous system, meaning the system that works spontaneously-on its own. For example, if we want to increase the rate of our heartbeat, we can do so by exerting ourselves (activity of the sympathetic nervous system). But we cannot directly reduce the heart (activity of the parasympathetic nervous system). The parasympathetic nervous system is a system that is like a petrol pump through which the petrol of Divine Love fills us. But when a human child is born and the umbilical cord breaks, a gap is created in the Sushumna (the subtle channel in the spinal cord). And on the gross level, one can see there is a gap between the solar plexus and the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system. This gap is known as the void in the Zen system of religion and Maya (or Bhav- Sagar) in Indian thought. Later when ego and superego bloat up like balloons and cover our brain at the apex of the left and right sympathetic nervous systems, the fontanel bone calcifies, and the all-pervading vital force of Divine Love gets cut off completely.
Then the human being identifies himself as a separate entity and the consciousness of ‘I’ (Aham) presides. This is why Man does not know His universal unconscious. His ego severs this subtle connection.

The sympathetic nervous system uses the vital energy. There are two systems-left and right. The two channels, which carry this energy, in subtle form (in the medulla oblongata), are known as Ida and Pingala respectively. The right-side system (in the right-handed person) caters to the emergencies of the active consciousness (extra efforts and emergencies). The left-side system (in medicine they say it remains dormant) caters to the subconscious mind of the psyche (libido).
Both these sympathetic-nerve systems are called the Sun and Moon channels (i.e., Surya nadi and Chandra nadi). Hatha Yoga comes from the words Ha and Tha, meaning the Sun and Moon. By this yoga you can control the activity of the sympathetic; you can use more stored energy or else completely stop the activity of the sympathetic for a short time. Just by using the stored energy you cannot achieve the eternal flow of the Divine. With control over the sympathetic you can slow the heart rate or even stop the heart for a short time. You may achieve all the physical gross symptoms of the parasympathetic. But you cannot activate the parasympathetic which is the channel for your real yoga (meeting of the Divine). With Hatha Yoga you may even control your mind. But the mind thus governed is heavily conditioned for the spiritual flight into the divine. One may keep good health and good mind to be a good citizen in a society, but that is not the only aim of life.

Both sympathetic and parasympathetic act on the plexuses, but in opposition to each other. The parasympathetic relaxes the plexuses while the sympathetic squeezes the energy by constricting them. One fills in the vitality and the other consumes it.
There is a gap in the parasympathetic nervous system (Sushumna) but no gap in the sympathetic nervous system (at the navel). This is the hurdle that has rendered all our searching-and entry into the parasympathetic-fruitless so far. It is like three ladders, two of them touching the ground while the central one is hanging in the air. So whenever we try to rise in our consciousness, we move on to the sympathetic system.

If we pass toward the right side we enter onto the activity that goes on bloating in the balloon of ego. Thus we feel responsible and active. When this activity increases beyond limits, like a growing tree whose roots are not equally grown, the being falls to the ground.
Over activity of the sympathetic nervous system causes tension, sleeplessness, and ultimately all deadly diseases like cancer. These diseases are caused by the constricted plexuses that have been drained of their energy. If you can make the parasympathetic dominate the right side, then we can antidote the effects of over activity. Then all the diseases and the effects caused by this right side get cured automatically.
The left side sympathetic nervous system (libido) has the power to store all that is dead in us. It connects you with store houses of the subconscious mind and with the collective subconscious (Bhootlok or Paralok).
At the backside of the brain, at the apex of this channel, the super ego exists like a balloon. It becomes heavy by storing, the conditioning of the mind through libido. So if the tension is heavy it breaks the superego into many fragments. If you still overexert by conditioning, a partial vacuum forms and this sucks another dead personality from the collective subconscious (Paralok) into your superego. So in your pursuit of truth, if you take to further efforts and indulge in concentration, training of the mind, forced abstinence, forced meditation, or complete slavery to the emotional attachment of the mind, the libido with the aid of the affected superego may connect you to the collective subconscious (Paralok) where all dead souls-bad, good, or saintly-exist. These souls start manifesting through you and you get siddhis or extra sensory perceptions. Actually these are the different subtle (dead) personalities dominating us through super ego.

