When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Talk about Right Sided People (with EN subtitles) February 12, 2011


The Existence Power December 26, 2010

This power is the expression of the desiring mood of Shri Adi Shakti, the Tamoguna in Her aspect as Shri Mahakali. By this power Pranava is transformed as existence power, which is the expression of the desire of Shri Adi Shakti to create. Desire means it is born without any concrete form in the heart of Shri Adi Shakti. It can say that it has not yet come into the light of expression, which is why it is also known as the darkness mood (Tamoguna). Desire is the emotion of the Divine Love of Shri Adi Shakti which gives Her the feeling to create. This then is the emotional expression of the Shri Adi Shakti and called the Shri Mahakali Power. This is chronologically the first mood that comes into play.


The Shri Mahakali Channel (Adi Ida Nadi) originates from the right side of the Primordial Brain, crossing over the Adi Agnya Chakra, and passes very near the Primordial Heart up to the Adi Mooladhara Chakra that controls the pelvic plexus in human beings. One of its sub-plexuses governs sex in man. This channel represents the Primordial Collective Subconscious Mind of the Virata. Its Presiding Deity is Lord Shiva whose seat is in the left chamber of the Adi Anahat Chakra, and who controls the existence channel (Adi Ida Nadi). This Anahat Chakra controls the cardiac plexus in human beings. The fumes of the activity of this channel accumulate in the Brain of the Virata forming the Primordial Superego. All that dies on this earth is collected through the Primordial Superego into the Primordial Collective Subconscious Mind which lies on the left side of the Virata. All human beings, animals and experiences pass into this realm on death.


Lord Shiva has control over the heart organ and is connected with the witness aspect of Almighty God as Shri Sadashiva. He is fully aware of the intentions of the Supreme Spirit of God (Paramatma). In the Body of the Virata, the heart of the Primordial Being is a living parabola emitting in three and a half coils the waves of ‘I-witnessing’ (Ishwari) power. The creation remains in existence as long as this heart continues to pulsate with the presence of Almighty God. When God wants to terminate the play of  creation, it is Lord Shiva’s role to destroy it by stopping the pulsating in the Primordial Heart. Shri Shiva can also destroy the creation by His furious dance (Tandava) which expresses His temper. By His anger He emits waves in an anticlockwise direction, and when this happens, the Body of the Virata dissolves.


Devi Suktam November 26, 2010


Shri Mataji and Ten Priomordial Gurus August 22, 2010


THE GREAT MOTHER. The story of Shri Mataji & Sahaja Yoga August 18, 2010


You try to feel me in your heart June 9, 2010

“Some people who are sensitive in their heart, I would say in Europe we can say Italians are very sensitive on their heart, the first thing they do as soon as they see me they put their hands to their heart and that is what it is that if you try to feel me in your heart to begin with is much easier, to feel me in your heart.

Now you might say how to do it, you have to love me as I love you, you have to love each one of yourselves because you are all within me. And you cannot teach someone how to love, love is within and love manifests if just you open your heart. Now what stops it, we should examine that.”-

Shri Mataji, Sahasrara Puja, Sorrento, Italy, 6th May, 1989


First Sahaja program in Pirot, Serbia. April 14, 2010

Team work of Serbian and Bulgarian Sahaja collective.


Seeking the Truth – story from one Seeker April 11, 2010


We are made like egg April 5, 2010

Salvador Dali-Egg

“The other day I gave a simile of an egg. An egg is created by articulating it completely protected, till it reaches the complete stage of its rebirth, the Dwija, thenonly the mother bird pierces the egg and there is a rebirth of the chick. In the same way you are made, protected, so that you are made ready. Ultimately you reach a stage, where you are just ready to jump into another state, and it happens. In the incubators also, if you put these eggs, with the warmth, warmth is the love, and with that they grow, and at a point all of them hatch out.” – Shri Mataji-22nd March 1977


SAHAJA YOGA : Swayambhus March 30, 2010


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