When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Speaking in tongues February 1, 2015

“We do not know when the disciples of Christ got their realization through the Holy Ghost. They got…. they felt the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost and they started talking in a different language. They didn’t speak in some language like Latin or Greek or anything. They spoke the language of the chakras and they started moving their hands so people thought they were mad…. But you will see now that all the Divine laws can be managed through your fingers if you get your realization, because your fingers become active and emit cool vibrations or cool breeze of the Holy Ghost…. So, there is nothing wrong in that. But those who were not realized people could not understand that and that’s why they called them mad….. That’s not the situation today. Now, please put your hand there on that center…”

Shrее Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program in Unity Church, Houston (USA), 30 May 1986 



2 Responses to “Speaking in tongues”

  1. Ashok Sharma Says:

    Travelling from Australia to America and England met world sahaji for 25 yrs at Ganpatiphule also but yet to find ONE like what you describe Like deciples of Jesus read bible dint find this text yet 12 supper eaters did great job.Jesus lives today in every church world wide Our lMother lived for 88 yrs Jesus lived only 33 yrs Are we not sorry to have lost advent?de ak sharma uk.usa.india

  2. Peter Says:

    Real work is done on subtle level. I know people 24 hours working like this. You want see them on stage.

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