When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Shri Mataji and Gagangiri Maharaj meeting May 28, 2008

Beautiful story from Shriniwas:

“Today I would like to share a brief summary of Shree Mataji`s tryst with a great realized ascetic, “Gagangiri Maharaj” from Maharashtra, India.

My Dad was with Shree Mataji during this time and I would like to enumerate whatever he experienced there..

“This meeting happened sometime in 70s .. Gagangiri Maharaj was a great realized ascetic who stayed near a place called “Khopoli” in Maharshtra which is on the way between Mumbai (Bombay)-Pune. His ashram is located on a small hill top where he use to stay with his disciples. Once Shree Mataji expressed the desire to meet him and SHE along with few Yogis went to meet HIM. Shree Mataji finally met him and following is some of the excerpts from their conversation:

Gagangiri Maharaj: Mother, I knew that you would come this particular day to give me self-realization. I have been waiting for this time since thousands of years.
By severe penances and austere life I have been able to clean every chakra form Mooladhar to Agnya. But, I knew that finally you would help me to jump from Agnya to Saharara to obtain beatitude and bliss. When you were climbing the hill, I could see you in your original form of Adi-Shakti accompanied by all deities dancing in the procession.

( then he offered Shree Mataji a saree.. He then looked at all the yogis who were there with HER)

Gagangiri Maharaj: Mother, why are you giving so much to all these people. Do they understand the real worth of it? Do they understand what they have achieved so easily?
It took me thousands of years to get my realization. I had to go through severe penances and austere life.

Shree Mataji: You are a GURU and cannot be a MOTHER. I am the MOTHER and cannot be a GURU like you. A mother always gives everything to her children selflessly.
A GURU will expect that his disciple go through all the hardships before he gets the blessings but a mother cannot do that. So, now you have achieved such a state, then why don’t you help me in my work ?

Gagangiri Maharaj: As you say Mother. ….I was not lucky enough to have a mother like you, before…

Gagangiri Maharaj: ( to all Yogis) You all are very lucky to get so much from MOTHER herself.. So understand the worth of it and grow.

 Unfortunately, this great soul (Gagangiri Maharaj) passed away recently on 4thFeb 2008

Well on the next morning, Shree Mataji woke up early and was sitting on the swing outside the Ashram.My Dad also had woken up by then and he observed that 2 disc like objects were revolving around Shree Mataji for almost 30-45 minutes. She then said “You can Leave” and both of them soared high in the sky with tremendous speed and disappeared. My dad then asked MOTHER about this and SHE told him that sometimes, “Hanumana and Bhairava” want to be with me. Those 2 discs which you observed were them.”


77 Responses to “Shri Mataji and Gagangiri Maharaj meeting”

  1. axinia Says:

    great story, I have never read it so detailed! thank you for posting it here, Peter.

  2. axinia Says:

    may I ask you what is the source of this story?

  3. Peter Says:

    The source is Mr Shriniwas and his father.
    If you are interested I can provide his e-mail. 🙂


  4. James Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. And most of all thank you to Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi for helping us Her children who have such a need to grow. Was Guru Gagangiri Maharaj – ‘John the Baptist’ the prophet who recognized Jesus Christ as well?

  5. Great conversation…these kind of stories will give much clarity on what state we are…JSM

  6. Peter Says:

    Guru Gagangiri Maharaj was John the Baptist.

    He recognized Christ and now he recognized HH Shri Mataji.

  7. Peter Says:


    our state is very high but the question is how many of us can fully realize this.

  8. peter,

    our state is very high,but due to maya we could not able to understand…these kind of converstations will give more inspiration towards…what we think

  9. James Says:

    Here is a wonderful link to Shri Mataji speaking about Her meeting Guru Gagangiri Maharaj. Our deepest respect

  10. Peter Says:

    Let’s stop thinking …

    Let’s start doing …

  11. Peter Says:

    Thanks James..

  12. vinayakah Says:

    Beautifull post Peter, thank you. I new the story before, except the last part “Well on the next morning….” that is but in the treasury of my heart now.

  13. Maxim Says:

    “I have known a very great saint called Gagangadh Maharaj who has fallen down completely. If a person like him can fall down, you also can fall down, if you do not understand what is your worth, what is your value and what is your position you are given.”
    – BORDI (MAHARASHTRA), INDIA, 06-02-1985

  14. hiral Says:

    jay shri mataji ,
    thank you very much for giving us the detail story. i have heard it fron shri mataji many a times………

  15. Ajit Tambe Says:

    I heard this story b4 . Some real Guruj of India are know about what H.H Shree Mataji is .