There is another method that may be effortlessly employed by many so called teachers. This method, by which they turn the Chakra in the direction of the libido, can put you into your subconscious. This method either makes the aspirant go into a trance or accept the complete domination of the dead spirits introduced by the teacher through the plexuses.
In the first case, the Sadhaka feels relaxed, his mind is switched off. But after a few years of practice, he realises his weakness. He cannot face reality and takes to heavy use of drugs. In the second case, the aspirant becomes a complete slave of the teacher and starts giving away all material possessions to the teacher without understanding the logic behind it. These teachers never explain the technique they have employed, nor do they give their powers to anybody else. In short, all efforts in the name of religion, or the mishandling of Kundalini by so called realised people, can only activate the sympathetic nervous system (Ida and Pingala). These activities cannot make any progress toward bringing about the play of parasympathetic (Sushumna).
All mesmerize powers such as materialization power (enslaving masses for money or fame), visionary powers (Drishti Siddha), speech powers (Vani Siddha), curing powers, transcendental feelings (powers of switching off the mind), separation of body, and many other powers, are very ordinarily found among those who practice the control of spirits (Pret siddhi or Smashan Vidya). All such powers can be proved to be the powers of the dead in any one of our experimental Centers.
These are not Divine powers because the Divine has no interest in these gross subjects. It is interested only in the miracle of the inner being and its further manifestation to bring about human evolution. Thus those who indulge and use their attention (Chitta) on such ‘siddhis’ and those who run after such gross miracles find it difficult to follow Sahaja Yoga.
We have noted that when such people confront Sahaja Yoga, they start trembling and shaking like lunatics. If with very great difficulty such a person reaches the state of Self-realisation, he completely loses all interest in such powers and in their exhibition. He is freed of all extra dead personalities who dominated him.

There is no need to pass through the subconscious strata to jump the unconscious. The subconscious is an end by itself and one gets lost after entering its realms. These strata are placed vertically. The only direct way is through the parasympathetic (through Sushumna)-the central path that takes you to the Divine (the universal unconscious)-through Sahaja Yoga.
It is very dangerous to use the powers of the subconscious which may become uncontrollable and torture the practitioner and Sadhaka. Those who are temporarily benefited may suffer irreparable loss to body, mind, or grace.

All religions have promised inner silence when you reach the state of Self-realisation-the inner miracle of the subtle awareness and not gross jugglery. The Bhagavad Gita says that you become the witness (Sakshi Swarup) of the play of the Divine. Many modern thinkers are also talking about the new awareness. This has been described as ‘thoughtless awareness’ which results in collective consciousness. We hear of many prophesies made by ancient and modern writers about the evolution of a new race of super-human beings of unique awareness. These are no longer empty words. Through the discovery of Sahaja Yoga it is possible to achieve the transformation of the human consciousness to the higher planes promised by various seers.
The subject of Kundalini is no longer a matter of book knowledge. Now you can see, with the naked eye, the breathing of the Kundalini at the Mooladhara. You can feel the different Chakras in the spinal cord with your fingers. Formerly, bridging the gap in the Sushumna was the insurmountable problem. But it is being discovered that this gap can be filled with the vibrating power of Divine Love. The Kundalini rises like a majestic mother and breaks the apex of the brain (Brahmarandhra) without giving the slightest trouble to the child (Sadhaka). It happens in a split second, in the short spell between two successive thoughts. Of course, if the aspirant (Sadhaka) is diseased or his Chakras are constricted by over activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the Kundalini, being the Mother of every individual and the embodiment of love, knowledge, and beauty, knows how to reveal Her love beautifully and to give rebirth to Her child without causing any hurt. There are many descriptions about Kundalini warning us against the dangers and perils of the taming of Kundalini. Also many books describe various gross or frightful experiences of the Kundalini awakening.
Actually this is caused because Kundalini cannot rise without Sahaja Yoga, i.e., if someone, who is not Self-realised, tries to awaken Her, the Kundalini does not leave Her seat and, without the proper invitation, the Kundalini becomes adamant and angry. Thus the sympathetic gets into activity. When She is accused of sex, She sends heat waves over the sympathetic nervous system which causes the constriction or blockage of the plexuses and the path of the Kundalini is completely broken down.
Sometimes one gets into funny gesticulations or loses complete awareness of the outside. Moreover with mishandling of Chakras and Kundalini due to the ignorance or greed of the teacher, the chance of realisation for the aspirant can become very poor and sometimes impossible.
The mind that is very much conditioned, or the mind that is the slave of self-indulgence or of egoistic actions and thoughts, is also a very slow conveyance for Sahaja Yoga. Even if you read too much about the de-conditioning of the mind, you may get only further conditioned. If you try to de-condition by efforts, you can become conditioned much worse than what you were. De-conditioning is only possible through Divine Love. The main ‘condition’ of Sahaja Yoga is that your will and freedom are always respected.

