When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi


In the beginning of creation, whole creation was merged in SRI SADASHIVA, who was in YOGA NIDHRA. When SHRI SADASHIVA woke up from YOGA NIDHRA, He had a desire. This desire manifested as ADISAKTHI , the source and cause of whole creation. Adishakthi on separation from the SHRI SADASHIVA transformed into TRIGUNATMIKA PRAKRTI which had three forms as MAHAKALI, MAHA SARASWATHI & MAHA LAKSHMI & constituted to the TAMASIK, RAJASIK & SATWIK aspects of nature in creation.

ADI SHAKTHI only further transformed into various forms of living and non living, thus creating THE CREATION. THIS FORM OF CREATION IS ALSO KNOWN AS “VIRATA”. A Human being is the micro form of “ VIRATA “ , the MACRO BEING. In the creation, original Kundalini instrument: Adi Kundalini, Chakras, Nadis & related Gods and Goddess is in VIRATA. The KUNDALINI INSTRUMENT in a human is a reflection of the original KUNDALINI INSTURMENT in VIRATA, All happenings and events in the creation at micro level are a reflection of the divine plan at the macro level.


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