    I have been visited to Khopoli’s Ashram of Gagangiri Maharaj which is little Km away from my home Badlapur ..but now I found so many catagories type people are there .

  16. Ajit Tambe Says:

    I found some Bad Guy ( like a criminal ) type of people in Khopoli Aashram..

    • anand Says:

      Your vision is not pure.

      • somnath Says:

        you are right anand..actually khopoli ashram is open for all devotees…any person. how will we recognise who is good or who is bad? ajit i just want to tell you,keep your mind pure,visit khopoli,you will automatically feel difference.

  17. madhulika Says:

    jsmji…really nice story……I have never read n heard it.

  18. abhay jain Says:

    thank you so much….its really wonderfull u r lucky very luckyinfact very very lucky

  19. Mahesh Tapkir Says:

    Jai Shri Mataji

  20. riddhi Says:

    i believe too much on gagangiri maharaj. n im knwing him frm my childhood abt last 8yrs bt i never heard he is the john the bapist….is he really???n what else u knw abt it???or any site were i can knw more ….plz tell me…

  21. Swati Deshmukh Says:

    Thank you!
    I knew this story but today I recognize mother has given us very much. but unfortunately i did not understand the worth of it. From today I will try to be a sahajyogini.

  22. yogesh Says:

    Gagangiri Maharaj was real Guru and he never claimed that He is GOD ( like Mataji is doing). she used to come to visit Maharaj for his Guidance.

    • somnath Says:

      I comp!ete!y agree with u, Yogesh

    • Sao Yvon Joslin Says:

      In his book, “The tenth Incarnation”, Yogi Mahajan
      explain why Shree Mataji had to climb the hill and to visit Gagangarh in his Ashram, Gagan Boara:
      On the same 21st March 1923 when Shree Adishakti took her birth,
      ” The great sage of Maharastra, Gagangarh Maharaj, who had mastery over the elements was meditating in his ashram,Gagan Boara, near Kolhapur. Suddenly he saw the most beautiful sight of the complete Shri Chakra coming down upon earth. He describe his vision as the birth of Shri Adishakti. Seated on his lion, he followed the Shri Chakra to seek the blessings of Shri Adishakti. It stopped outside the Salve home in Chindwara. Shri Adi Shakti Nirmala Devi blessed him but asked him not to disclose her identity to anyone. When the time would come, She herself would come to his Ashram and inform him.
      The new born Nirmala did not want to reveal her divinity yet. All her powers remained hidden within her. She knew Sahaja Yoga from birth. No one taught her. She did not consult any book, and all her knowledge came from within.”
      Also, after the opening of Sahasrara in 1970,
      ” She remembered her promise to unfold her plan to Gagangarh Maharaj and decided to visit his ashram near Kolhapur…”

  23. Meus queridos Irmâos NAMASTÊ ! ! !

    Agradeço essa grande irmã, Srhi Mataji Nirmala Devi por ter aberto este treinamento milenar a humanindade que até então só era passado do mestre para seu discípulo.

    Namastê ! ! !

  24. symilano Says:

    Woow..last time i was in Cabella during Diwali Puja i’ve seen two huge ligh sphere in the night sky! at a certain point they left and two enormous arc of air were in the sky for 5 minutes!! someone have seen something also in Rome! they’re really following Shri Mataji !! 😀

  25. Soniya Ahuja Says:

    I wonder who are the people who are validating this stuff. How many of the people here have even been to Khopoli?
    It’s a surprise that Gagangiri Maharaj who was bestowed an award by the World Religious Council had to seek blessings from Shree Mataji. I do not dishonor her, each saint is to be respected but never have I heard this story in my 13 years of association with Gagangiri Ashram. He himself preaches non violence and love. So the version of story at Sahaja is definitely misleading.
    His penance is carried out in water – and those who know what a JalYogi is, would know that the sages who sit for penances in water, are people with a very very mild temper, while those who sit in the wombs of earth, have a hot temper.

    • Shivprasad Says:

      Some peoples in waduj says that gagangiri maharaj visited shrew yashavanta maharaja for self realisation. But yashavant maharaja didn’t talk a single word to him. Yashavanta maharaja offered him some milk and fruits through his shishyas. The meet but the kept 100 fits distance between them. After receiving milk and fruits gagangiri maharaja left waduj.
      That’s why I believe that gagangiri maharaja was really seeking self realisation. Finally shree mataji had given him self realisation.
      I trust this because I have visited that place.
      Thank u….
      Jai shree mataji….

