When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

You have the power within August 15, 2013

“Now in Sahaja Yoga you have to know that you have the power within yourself. It is there, it exists there, and it is to be just awakened in some people. It takes time to be awakened, in thousands I have seen it takes no time, the only thing that I would suggest is to keep your mind open not to become obstinate about things. If you are an obstinate person the Kundalini is even an greater obstinate thing, do not be obstinate, just keep yourself open, do not argue it out by argument or by thinking about it. The Kundalini is not going to be awakened, on the contrary, when the Kundalini is awakened your thoughts settle down to such an extent that you feel there is no thought coming to you from your subconscious or from your supraconscious so try to keep yourself absolutely open and don’t worry even if your vibrations are not fine.
The principle is that light is light and the room is room, the light has nothing to do with the room, only thing when the light is enlightened, it enlightens the room, the room has something to do with the light but the light has nothing to do with the room. Whether the room is there or not, light exists, in the same way we must understand the relationship with the Atman and our body, our spirit and our this body, mind and our ego, superego.
So many of you must have done lot of tapasyas and lot of things which were not really wanted thinking that you have done such a lot. You have been to so many places, you have done so much teerath yatra, you have been to so many pilgrimages and those pilgrimages and all these places, you think according to you should be blissful to you, but actually while going there you did not know how to get the bliss from those temple and those places which are holy actually in nature but are surrounded by people who are actually negative, because of that, that mixture was there, sometimes instead of getting the bliss you get the headaches.”
Shri Mataji, Public Program, New Delhi ( India ) 7 February 1981

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