When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Wisdom is the balance between emotionality and rationality April 18, 2015

“There must be some reason for having rationality in us. Why God has given us rationality? He doesn’t believe in values like that. Rationality gives us the sense to understand that we cannot reach there through rationality because unless and until this thing happens to you, you are not going to believe.

You are not going to believe in it that this rationality on which we depend which is our support, which is we, we all the time think that our identification is complete with rationality and we are very rational, we are proud of it, the rationality also. So then you reach a point by, through rationality where you will understand that this is not the horse which will be useful any further.

This is the use of rationality; one way it takes you to that culminating point where you think it is to be decided or cannot be dependent upon, on the other side rationality gives you a view, a view which can be related later on, when you get realized.

You start understanding why rationality must be obtained, so it’s, it’s a teacher on a negative way, it’s a teacher on a negative way, but it’s a deception, because man was given freedom and he started using his freedom, he started using his rationality, when he reaches that point then he starts depending on his wisdom and wisdom is the balance between his emotionality and rationality, in the center, between his heart and his mind. ”

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, 6.6.78


Who wants change? February 22, 2015

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The Truth has to be universal for all August 24, 2014

“The Truth has to be universal and has to be for all of them, whether they are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, atheist. It has to be for every one of you. So, you do not put it into compartments and strangle it, because then that is the end for your seeking.

That is the death of your seeking. As I told you before, a tree has many flowers and it has beautiful, one, whole personality. People take the flowers with them saying, “This is my flower. This is my flower.” They remove it from the whole and the flowers become ugly and die out. The sap of life moves in the tree all over, it does not stick on to one flower because it is one in unison with the power of God.

We, human beings, are separated, specially for the purpose of our independant development, but, in our wisdom we should be able to see all this around us and learn from it. There are so many thing which teach us that do not get into compartments. Does a tree say that ‘I belong to England’ or ‘I belong to India’? If it cannot prosper in one climate, it does not, that’s all”.

1979, July 16, London, England


Are we part of them? September 21, 2013



November 28th, 2012 is Guru Nanak Jayanti November 28, 2012

Premonition of Guru Nanak Birth

In the Hindu epic the Rig Veda In Mandala 7, Ush 5, Mantra 5 of Guru Nanak and the clan he belongs to is recorded “For the preaching of religious ways and the earning of good karma, there will manifest Guru Nanak from the clan of the Veithees” In the Bhavekhath Purana “Baavekhath” means “future foretelling”. There are also places where the advent of Guru Nanak is directly alluded to.
“In the Kali Yuga when goodness in the world is deteriorating there will appear a Prophet from the Beithi clan named Nanak who from birth will be endowed with extra-ordinary spiritual power. He will preach on the nobility of life and the eradication of the sinful ways”
“The Guru of the prophets, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv ji is God almighty himself. This very Creator will manifest

itself as a human, in the form of one whose name will be Nanak”
Also recorded is the following detailed assertiveness about Nanak and the type of mission and work he shall perform. It appears to emanate from the Godhead itself.
“The Kali Yuga shall dawn on Earth with radical manisfestation of destruction of Karma and Dharma to such an extent that every situation shall be colored by sinful activities. At that distressful moment, the Creator shall send down a spiritual luminary in the form of Nanak from the Khatria clan.
He will spread the message of Naam, the Holy life Force, by introducing the primacy of meditation and thus washing clean the sinful ways by the waters of love.”
In the Vishnnu Purana there is recorded an dialogue between Vishnu and the Rishi Umbreek. Vishnu is said to have informed Umbreek that he will once again take birth in the Kali Yuga. The Rishi then enquired when about will that be and what will be your name then? Vishnu replied that this will happen when the Kali Yuga has proceeded for 4500 years and that I will take birth in the Shatri Sooraj Bansi clan, when I will be named, Nanak “Sri NANAK will once again appear in the world in a variety of incarnations; this is for sure, this is for sure, this is for sure.”
It was during the time when the world was plunged into the dark world of ignorance, feudal tyranny and oppression, religious and cultural strife, that Siri Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikhism, took his birth. Celestial music resounded in heaven. Almighty host of gods, thus, hailed his birth, God has come to save the trouble peace of the people of all communities. He came to preach brotherhood and humanitarianism irrespective of caste, creed, colour nor economic status. He brought vision of a common humanity to a society which had become a place of violence and strife. He had faith in humanity. For him, love of God implied love for his creation. Service of humanity indicates one’s love for God.

The Ten Priomordial Master – Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak



Wisdom Quotes of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi September 25, 2012

  Wisdom Quotes of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi






Problem and Solution September 16, 2012


How ‘Sab Ko Dua Dena’ was created August 17, 2012

See comment at the bottom: Shri Mataji and Gagangiri Maharaj meeting

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai shri mataji/Jai Gagangiri mahraj

I would like to share a finding about Shri Mataji and Shri Gagangiri Mahraj. We all know Shri Mataji went to Gaganbawda (Kolhapur) to meet Gagangiri Mahraj but not many are aware and accept this apart from Sahaja Yogis who can find out from the Divine Vibrations and believe in Mother. With permission of the Divine Vibrations, I went to Babaji’s ashram to find out more.

What drew me to this finding was that my mother’s faith in Babaji has been very strong since the last ten years and many a times I would accompany her and do Sahaja Meditation in the Gagangiri Mahraj’s ashram. I had a chance to meet many interesting yogis and seekers in the ashram and often questioned them about Shri Mataji and the divine encounter with Gagangiri Mahraj but all the answers were to my dismay. I asked many yogis in Babaji’s ashram about Shri Mataji but no one seemed to know about Shri Mataji.

Finally, I decided to go Gaganbawda, Kolhapur where Shri Mataji went to meet Gagangiri Mahraj. There also I met yogis and seekers and enquired about the Divine meeting but again to my disappointment nobody knew about it. With prayers offered to Shri Mataji and Gagangiri Mahraj for some indication from Gagangiri Mahraj about this meeting, I found a book called ‘Gagangad Uvvach’ written by Madhukar Thakur. The author of this book was a close disciple of Gagangiri Mahraj.

During a visit to the Kumbh Mela with Gagangiri Mahraj, the author of this book prayed that he can get blessings from the Mahayogis or Maha Siddhas who are more than 1000 years old and are meditating in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. He expressed his interest to his Guru, Gagangiri Mahraj.

Gagangiri Mahraj asked him to take blessings from Shri Mataji in Delhi and then to continue his pilgrimage to Mount Abu. When Madhukar Thakur reached Sahaja Yoga camp Shri Mataji said to him that She already knew Gagangiri Maharaj had sent him there, and She gifted him some money. Although, Madhukar Thakur refused the money She insisted that he should keep it with him.

On reaching Delhi station, he realised his money was exhausted and that Shri Mataji knew about this and he continued his pilgrimage to Mount Abu with the money Shri Mataji Gifted him.

After returning with blessings and a pilgrimage to Delhi and Mount Abu he wrote the beautiful, poetic Aarti ‘Sab Ko Dua Dena’ of Shri Mataji. The poet has camouflaged his name in last line of the Aarti “Jab dil mein aye tab ‘madhu’ sangeet sun lo”.

With happiness and love I share this finding with you and as always Shri Mataji showers us with Her blessings.

Jai Shri Mataji/ Jai Gagangiri Maharaj

Sahaja Yogi


Sahaja Yoga August 13, 2012


GOD will not run after you April 21, 2012


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