  26. Mohit.N.Ramle Says:

    Shr Maharaja being an enlightened soul was able to recognise the true essence of adishakti kulkundalini in HH.Mataji, hence maharaja said/prayed mataji with divine love, childlike attitude ( just like a small child cries & demands before his beloved mother) to help him raise his consciousness level from agya to sahasrar level, or all this mystical seen created by Shr. Maharaja could also be the divine intervention to highlight the importance of women/mother/wife energy to mould, strengthen & further develope the aura of male energy. Hence, we all know that shiv is incomplete & unstable without shakti & vice versa. Here, we know that SHR. Gagangiri maharaja himself is the Advaitya paratpar, Adi Dattatreya & Shiv swaroopa but on the other side he himself is incomplete without the grace of maa shakti ( kundalini mata). Hence, my dear truth seekers dont unneccesarily engage yourselfs in such unfrutile misconceptions regarding maharaja & mataji as both SadGuru(Shiv) & Shakti(Kundalini mata) have an equal place of importance in Siddha yoga.

  27. Mohit.N.Ramle Says:

    He, My dear friend! Thanku for this exciting story. Even I have heard several stories of the meet between Shr.Maharaja & Shr.Mataji from my Late grandfather who was the deciple/shishya of Swami Gagangiri & hence he used to visit the khopoli ashram oftenly. During his various visits to khopoli ashram, he used to several times people & experts from different fields of study including various yogis used to come to ashram to take babajis guidance & blessings. Similarly, once he even was pleased to see HH.Nirmala Mataji having talk & guidance of babaji for spiritual purpose. That day my grandfather heared a small talk between both divine souls, wherein Shr.Maharaja amusingly asked mataji that,”Maate, how is your spiritual business doing now a days? Is it doing all well or not? Devi (Nirmald mataji) how much laxmi ( money ) have u earned till todate. Is it satisfying u or not?” and both of the enlightened souls( maharaja & mataji ) started smiling & silently laughing at this comment when afterwards mataji replied to this with a smiling face that,”Oh Guruji! Everything is going well by thys blessings. Let ur divine blessings be always with me.” Then, What do we all come to know & understand from this talks between both masters? For the infant sadhakas like us to interpret or perceive a meaning from such a mystical talk between 2 enlightened beings is rather difficult. Instead we should busy engage ourselfs to earn more & more blessings from such an higher state energies instead of doubting or distinguishing between their divine presence.

  28. Meus queridos Irmâos NAMASTÊ ! ! !

    Mais uma vez agradeço essa grande irmã, Srhi Mataji Nirmala Devi por ter aberto este treinamento milenar a humanindade.

    Oração – Buscador da Luz
    Por: Clóvis A. de Cápua

    Pai ilumina toda a humanidade
    que a transição findando a Era
    da kaliyuga ocorra em paz,
    harmonia e compreensão dos que
    ficarem para receber de braços
    abertos a nova Era da Krutayuga
    a Era sem Sombras.
    Pai ilumina o caminho do buscador
    da luz, que ele seja próspero em
    sua busca pelo canal Central para o Samadhi.
    Que ele encontre dentro de sí, o
    Espírito Santo e o Espírito Santo
    o transmute em um ser melhor
    sem os véus do medo e da ganância.
    Pai ilumina esta casa e a todos que
    aqui habitam, que sejam prósperos,
    bem afortunados em matéria e
    espírito, e que possam ajudar a outros
    a encontrar o caminho da luz.


    • Mohit Says:

      He dear! please can u translate it in English for the betterment & understanding of others. Thanku.

  29. Manga Says:

    Very nice story especially the end part I have not heard before..Thank you Peter for sharing. There is no contradiction between saints, no contradiction between deities, lagely they worked together and have their own role each of them…beauty of Shri Mataji’s incarnation is Her humility, Her respect towards every great soul whether it is Mahatma Gandhi, Gagangiri Maharaj or Albert Einstein…as declared Herself as Mother…not as a Guru…She went to see great people while they waited in the mountains to see people….I remember Shri Mataji saying…Had She waited for people come to Her…may be there is no Sahaja Yoga…She even postered the first public programmes….Ineed She respected each and every sahajayogi as She did to great saints or realised souls and often stopped and took flowers from elderly and handicapped or chilodren. I don’t know what money She could make out of She was the one who gave everything to Her children i the first place…what could She take..?

    • dr ak sharma Says:

      i think our holi mother didnt allow gg maharaj to stop rain so that she could accept the gift being drenched .that IS the real story proving no body above her .jmg

  30. dr ak sharma Says:

    mother didnt allow gg to stop rain so that sari could be acceptrd

  31. abhay Says:

    jai shri mataji the people who are sahaja yogis know who is shri mataji others have nt felt her love which we have so can’t blame them also


  32. abhay Says:


  33. mrpeterandre Says:

    Wow great story. Would it be possible for to contact Mr Shriniwas about this. I am a Sahaja Yoga from Australia!