In Sahaja Yoga the person is fully aware and alert and receives inner silence and experience without doing any unnatural movements. He sits in a completely easy pose throughout or he also may lie down (Sahajasana or Shavasana). The breathing is normal or less than normal.

Religions are also the expressions and experiments of realised souls-the seers. They also talk about the inner being, second birth, and about realization. In the beginning, in India, they tried to take the attention inside by introducing symbols that they saw of this unconscious, universal being within. This gave rise to pantheism and the aspirant’s attention got stuck to symbols (Sakar) and to rituals which killed the main objective.
So the other type of experiments of talking only about the abstract (Nirakar) gave rise to many other religions which ended up as dogmas or ‘isms.’ The reason is obvious. Talking about the flower or the honey cannot take you to the honey but can only create dogmatic ‘isms’ in the mind. You have to be a bee to reach there, i.e., you have to be reborn. This has to happen within to take you inside. It is too great an achievement and unbelievable, but I feel the search of ages has brought great results.

The mind, with a child-like innocence achieves very quick results. Whatever may be the loads of the mind, if the longing is honest and earnest, sooner or later, the aspirant can get Self-realisation. After reaching this state the vibrations start emitting from the extremities. These are described by Adi Shankaracharya in his work ‘Ananda Lahari.’ These vibrations are the waves of Divine Love that can fill also other persons’ inner being and give them the same experience of Self-realisation. This is how the chain reaction starts. One light enlightens another.
The physical manifestations are as follows:
The pupils of the eyes become dilated (Parasympathetic action). The face becomes radiant, the body becomes light, all tension is completely removed. The rising of the Kundalini can be seen by others and felt by the aspirant. First the throbbing is clearly felt at Sahasrara (apex of the brain) and when it stops, complete silence is felt within and in all awareness. The flow of grace is felt coming down, cooling the whole being. As the attention moves to the subtle, gross attachments drop out. A person gradually loses identification with falsehood and artificiality.
In matter, he sees beauty and not its possession value. In knowledge, he identifies himself with the Truth and is not afraid to profess, nor does he indulge in the double standards of life. His flow of love becomes spontaneous, generous, without any tinge of attachment, possession or any return. The person becomes ageless-a hollow personality.
Now let us see what happens inside.
The attention of the consciousness moves to the inner being (Kundalini). As the thread (Sutra) of a necklace is passing through every bead of the necklace, the inner consciousness (Kundalini) is also passing through every human being.
As soon as our attention moves to our inner consciousness we can move on to everybody’s Kundalini. One starts feeling the Kundalini, its nature, its position in other persons. Collective consciousness is thus established. Now you become a universal being. After some days you cannot say who the other person is. The power of love is so great and dynamic that with the movement of your fingers you can move the Kundalini of thousands. It becomes child’s play.
This is how the en masse evolution of human beings will take place. These are the signs of the advent of the Golden age of Truth (Satya Yoga).
Let us forget whatever hardships we have suffered in our search in the past. It does not matter if some could not find it before this. You have to open your mind and understand that though the discovery is unprecedented, it does not make any seeker or predecessor small. If some experiments are made, it does not matter if, ultimately, we have found out the way. It is a collective achievement. Perhaps in the chaos of Kali Yoga it was to happen and many of us, who have been earnestly searching in many lives, are reborn to have their promises fulfilled by the Divine. Maybe we were our own predecessors.
On the tree of life there might have been very few flowers but now the blossom time has come. Their fragrance of longing has collectively materialized the manifestation of Sahaja Yoga. Many are going to jump into the realm of thoughtless awareness where you get introduced to yourself and start identifying with your universal nature.
Those who deserve will get the throne of their inner being which rules the skies of peace, and the oceans of divine love and supreme knowledge within, which is limitless (Anand).


