When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

How ‘Sab Ko Dua Dena’ was created August 17, 2012

See comment at the bottom: Shri Mataji and Gagangiri Maharaj meeting

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai shri mataji/Jai Gagangiri mahraj

I would like to share a finding about Shri Mataji and Shri Gagangiri Mahraj. We all know Shri Mataji went to Gaganbawda (Kolhapur) to meet Gagangiri Mahraj but not many are aware and accept this apart from Sahaja Yogis who can find out from the Divine Vibrations and believe in Mother. With permission of the Divine Vibrations, I went to Babaji’s ashram to find out more.

What drew me to this finding was that my mother’s faith in Babaji has been very strong since the last ten years and many a times I would accompany her and do Sahaja Meditation in the Gagangiri Mahraj’s ashram. I had a chance to meet many interesting yogis and seekers in the ashram and often questioned them about Shri Mataji and the divine encounter with Gagangiri Mahraj but all the answers were to my dismay. I asked many yogis in Babaji’s ashram about Shri Mataji but no one seemed to know about Shri Mataji.

Finally, I decided to go Gaganbawda, Kolhapur where Shri Mataji went to meet Gagangiri Mahraj. There also I met yogis and seekers and enquired about the Divine meeting but again to my disappointment nobody knew about it. With prayers offered to Shri Mataji and Gagangiri Mahraj for some indication from Gagangiri Mahraj about this meeting, I found a book called ‘Gagangad Uvvach’ written by Madhukar Thakur. The author of this book was a close disciple of Gagangiri Mahraj.

During a visit to the Kumbh Mela with Gagangiri Mahraj, the author of this book prayed that he can get blessings from the Mahayogis or Maha Siddhas who are more than 1000 years old and are meditating in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. He expressed his interest to his Guru, Gagangiri Mahraj.

Gagangiri Mahraj asked him to take blessings from Shri Mataji in Delhi and then to continue his pilgrimage to Mount Abu. When Madhukar Thakur reached Sahaja Yoga camp Shri Mataji said to him that She already knew Gagangiri Maharaj had sent him there, and She gifted him some money. Although, Madhukar Thakur refused the money She insisted that he should keep it with him.

On reaching Delhi station, he realised his money was exhausted and that Shri Mataji knew about this and he continued his pilgrimage to Mount Abu with the money Shri Mataji Gifted him.

After returning with blessings and a pilgrimage to Delhi and Mount Abu he wrote the beautiful, poetic Aarti ‘Sab Ko Dua Dena’ of Shri Mataji. The poet has camouflaged his name in last line of the Aarti “Jab dil mein aye tab ‘madhu’ sangeet sun lo”.

With happiness and love I share this finding with you and as always Shri Mataji showers us with Her blessings.

Jai Shri Mataji/ Jai Gagangiri Maharaj

Sahaja Yogi


Creation and Destruction June 14, 2008

“That Highest Maha S’akti is transcendent of all the Gunas; but you and I are with Gunas. Know me as the S’akti, all of Sattva Guna who is widely known as Maha Laksmi. After this the Prajapati Brahma, full of Rajo Gunas, the creator of all the Lokas, will come into existence from your navel lotus and will create the three worlds. Then he will perform severe tapasya and acquire the excellent power to create, and will create the three worlds by his Rajo Guna. That highly intelligent Prajapati will create first, the five Maha bhutas (great elements), all endowed with Gunas and then create mind with sensory organs and the presiding deities of the senses, and thus with all the ingredients, fit for creation, will create all the worlds.

Therefore He is denominated by all as the Creator of Brahmanda. O highly fortunate one! You will be the Preserver of this Universe. When the Prajapati Brahma will be angry at the beginning of the creation on his four mind-born sons, Rudra Deva will appear.He will appear then from the centre of his eye brows. On being born this Rudra Deva will practise very severe tapasya and will get the Samhara S’akti, who is all of Tamo Guna and at the end of the Kalpa will destroy all this universe of five elements.” – Chapter XVI, Devi Bhagavatam

“But in no way Mother’s love is going to allow you to destroy your Guru Principle.  As I told you that the Guru Principle is a very sensitive thing and is destroyed if you yourself do not try to maintain it.

First of all the destruction starts from the very source of our being.  I mean to say that our being is created by five elements, and the five elements have a capacity all the time to get destroyed.

Any one of these elements, if they are not looked after, gets destroyed.  That is the built in capacity of the elements or of the matter as you can say.

So to maintain them is important.

So people have an idea that once you become a Guru you need not maintain anything, it is maintained by itself.  It is not.

Agreed that the Spirit definitely enhances the beauty and health of this element, but at the human level there is always a greater force trying to destroy it.

