When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

The Mahasaraswati Power December 22, 2010























By this power Pranava is transformed as a material power. In order to create galaxies and solar systems, Adi Shakti travels in a parabola and creates a path. FIGURE 2

As shown in Figure 2, She moves on this parabolic path and returns to the same point again and again. Sometimes She moves in a circle (Valaya), and revolves round and round many times on that circle until the circle gets consolidated with Pranava. When consolidation reaches a point of saturation, and the circle cannot bear it any more, it explodes. One solid round mass then shatters into fragments with odd angularities. With the momentum of the movement of this luminous revolving force, the fragments also assume the same movement, and start revolving with the momentum of force. The angularities of the fragments break into smaller pieces, and with friction and rotation, they become smooth and rounded. The original parabolic movement and the rounding movement merge to form a combination of both. In this way these rounded bodies start revolving around the central body of the Sun in an elliptical manner.

The Sun rotates but is fixed on the Adi Pingala Nadi. Our Milky Way was created by the spiral movement of Pranava. In this way universes were created and destroyed many times in different planes and in different periods.

In our solar system, Earth was chosen as the stage on which to create human beings. The way in which the Earth was created and positioned in the solar system was done very humanely. In the beginning what is now Earth was broken from the Sun and taken far away close to the Moon, which was placed on the Adi Ida Nadi.

In this position the Earth cooled down very fast, and it became completely frozen. The grace of Mahasaraswati drenched it with water, or we can say She did it with the tears of Her Love. Then it was brought to a position much nearer the Sun so that the Sun’s rays could defreeze the planet. When the Earth was frozen it shrank in size, and was completely covered in ice. Being brought much closer to the Sun, the ice melted and water covered the surface everywhere. Under the waters, the inner hot lava of the Earth’s core formed a curved surface, like a tortoise’s shell, and pushing upwards emerged out of the waters. When the lava and hot gas came in contact with the cold water, it cooled and hardened. The Earth’s crust was later formed when lava tried to escape and crevasses were created.

Out of these crevasses, lava oozed and that is how mountains were created. Under the heat of the Sun, the Earth was baked and hardened. The lava now exerted new pressure, and cracked the Earth on the equator and lower hemisphere. Again the Earth was taken nearer the Moon, and the big new cracks were covered with ice. This process of cooling and heating was undertaken many times. In this way the oceans were created.

It was then that the Earth was brought to an adjusted exact position between the Sun and the Moon where life could be brought about and sustained. Much later, the same freezing and heating process of the Earth brought forth amino-acids, the seeds of life, in the water of the oceans. Very clearly the combination of electro-magnetic vibrations with oxygen from the Sun brought about the existence of life. Electro-magnetic vibrations became the pulsations of life (Prana) due to the Sun’s rays. For the first time the two powers of material and existence of Adi Shakti worked together in an integrated way.

This was the beginning of life (Prana), and even after the creation of life itself, the Earth was again adjusted to the perfect position just right for life to exist and prosper near the Sun. This beautiful and delicate adjustment was done with all Her care and Divine Love by Adi Shakti, the Primordial Mother.

In the chapter on the Swadhisthan Chakra, it is clearly explained how the Primordial Mother created the Adi Swadhisthan Chakra, which grew out of the Adi Nabhi Chakra. A lotus emerged from the navel of Adi Vishnu, and on top of that lotus Adi Brahmadeva was born. He is the Presiding Deity of the Adi Swadhisthana Chakra, and uses Divine Power for His role of creation. This Chakra dangles in the Void in a clockwise circular motion. Adi Brahmadeva, who is the Deity responsible for looking after the material side of life, creates matter through the power of Adi Shakti. He is also described in detail in the chapter on the Swadhisthana Chakra. In human beings He exposes both material knowledge (Science) and aesthetics (Arts) which underlie matter and its creation. He expresses Adi Shakti’s aesthetics through the creation of variety and harmony. All the beauty of Nature is created through Him. His Consort and Power is Adi Saraswati, an aspect of Adi Shakti, who is the Goddess of Learning and of Knowledge as well as of Art and Music. She is the embodiment of absolute aesthetics that set up waves of spiritual joy which bring about the creation of delicate works of art. She also imparts knowledge to human beings, allowing them thus to evaluate the aesthetic value of Her creation.

