When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Controlling the senses August 15, 2008


2 Responses to “Controlling the senses”

  1. olgalednichenko Says:

    Impossible: Biggest Challenge of Life : Freedom from the Known: From I – me-mine: By Olga Lednichenko : Part 3
    This is the third part of the series : on Change, Life and especially on the word Impossible:
    Before we get to the topic: Lets summarize the parts 1 and 2 : and here we do:

    Impossible = not easy = Hard.. and its because – Impossible = thing that’s hard + that needs and waits for evidence – before we start
    Impossible =Impossible, because Impossible = past ..
    To Move on – we need to make a new start. But all we know – is the past.

    SO, here we are : knowing that we cant do what we did in the past:

    We know we need to start. But to start -> we have to know where we are headed ( if you don’t know where you want to go, any road will take you there).
    From, 1 and 2 – above -> we know we need an end point. + a map.
    STOP. YOU are wrong.

    WAIT. Where are you headed is fine.. BUT WHY are you headed?
    Time for a Quiz:

    Go somewhere – because – There = Not HERE
    Go There –> And See – if there = better than here?
    Go there -> because is may be challenging


    If you answered [1] -> I think you got me confused with the Club Med? perhaps?
    If you answered [2] -> Which ad did you see ? – Let me know, I am into content too.
    If you answered [3] –> Make sure you got your Scuba gear ready.

    IF you didn’t find the reason in [1] , [2], [3] above -> then read on:
    Stop reading the Blog -> what you read anywhere – including here – are just my thoughts and opinions.
    You need to see inside yourself.
    Free yourself – from YOU.
    That’s the most impossible – and challenging thing mankind could ever do..
    Its not the past that has to change. Past = History. History cant change.

    But: Can you? Will you ?
    Will you do the impossible?
    Free – you – from YOU
    Please send your comments
    Olga Lednichenko

  2. Peter Says:


    I am really enjoying your deep introspection. This can be done only from one big Slavic heart and soul.

    Regarding “Impossible = past”.

    Because we are created like this we can remember only our past, but not our future. Our past is like heavy load on our shoulders.

    Regarding “Start”

    If we need to start we need first to remove all heavy things and loads on our shoulders. Forget the PAST.
    There is no end point for our seeking. End point and map are limitations.

    “Free yourself – from YOU.” I like this. This is the right attitude.
    One week ago I started one FORUM in order to put in one place all valuable discussions like this one.

    Feel free to join and enjoy.

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