What is samadhi? April 20, 2020

“Sama-dhi”, “samadhi” means, first is the nirvichara samadhi [thoughtless awareness]. First is nirvichara samadhi that you achieve and the Kundalini just comes out of your head. “Sama-dhi” means, the “dhi” means the “buddhi” [intellect in a large sense]. And when it has got enlightenment it means Samadhi.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Hanuman Road, Public program in New Delhi (India), 4 February 1983.


Leucoderma-Vitiligo March 7, 2020

Peanut oil can be very damaging

When I was living in Dehra Dun, North India, one of the new Sahaja Yogis there had a daughter who had leukoderma, also called vitilego, a harmless condition where the skin becomes discolored and gets unsightly white patches. I asked Shri Mataji about it and She said it was caused and/or made much worse by the use of peanut oil in cooking. Sure enough, the lady told me she always used peanut oil for cooking. On another occasion Shri Mataji told us to avoid peanuts as they are very bad for the liver.

Linda Williams


Should I search for the material or for the spiritual April 27, 2018


Question: I have a search for the material and a search for the spiritual, but while I am young should I use it for the search for the material or the search for the spiritual?

Shri_Mataji: If you get the Spirit you get the material automatically. The whole material is controlled by the Spirit. Is very surprising how you get it. Is you enter into the realm of God. You’ll be amazed that in England, there’s such a lot of joblessness, people don’t have jobs at all, unemployment. See all these words I don’t know. Unemployment. But not a single Sahaja Yogi is unemployed. Not a single Sahaja Yogi is unemployed. The other day, one gentleman was to come from Paris to Australia for a particular seminar and he thought he wanted to come because this is the other side of the world and all that, but quite excited. But he didn’t have money, and suddenly he got the money which he wasn’t to get for eight years. Suddenly he got the money, he is here. All such miracles work out. From Australia I’ll tell you one miracle that’s most interesting. There was a little girl, she wrote a letter to me: “Mother, I want to come and see you in India, but I don’t have so much money to come.” She and her mother they both wanted to come and they had a fete in the school and she had taken a trinket for selling and when the teacher saw it she said, “This is gold, better take it to your mother.” And when they went to the jeweller the amount was the same as they would need to go to India. So in so many ways you are helped. You don’t know the realm of God is very different. So efficient, works so fast. We haven’t entered into that realm.
Public Lecture – Brisbane Australia 1987


Forgiveness April 1, 2018

“Now also you should surrender yourself to this idea of forgiveness and really try to forgive. You will be amazed, you will feel very much peaceful, very happy and the person who has tortured you will come round. What we have to do now, is to transform people. That’s our job. We have to transform them.”
(HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Easter puja , Istanbul, 25/4/99)


Parasympathetic nervous system January 24, 2018

What is the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems?
The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body for intense physical activity and is often referred to as the fight-or-flight response. The parasympathetic nervous system has almost the exact opposite effect and relaxes the body and inhibits or slows many high energy functions.