So till we have completely become the Spirit there is a chance of this destruction working it out.” – Shri Mataji



I have seen the last dissolution of the whole Universe June 12, 2008

“I am the least bothered about anything whatsoever. What is such a disaster you have seen in your life? — just tell Me. I have seen the last dissolution of the whole Universe. What can I fear anymore?” – Shri Mataji ( Tivoli, Italy — September 11, 1983)


Buddhi – Intellect June 9, 2008

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“So Shri Krishna, He used His intellect. He is all-powerful. Nothing can dominate Him. Even His intellect cannot dominate Him. He used His intellect. Difference between the two, you should see. You should be able to use your intellect and not to be dominated by your intellect. So He used His intellect by which He solved many problems. His whole diplomacy was to use His intellect and use it for the purpose of divine.

All the time the divine in Him was helping Him to use His intellect. So the difference is that we are slaves of our intellect. And He is the master of His intellect. Not only, everything – His conditioning He’s master, His emotions He’s master, His body he’s the master. He’s master of everything and when you master, it you see your intellect very clearly, “Oh, this is what it is suggesting, this is not.” This intellect can give you very so-called positive ideas that you are the lord of the whole world. This is supposed to be positive. Or the same intellect can give you ideas that you are nothing. This intellect plays on top of you. Now you are not to be guided by your intellect but by your wisdom, as you are Sahaja Yogis.

So you have a very good instrument of feeling it. Through your vibrations you can make out what is good and what is bad. And you can see sometimes, as being human beings, there are some intellectual effects also coming in, but with Sahaja Yoga you can judge what is this intellect telling you. Because the intellect that you have has come out of what, is the main thing, should go to the subtle point, “How this intellect has come to us?” This intellect has come to us because our brain became active very soon. I have seen some children, extremely intelligent but they have no wisdom. If your only the brain develops too much – could be the mother is a very intelligent woman and father must be very intelligent, inheritance would be great, so they get it. Or maybe the circumstances, like if you are born in a particular country you suddenly become very intelligent.”- Shri Mataji


Shri Mataji and Gagangiri Maharaj meeting May 28, 2008

Beautiful story from Shriniwas:

“Today I would like to share a brief summary of Shree Mataji`s tryst with a great realized ascetic, “Gagangiri Maharaj” from Maharashtra, India.

My Dad was with Shree Mataji during this time and I would like to enumerate whatever he experienced there..

“This meeting happened sometime in 70s .. Gagangiri Maharaj was a great realized ascetic who stayed near a place called “Khopoli” in Maharshtra which is on the way between Mumbai (Bombay)-Pune. His ashram is located on a small hill top where he use to stay with his disciples. Once Shree Mataji expressed the desire to meet him and SHE along with few Yogis went to meet HIM. Shree Mataji finally met him and following is some of the excerpts from their conversation:

Gagangiri Maharaj: Mother, I knew that you would come this particular day to give me self-realization. I have been waiting for this time since thousands of years.
By severe penances and austere life I have been able to clean every chakra form Mooladhar to Agnya. But, I knew that finally you would help me to jump from Agnya to Saharara to obtain beatitude and bliss. When you were climbing the hill, I could see you in your original form of Adi-Shakti accompanied by all deities dancing in the procession.

( then he offered Shree Mataji a saree.. He then looked at all the yogis who were there with HER)

Gagangiri Maharaj: Mother, why are you giving so much to all these people. Do they understand the real worth of it? Do they understand what they have achieved so easily?
It took me thousands of years to get my realization. I had to go through severe penances and austere life.

Shree Mataji: You are a GURU and cannot be a MOTHER. I am the MOTHER and cannot be a GURU like you. A mother always gives everything to her children selflessly.
A GURU will expect that his disciple go through all the hardships before he gets the blessings but a mother cannot do that. So, now you have achieved such a state, then why don’t you help me in my work ?

Gagangiri Maharaj: As you say Mother. ….I was not lucky enough to have a mother like you, before…

Gagangiri Maharaj: ( to all Yogis) You all are very lucky to get so much from MOTHER herself.. So understand the worth of it and grow.

 Unfortunately, this great soul (Gagangiri Maharaj) passed away recently on 4thFeb 2008

Well on the next morning, Shree Mataji woke up early and was sitting on the swing outside the Ashram.My Dad also had woken up by then and he observed that 2 disc like objects were revolving around Shree Mataji for almost 30-45 minutes. She then said “You can Leave” and both of them soared high in the sky with tremendous speed and disappeared. My dad then asked MOTHER about this and SHE told him that sometimes, “Hanumana and Bhairava” want to be with me. Those 2 discs which you observed were them.”


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