  34. mrpeterandre Says:

    Are you able to help me with contacting him? We are currently recommencing a collective newsletter and I very much want to write about this. Perhaps we can speak via email?

  35. Himanshu Rai Says:

    I Just Say “Jai Shri Mata Ji”

  36. somnath Says:

    Jai Jai Gagangiri Maharaj….we miss you a lot Swamiji..

  37. Vinayak G. Says:

    Nice Post About Gagangiri Maharaj, More about gagangiri maharaj. visit

  38. dheeraj nannaware Says:

    what a great story you published on your blog thank you dada………i m near about khopoli but i didn’t knew about Gagangiri maharaj and our Mother Nirmala ……thanks dada for this details

  39. Inder Cheema Says:

    This is very hard to understand HH Shri Mataji (The Adi Shakti) because she is also Mahamaya who incarnated on this Earth for the emancipation of humanity. I have heard personally in one of the tapes where HH Shri Mataji where she has mentioned about Maharishi Gagangiri.

    This is a very complex knowledge that took me 25 years to understand and I am just the beginner. I am writing all this in the website: (Primordial Mother – Big Bang & Universe) that will be ready in four to six weeks.

    This will be an invention for the scientific community, a solution for the religious leaders, and a fairy tale for the general public.

    Inder Cheema
    29 May 2012

  40. Inder Cheema Says:

    Well gentlemen:
    Let us ask a simple question that how many great saints and sages have raised the Kundalini of ordinary people in the history of humanity since Creation?

    HH Shri Mataji has awakened the Kundalini of thousands of people at a glance to pierce through the Sahasrara to become one with the all-pervading Divine power, which is doing all the living work for us.

    Who else but only the Creator of the creation would be able to do such a grandeur task of transforming the humanity to the fourth dimension of human awareness?

    Further information will be available in my website: in around 6 weeks.

    Inder Cheema
    22 June 2012

  41. Peter Says:

    Good question Inder.
    Everything comes from Divine Mother.

  42. pravish Says:

    jai shri mataji /jai jai gagangiri maharaj

  43. pravish Says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    Jai shri mataji/Jai Gagangiri mahraj

    I would like to share a finding about Shri Mataji and Shri Gagangiri Mahraj. We all know Shri Mataji went to Gaganbawda (Kolhapur) to meet Gagangiri Mahraj but not many are aware and accept this apart from Sahaja Yogis who can find out from the Divine Vibrations and believe in Mother. With permission of the Divine Vibrations, I went to Babaji’s ashram to find out more.

    What drew me to this finding was that my mother’s faith in Babaji has been very strong since the last ten years and many a times I would accompany her and do Sahaja Meditation in the Gagangiri Mahraj’s ashram. I had a chance to meet many interesting yogis and seekers in the ashram and often questioned them about Shri Mataji and the divine encounter with Gagangiri Mahraj but all the answers were to my dismay. I asked many yogis in Babaji’s ashram about Shri Mataji but no one seemed to know about Shri Mataji.

    Finally, I decided to go Gaganbawda, Kolhapur where Shri Mataji went to meet Gagangiri Mahraj. There also I met yogis and seekers and enquired about the Divine meeting but again to my disappointment nobody knew about it. With prayers offered to Shri Mataji and Gagangiri Mahraj for some indication from Gagangiri Mahraj about this meeting, I found a book called ‘Gagangad Uvvach’ written by Madhukar Thakur. The author of this book was a close disciple of Gagangiri Mahraj.

    During a visit to the Kumbh Mela with Gagangiri Mahraj, the author of this book prayed that he can get blessings from the Mahayogis or Maha Siddhas who are more than 1000 years old and are meditating in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. He expressed his interest to his Guru, Gagangiri Mahraj.

    Gagangiri Mahraj asked him to take blessings from Shri Mataji in Delhi and then to continue his pilgrimage to Mount Abu. When Madhukar Thakur reached Sahaja Yoga camp Shri Mataji said to him that She already knew Gagangiri Maharaj had sent him there, and She gifted him some money. Although, Madhukar Thakur refused the money She insisted that he should keep it with him.

    On reaching Delhi station, he realised his money was exhausted and that Shri Mataji knew about this and he continued his pilgrimage to Mount Abu with the money Shri Mataji Gifted him.