This dangling Adi Swadhisthana Chakra moves in a circle in different planes with its centre at the navel. The circle it describes is known as the Adi Void, and contains the whole of the physical universe including the Earth and the rest of our solar system. At two points, the circle also intersects the two Adi Nadis: where it first passes over the Adi Pingala Nadi, the Sun is placed at that point of intersection; and where it first passes over the Adi Ida Nadi, the Moon is placed on that point of intersection. For that reason the Pingala Nadi is also known as the Sun Channel (Surya Nadi), and the Ida Nadi as the Moon Channel (Chandra Nadi). In the Kshirasagara Stage they move vertically also, but in the Bhavasagara they appear to move only concentrically. Ha is the Sun and Tha is the Moon, so Hatha Yoga means the meeting of these two channels. This is where the subtle centres of Sun, Moon and Earth are placed on the three channels:

* The Sun is placed where the Navel Centre (Adi Nabhi Chakra) touches the Adi Pingala Nadi

* The Moon is placed at the Left Heart Centre (Adi Anahat Chakra) on the Adi Ida Nadi

* The Earth is placed at the back of the Abode of Kundalini (Mooladhara).

The left side of the Primordial Brain represents the Primordial Ego. On the right side of the Primordial Being lies the Adi Pingala Nadi which creivity. These are acts of a possessed mind, and the entities who possess are all the time connected with the collective subconscious mind from where many other dead spirits pour into the so-called elite gatherings. Battered by too great an invasion of such entities who want to enjoy at the cost of the subject, such souls remain all too often in the unnatural state of excitement and agitation. The eyes of human beings were not meant for feeling sexual experiences, and because of perversion, people who get hooked on this pastime become impotent too early in life. In the course of time such individuals become the best mediums for entry and possession by depraved, sex-hungry and impotent disembodied spirits who get attracted and are ever waiting to gain entry into such conditioned living human beings in order to play out their unrequited desires. As a person indulges more and more in such habits, groups of spirits crowd up to descend into him with pathetic results. He carries this kind of possession through many lives, and explains why so many important people – Kings, politicians, administrators and scientists – are so very depraved from their birth.

The pathetic victim of such a possession compromises by first denying to himself that he has such an ugly habit. Shri Ganesha is a Deity ever-awake however and knows every hypocrite, so it is not therefore wise to try to cheat him. It is exceedingly hard to recommend one’s case for Self-realization to Shri Ganesha without it being merited. Such a person may lose his eyesight, or suffer from weak vision. There are many other causes of blindness, but this habit definitely causes reddening of the eyes or loss of sight very early in life. Memory loss is another ailment that stems from this habit. Eventually these people cannot enjoy anything else but sexual perversion through the eyes. If they go to a movie, a musical concert, a play or any other public performance, they are so busy indulging in their addiction that they cannot really enjoy the performance, and end up wasti been thrown out of the evolutionary process. There are very few who are really great souls (Siddhas).

Realized souls who have reached the stage of God-realization, and on whom Brahmadeva bestows His powers are very rare and never show off their tricks or Siddhis, because these powers are not very important to them. This includes Deities and Incarnations like Hanumana and Jesus Christ. These powers come to them as a part of their nature, and through them they can control the Sun, and the rain and other elements by the grace of Brahmadeva.

Powers like flying through the air, floating on water, being buried underground, stopping the sunrise or drinking up the oceans can also be performed with the help of disembodied spirits. It is easy to distinguish real Siddhas from impostors. Siddhas never use their powers for their betterment or fame or material well-being.

