When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Self-realization takes place, because it is free thing May 11, 2014

“So, this Self-realization takes place, because it is free thing that has
to happen to every human beings. But somebody has to tell you about it.
Because only in human condition you are going to get it, when you
understand everything.

First time evolution is taking in one’s awareness.
When fish became a tortoise it was not aware of its transformation. But you
will be aware of your transformation and it will happen in your conscious
effort, conscious mind. That means first time in your conscious mind the
Spirit will be emitting its forces.

So far you have not felt the Spirit,
but Spirit knows you. By Kundalini awakening the Spirit starts radiating
through your conscious mind, so everything absolute starts manifesting.

Now, if you want to know there is God or not, you just ask the question and
the vibrations will come like a big wave at your hands. Ask for anyone who
is a person as a guru whether he is fake – if he is a fake your vibrations
will stop completely. If he is a realized soul you’ll get vibrations coming
in. All absolute questions can be answered.”

*Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – 29 April 1980, extract from public programme,
Geneva, Switzerland.


So we have to be honest June 10, 2013

“So we have to be honest about our seeking and should ask for the truth only. Because falsehood is not going to give you satisfaction. You will go on from one to another to another. Falsehood will ultimately make you frustrated and unhappy. 

So for genuineness and goodness one has to understand that the time has come for you to get Realization. I call it the Blossomtime. In the beginning on the Tree of Life there were one or two flowers. But today it is Blossomtime where many have to get their Realization. 

It’s the last breakthrough in your evolution that you have to become the Spirit. Your Spirit is the one which gives you absolute truth. Once you get your Realization, then you start feeling Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost in your hands. 

The All pervading power of God’s Love about which so many scriptures have written. And you start acting like a computer which is already programmed very beautifully. You get absolutely truthful answers to all the questions that you ask.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – 10 June 1988, extract from public program, Graz, Austria.


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