“The Parasympathetic Nervous System is the gross expression of the central subtle channel (Sushumna Nadi), and cannot be activated by the seeker’s own efforts. Whenever he puts in any effort, his attention moves immediately to the Sympathetic Nervous System, never to the parasympathetic.” -Shri Mataji’s First Book


The auspiciousness October 15, 2017

Then the auspiciousness is in many dimensions starts expressing itself. But to keep that light on, one has to keep the Kundalini over here. Then, what happens? Then we are ruled by our heart’s indication than by our brain. How? Because the heart has the Spirit, which emits vibrations, is not the brain! And you depend on your vibratory awareness after Realisation. The more you depend on your vibratory awareness, the more you use your heart, your Spirit, not your brain. The more you use your brain again you go down because it is taken over now by the Spirit. For example after Realisation when you start thinking about it, I mean people can think of anything I mean I can tell you I’ve had such experiences that they would say why Mataji is wearing a sari like this – even to this extent you see they can go. But if you can just leave your heart to work it out and don’t think because you are in thoughtless awareness after Realisation – if you try to maintain that state – pay attention to your heart and let your Spirit emit itself. So that it clears out completely the confusion of the brain and everything. Then you’ll be amazed that you cannot lose your vibrations. You cannot lose your Realisation.”
“Auspiciousness”, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 21 July 1980

Question: How do you become your Spirit? July 12, 2017

“Question: How do you become your Spirit?

Shri Mataji: That’s a very good question. That’s the question is – I’m saying it is a spontaneous happening and that within us is placed, if you see here in the triangular bone, is the power of Holy Ghost within us, which we call in Sanskit language as Kundalini. In Koran it is called as Assas. In every scripture it is described. And this Kundalini has to rise, this power which is the desire power, which is the pure desire power, because all other desires are not pure. If they were pure, then you would have been satisfied. But you’re not satisfied.

So this pure desire is the desire to become one with the Spirit. And this is within you, this force is within you dormantly placed in the triangular bone called as sacrum. That means the Greeks also knew the word sacrum means “sacred.” And this power has to rise within you, and there are subtle centers above it, six centers above and one center below through which it pierces and you feel the Holy Ghost, which is described by Christ and you feel the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your fontanel bone area which is the real baptism. And as a result of that you start feeling your Spirit in your consciousness, means in your central nervous system. You, yourself, feel it.

That’s how you become the Spirit. That’s the only way it is sprouted. It’s a living process like if you want to sprout a seed, you have to embed it into this Mother Earth and spontaneously with the power what Mother Earth has, it sprouts. In the same way it happens, and that’s how I have to work it out. But later on when you get it and you become established, you can do it yourself to others. Like one enlightened light can enlighten another light. But the first light has to be enlightened.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Public Program, Birmingham, UK—April 4, 1985


Sarvikalpa Samadhi June 11, 2017

“Worshipping any vigraha (murti), any statue of self-created vibrations of Mother Earth, people had big problems. They had to first of all do a meditation which was called as Sarvikalpa Samadhi, that means in that state you have to concentrate on such a statue, and then you go on looking at that statue, and try to raise your Kundalini.

And Kundalini used to come up to Agnya, but the jumping beyond the Sahasrara was an impossible task because one has to go from form to formless, and it was difficult to get out of form, to formless, and even to concentrate on abstract or formless was another impossible task, as Muslims did or many others tried to do.

Under these circumstances it was necessary that the formless had to take a form so that there were no more complications. As soon as you concentrated on the form, you became formless. (Like if you have ice before you, as soon as you start touching the ice, it melts away and you start feeling the cool, so the problem is very easily solved now.) “

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Le Raincy (France), 18 June 1983


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