Those who are non-realized are the impostors, and use Siddhis of disembodied spirits to perform their tricks. There are some very powerful and dedicated wives (Pativrata) who have also mastered such powers over material manifestation by their obstinately selfish love for their husbands. With the exception of a few realized souls, all take the help of supraconscious entities to achieve their goals. They work on their Pingala Nadi and use all their energy for the development of the ego. They gradually lose their emotional nature, becoming so dry that they are able to curse and reduce others to ashes (Bhasmisat). They are incapable of understanding Divine Love. With such a one-sided inhuman attitude it is very difficult to achieve Self-realization. Most of them eventually become satanic in temperament. Very few of them who practise obstinacy about abstinence get salvation. Only those who maintain the balance of abstinence through love can be saved. Such cases are very few. They are the real Yogis for they stay in forests and preserve their energies. They live close to Mother Nature and follow all the six golden rules of Hatha Yoga under their Guru.

Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga are forbidden to married people because the disciples have to consecrate all their energy to follow this hard path. They must get their instruction from a Guru who is a realized soul, and leads a very pious and affectionate life, and who does not take any money from his disciples. Real Yogis worship Adi Shakti in different forms. Their emotional side is nourished and looked after by their Gurus, who are themselves evolved souls, and who treat their disciples with great care and love. Seekers on this path, despite all dedication, plod for thousands of years. In the end, when they are tired, they spontaneously surrender to Sahaja Yoga which  pours the grace of Adi Shakti into them through the All-pervading Power of Pranava. Those Yogis who have achieved Self-realization by complete purification via this path are very rare, but of the highest quality.

In Hatha Yoga a seeker cleanses his body and mind through severe abstinence, whereas in Sahaja Yoga the seeker is blessed with vibrations which clean him and expedite his purification. It is like the difference between walking a long distance to reach your destination, or taking a car ride to complete the journey in a fraction of the time instead.

Supraconscious spirits are to be found on the right side within the Body of the Virata. Such souls go there after death are reborn again and again on this earth. Some of them go to the other extreme and take to the left channel life. Supraconscious people who continue to work in this channel later on acquire Siddhis which they use for their own material gain. All such extreme cases fall out of the evolutionary process, and into Hell. As they have no sustenance or Deities to rule their Chakras, they are born again as monsters. Working on their own, outside the plan of Almighty God, they become malignant and arrogant, sometimes posing as Men of God. They make false promises and take no responsibilities.


RUAH- Divine breath March 10, 2008


The many meanings of the Hebrew term ruah, used in the Bible to designate the Spirit, seem to give rise to some confusion. Indeed. in a given text, it is often not possible to determine the exact meaning of the word. One might waver between wind and breath, between breath and spirit, or between created spirit and the divine Spirit.
This multiplicity however has a certain wealth, for it establishes a fruitful communication between so many realities. In this regard it is better to give up in part the pretences of neat reasoning in order to embrace broader perspectives. When we think of the Holy Spirit, it is useful to remember that his biblica1 name means “breath”, and that it is related to the powerful blowing of the wind and to our own intimate breathing
Rather than clinging to an over-intellectual and arid concept, we will find it helpful to take in this wealth of images and facts. Translations unfortunately are unable to convey them to us completely, for they are often obliged to choose other terms. To render the Hebrew word ruah, the Greek translation of the Septuagint uses twenty-four different terms and so does not permit one to see all the connections between the texts of the Hebrew Bible.
To end this terminological analysis of the Old Testament texts concerning ruah, we can say that the breath of God appears in them as the power that gives life to creatures. It appears as a profound reality of God which works deep within man. It appears as a manifestation of God’s dynamism which is communicated to creatures
Please find below clarification from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
“The Self is the Spirit. This Spirit resides in the heart of every human being and is in a witness-like state. The Spirit is the projection of God Almighty, while the Kundalini is the projection of the power of God, of His desire which is the Primordial Mother, or you can call it Adi Shakti, Holy Ghost or Athena.
So the Kundalini is the projection of the Holy Ghost, while the Spirit is the projection of God Almighty. The All-pervading Power of love is the power of the Primordial Mother, which creates and evolves, and does all the living work.”

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