When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

My experience with Reiki October 26, 2010

Letter from Saarthak

Jai Shri Mataji Everyone,

I found the group discussing about Reiki so thought of sharing some information….

I happen to know about Reiki, as I used to do Reiki before coming to Sahaj. I did it for 5 years.
I did it, my mom did it. We both left it, when we came to Sahaj (alsmost simultaneously) three years before.
My Aunt (in india, we call Maasi) still does it and has achieved so called heights in Reiki….

I am writning such a long mail because I want you all to know what goes on INSIDE Reiki and when you meet a seeker who is doing Reiki, you should have facts and knowledge, to state why is he should do Sahaja Yoga.

My experiences with Reiki:

Reiki: “Rei” is life and “ki” means force. Reiki is more famous for its healing treatments and less for the spiritual stuff. When it comes to meditation, having a buddhist realtion and a japenese/chinese connection is what attracts many people.

Reiki is done by imagination and assumption. Like its said that you imagine the light is coming into you and it is healing you…. and think that you are going deeper and deeper… and stuff like that, I hope you getting me what I am trying to say here. The importance of the “visions” is very much…. the “visions” that one sees during the Reiki meditaion. Things … future… finding out about any person…. is done on interpretation of  “visions”.

Further, like we get Self Realisation in Sahaja Yoga, they give what they call “Attunement” reffered to as Degree#1 , tune to “Universal Reiki force”. Its a step which takes 20 mins and they charge you money for this, I paid Rs 700 (that too 8 year back, that was a lot of money at that time, and now also). After that you start feeling warmness in your hands, its like when you rub your hands hard you get warmness…. its not a breeze like param chaitanya. They tell you numerous steps where you have to keep your hands at different places and organs on your body. I think there are 26 steps… cant recall exactly. Then they have their usual concepts of telepathy and concentration.

They ask you to “call” rather to pray, like they call “their” Reiki mother, call “their” Lord Budhha(who has died and comes for help in meditation for the people) and so called great spiritual leaders of Reiki, of course dead. Further, they emphasize that Reiki works best during the night… (we know that negative forces are more active during the night). They say, You should do it before you go to sleep. The emphasis on subconcious mind is also there…. keep your hands on the subconcious area(back agnya) and go to sleep (there goes your back agnya).

Then they have higher degrees also. In degree#2, you are taught symbols, and the some japenese mantras for those symbols. These mantras are to be recited when aplplying those symbols. I paid Rs 1100 for this, after GAINING two years of experience in Degree#1 (ha ha!!) In second degree we are taught distance healing. Heal a person sitting anywhere…. apply symbols on him/her with recitation of those japenese mantras…. give a person so called protection sheild…etc etc. A person who clears 3rd degree can give attunements to others and when he has given more that 100 attunements he is tagged as “Grand Master”(At this moment my aunt is Grand Master) Only Masters/Grand Masters can give “attunement”. They have a “pendulum” thing also, where you hold a pendulum and ask a question and hang it over a paper written with some option/answers. The pendulum will move and answer… I was explained that all this system of Reiki has been patented by USA people and all this money is sent as a fee for this certification of the degee…

As you go “higher” and “higher” in Reiki… you learn more and more symbols… and some fine day doing Reiki you will be “blessed” by “Reiki Guides”….
These are some dead spirits from the Collective Supraconcius area…. which come in your Reiki meditation. You can communicate with them and then take their help to heal people, and solve your issues…Every Grand Master sees these guides…
Further to add to that they used the term “Karmic Load”. For eg, When “A” heals “B” then B has to do something to pay back for debt he has for the the kramas of  A, either thru gifts and all or money, anyhow that load of that good karma HAD to be repaid.

My Mother used to suffer from Migraine, when we started doing Reiki, and primarily that was the reason why my mom went for it. My aunt immedeately gained “heights” in Reiki and started “seeing” those Reiki guides… She used to “operate” on my mother, yes, “operate” and guess who were the doctors?? Reiki guides, when my maasi used to call Reiki guides to operate her. That day my mom used to be in a terrible condition… and she was consoled by saying that its a “Healing Crisis”!!! God knows what! As for me those 5 years were a time I would like to forget. I was so down and out, my guilts, my lowness, my sorrowness, my foolishness all the time.There was no hope…. just kept doing Reiki in a hope that one day I will come out of this emotional mire….

