When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Kabir says that my Lord is my Мother August 6, 2013

Hari jananee main baalak teraa.
Kaahe na augun bkasahu meraa.
Sut aparaadh kare din kete.
Janani ke chit rahe na tete.
Kar gahi kes gahe jo maataa.
Tau nah het utaare maataa.
Kahe Kabir ek budhi bichaaree.
Baalak dukhi, dukhi mahataari.

Kabir says that my Lord is my Mother, I am her little kid. O my dear Mother, please forgive me for my faults and mistakes. A son does so many sins, but Mother never minds that and never keeps it in heart. She is always forgiving. Even a little kid is so ignorant that he grabs mother’s hairs thus troubles her and even then mother never stops loving him. Kabir knows only one thing by his knowledge- if the son is sad; his Mother is ought to be sad, because her happiness lies in son’s happiness. So is true for the GOD. He is happy in our happiness only.


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