    After returning with blessings and a pilgrimage to Delhi and Mount Abu he wrote the beautiful, poetic Aarti ‘Sab Ko Dua Dena’ of Shri Mataji. The poet has camouflaged his name in last line of the Aarti “Jab dil mein aye tab ‘madhu’ sangeet sun lo”.

    With happiness and love I share this finding with you and as always Shri Mataji showers us with Her blessings.

    Jai Shri Mataji/ Jai Gagangiri Maharaj

    Sahaja Yogi

  44. Inder Cheema Says:

    Hi Pravish,
    I am very pleased to read this wonderful story. In essence, we can understand HH Shri Mataji only through the power of Kundalini and not through mental projections.

    What a blessing that we had been given the Supreme Enlightenment of the Kingdom of Almighty God (Sahasrara Chakra), a priceless treasure of spiritual Knowledge. It is the time for us to pass this Knowledge to the rest of humanity for the emancipation.

    All this information will be in my website: “Big Bang & Universe”. Let us hope that will be ready in another two weeks. The world will realise that HH Shri Mataji is the Adi Shakti (Holy Spirit) who incarnated on this Earth for our emancipation.

  45. poonam Says:

    Jai Shri Mataji ..Thanks for sharing invaluable piece of information

  46. rajan rawat Says:

    jai shri mataji…
    Just got enamoured by the story, thanks for sharing this story with the sahaj family sir..

  47. Inder Cheema Says:

    Hi Sri Niwas,
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story with us. I am so pleased that I have mentioned this story in my website:

    Step 1: Go to knowledge age
    Step 2: Go to Evidence

    Hi Peter,
    There is an interesting story for you: St. Thomas the fisherman

    Step 1: Go to Prosperity
    Step 2: Go to Miracles
    Step 3: Go to St. Thomas the fisherman

    See how Mr. Kohli (St. Thomas, the fisherman) has stopped the rain. In the same story HH Shri Mataji explained that how 35 Crore Gods in the Heaven requested Her to come on this Earth for the emancipation of humanity.

    The Divine declaration is also available in the YouTube and I gave a link through my website.

    Step 1: Go to Prosperity
    Step 2: Go to Mission Complete – Go at the end and listen yourself the Divine Declaration.

    You will be surprised to know that how lucky we are to meet the Creator of the creation personally.

    Still I remember when we were with her in New Zealand sometime before 1990. We were hardly 15-20 Sahaja Yogis in the Ashram. She made a very nice food for us as well as Amrut.

    She said perhaps you do not know how precious this Amrut I have prepared for you. After few years we met her in Australia and I said that Shri Mataji the food that you prepared for us was so tasty that I have never eaten such food in my life. She started to laugh.

    Then, Rajiv (Five Star Hotel Chef) requested for the recipe for Rice. HH Shri Mataji took around 30 minutes to explain us and by the we reached home, we all forgot.

    Jai Shri Mataji

  48. Sandeep Says:

    As your father is so close associate of Mataji & seen god Hanuman & Bhairava, means he must be an enlightened person. No doubts he will also have great powers & siddhis.
    As a son of such a great yogi you must have acquired great gyan and enlightened person too.
    Sir,sir please reveal your identity & share your photographs, we really want to take darshan of father & son.

  49. saurabh jaiswal Says:

    Jai MataJI

  50. saurabh jaiswal Says:

    Jai Shri Mataji 🙂

  51. Rosalba Says:

    Really nice

  52. Mani Says:

    Greatest story i would ever hear in my spiritual ascent. Sri Maa is great!!! I would spend my thousand births to be with you.


    jai shri mata ji —

  54. Shriniwas Damle Says:

    Hi All,

    Jai Shree Mataji !!

    This is Shriniwas Damle. I have shared my Father`s (Anant Damle`s) experience with all of you.
    Few people were interested to get in touch with me. You can reach me at

    with love,

  55. Shriniwas Damle Says:

    Hi All,

    This is Shriniwas Damle, son of “Anant Damle”.

    I have shared this story with all of you, to understand the worth of MOTHER`s love towards all yogis.

    You can reach me at

  56. rugmani nayar Says:

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful messages.
    Very joyous. Keeps Shri Maataji so close to us.

  57. trailer Says:

    I do not know if it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else encountering issues with your site.
    It appears like some of the written text on your content are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me
    know if this is happening to them too? This may be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this happen before.
    Thank you

  58. Nathaniel Says:

    Hello to all, it’s in fact a good for me to pay a visit this
    site, it includes useful Information.

  59. Rishit Nougai Says:

    “ Gagangiri Maharaj was a great realized ascetic who … Suddenly he saw the most beautiful sight of the complete Shri Chakra”

    👆👆 This post is not available on your website. Pls repost it if possible

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