You will be amazed to know… that we were told if we give this healing on Gods/Godesses and apply symbols on them, I will get back double healing effect on me. And silly me, I gave healing to … guess who?? Shri Hanumana…!!! In a hope that He will help me get out of this emotional turmoil…

Negatives about Reiki:
Like divine works to affirn the faith of Sahaj yogies, this so called Reiki power also works to affirm your faith and make you dependent on Reiki… and when the faith is afffimed you become their instrument to spread these satanic vibes….
Although you get an immedeate relief from the problem you are suffering from, with Reiki, but long term doing is damaging. The graph of your health, life, harmony, peace, joy, balance keeps coming down…
In a Hindi talk – “Adi-devik Adi-bhautik”during early 1980s , Shri Mataji has explained about these kind of spiritual paths.
She said that these guides are bhoots from the collective supraconciuos. She said “one has to get healed up by HIS OWN SHAKTI and NOT by the Shakti of someone else”. If some of you would have heard that talk then in that She talks about the incident of a lady from Dr. Lambs Institute, London. The condition of that lady She described is similar to that of my mom after doing Reiki for 5 years.
Biggest trouble is that Reiki makes you sooo mind-oreinted that its really a terrible situation for the person.One is always caught up in the pros and cons of the things, in the cause and effect of the things.Its a real headache.!

I mentioned that my mother had migraine, right, before Reiki she used to have 1 migraine attack in a week and her health was fair enough.
After doing Reiki for 5 year and recieving plenty of “treatments” she was getting migrane attacks twice a week ,with a terrible health condition and sleepless nights with severe headaches….(clearly she had very poor right and left sides)

If you would have read The Advent, in that Gregoire uncle has written about the collective supraconciuos. He has written, that when people move ahead in this right-sided spiritual path they first when transgress the limit of their supraconcious i.e. their Agnya Chakra , they see first a red eye, the eye of Shri Jesus, as a first warning… Then when they enter the collective supraconcius they see a blue eye, the eye of Shri Sadashiva, the warning that you are entering the collective supraconcious, the second and the last warning. I remember my aunt telling us that she saw these eyes, which her Grand master explained it was your Kundalini Awakening.!!!

You will be amused to know that I also wanted to get this kind of “eye vision” and get kundalini awakening (acc to reiki). So one day mom met a sahaj yogini who came to our house(for some reason) who said she knows how to awaken the kundalini, and we just eagerly went to her home and we got my self realisation… So I got my kundalini awakened, the sahaja yoga style 🙂 the correct way, while my expectation was that I will see some eyes!!  Thats blessing in disguise.


3 Responses to “My experience with Reiki”

  1. Reiki Alex Says:

    I am not a practioner of Reiki and am purely writing this from the opinion of a user so I cannot quote facts and figures on how and why it works. All I can say is that it worked for me. I was a dancer for 18 years which left me with arthritis in my leg and hip joints and was living a life of almost permanent pain because I am not a believer in long term drug use. A friend of mine was going through her Reiki training and asked if I would be her guinea pig.
    After the first session I immediately felt more mobile and stayed pain free for the whole week, I could do things that I hadn’t been able to do for years such as running up the stairs when normally I would be hauling myself up using the bannister. I could walk longer distances and generally had more energy.

    Unfortunately my friend moved away a short while ago and my weekly sessions have stopped as I could not afford to pay for the treatment. My arthritis has come back and every movement is painful, this is obviously a treatment that needs to be done continuously. I just wish that I could afford it all the time. I cannot speak for everyone but I can say that it definitely worked for me and made my life easier and happier. My friend said that I may need a few treatments before it made any difference but it worked first time and every time for me. I must have been one of the lucky ones. Anything that can help alleviate permanent pain even for a short time must be worth a try.

  2. Reiki Says:

    According to my point of view,I think that it uses a technique mutual called palm healing as a form of opposite and alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies.

  3. Roy Says:

    I don’t think this article tells the truth.
    Reiki is a channelling way to help others.
    Sahaja yoga is a way to realize yourself.
    In reiki you don’t have to realize yourself to help others. It is powerful and useful.
    Maybe it’s the same as Sahaja.
    But, lemme say this: it’s nonsense defining a spiritual path/healing tecnique better than another.
    I think it depends on the person itself.
    Maybe Reiki wasnt what you were looking for, to me works much better than Sahaja. It relies on the one’s intent to help others or to (with reiki) just make money.
    If you’re really wanting to help someone else, you surely will be able to do it anyway.
    So, at least to me, reiki worked good. And actually its prices are not unaffordable, expecially because there have been people wanting its cost to be lower and lower in those past years.

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