When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

NAVARATRI: 6th DAY (SASHTI) October 13, 2010


(Translated from a talk given in Hindi)

This is a worship of the Shakti. Until now many saints, sages have known and revealed about this Shakti. Whatever they could not describe in prose, they trued to convey by poetry. Whatever description was not possible to put in words – they composed different names of the Devi and described. We know all this and many people also know the meaning of this. But one thing they perhaps do not know is that every human being has all these Shaktis “Powers” dormant in them and they can awaken them. These dormant powers are eternal and limitless.

Besides the thirty three crores of ‘Devas’, there are many Shaktis. But we can say that this ‘Self-Realisation’ that we have achieved today, has been achieved through working of some Shakti or the other. Without this you could not have achieved the ‘Self-Realisation’.

You have received your Self-Realisation in ‘Sahaj’ way. Now there are two meanings of Sahaj. One meaning is you have got it easily. The other meaning is, – like any living process this has happened on its own. You have received it on your own.

But when one starts thinking about the living process, you will be surprised, – your brain will stop functioning. Suppose you are looking at a tree, what is the power that makes it grow up to that particular height? Which power has made it so, that it can have this particular appearance?, these looks. Most surprising thing is, – human being who is made with a special kind, with special knowledge, special appearance, the purpose of this human being can be achieved. First step for this is self-realisation.

Like, if you have to light a lamp, first you must put light into it, likewise when once your power is awakened, you can again enlighten it or you can increase it. But first step is, to awaken the power and for this it is very essential to have Self-Realisation.

But as soon as you get Self-Realisation all the powers do not get activated. So the sages, saints have made this arrangement that you worship the ‘Devi’. But the person who is not realised is not authorised to worship the ‘Devi’.

Many people have told me that they have performed ‘Saptashatee Path’ (Reading of Saptashati) or Havana and they were confronted with lots of problems and difficulties and suffered a lot.

We have to ask the that who performed this for you. They say they called seven Brahmins and they did it. Now these are not Brahmins. Those who do not know “Brahma” are not Brahmins and getting the ‘Patha’ (Reading) done from these type of Brahmins, the Devi got angry and you have suffered. So, you have a special authority with you that you can do the Puja of the ‘Devi’ and ‘Sakshat Devi’. This is not so with everyone. If everyone tries to do it, it has the reverse effect; the wrong effect.

Most important thing is, this Shakti is so comforting, so nurturing, so generous, so loving, it is so complete. There is nothing in between. Either it is very generous or very angry. Nothing in between.

The reason is this that those people who are very cruel, who are demonic, those who have come to destroy this world, those who are keeping the people in illusion and they have donned various characters. Somebody has become a ‘Sadhu’, somebody a ‘Pundit’ (wise man), somebody a ‘mulla’, somebody is sitting in a temple and somebody in a mosque, somebody is Pope or somebody is politician. They are all hiding themselves behind various garbs, the person of demonic temperament. It is essential to destroy them.

But this power of destruction, you should not go near it, you only have to desire and these Shakties will start working on their own.

This work – this Chaitanya – that is flowing in the Universe – is this Mahamaya’s Shakti – and with this Mahamaya Shakti only all the work is being done. This Shakti – thinks, knows, understands everything properly and organises everything. And most important thing is that it “Loves” you and this love is ‘without interest’ (Nirvajya). This love does not want anything from you, it only desires to give you, it desires your progress, it desires your well being. But along with this, those things who want to be thorns, put obstacles in your way, put up fights or in any way trouble you, all those people should essentially be destroyed. But for this you don’t put in your energy. You should only invite this power ‘avahan’ (call) the Devi and then you tell them to destroy these demonic people. This is a big thing and you have a relief that anyone who is trying to trouble you, abuse you, dominate you, you have a special state in you which is “Nirvichar”. Everything you should see in a ‘witness state’. Like a mad person is after you, what do you have to do with him? Watch his madness, mental torture, his difficulties and you laugh at him. What a fool he is? You do not have to take any trouble for him. For this you only have to enter your fort – that is ‘Nirvicharita’. In Nirvicharita all the Shaktis which are loving, joy giving, nurturing will come to you. But so long as you remain busy with this, or remain busy with this thought that how I shall remove this, how to destroy this or how to remedy it. This will reflect on you not on him. Ramdas-swami has said “Alpadharishtaya Pahije”. Whatever little courage you have is being watched by Paramatma. But you have so many Shaktis in You, so many, that you should awaken them, know them, let them bloom, be happy and respect yourself.

Now these powers, even in Sahaja Yogis, get destroyed, then get awakened again, again they get destroyed then get awakened. What is the cause of this? The power that is awakened why does it get destroyed.

Like now a person becomes a great artist. After entering Sahaja Yoga many people become good artist, they understand and know the art, their sensitivity is increased, they have awareness in them and everyone says, this person is extraordinary but then he gets involved in that art. He gets prestige, earns name and gets entangled in them. When he gets entangled in them his powers get destroyed because his powers also get entangled in them.

As I told you earlier, what happens in a tree, its living force (nutrient) flows through every branch, every leaf, flows and return back. Likewise these powers that you have today – which are working for you – are the products of this shakti. You have nothing to do with it but are only instrumental for these powers and once you know that you are only instrumental, these powers will never weaken or they will never get destroyed.

Many a times I have seen that the Attention of the Sahaja Yogis goes into this things very fast. If they get into prominence with something, if they have progressed fast with something, many students who where not grown in the class, come out first class, everything is getting better then they think, now I have become great. As soon as they start thinking that, the powers go off.

Now we should think that what we should do. If your business has increased, you have started getting a lot of money, something extraordinary has happened to you, then what you should do? We should know fully that “Mother you are doing everything, I am not doing it. It is your power that is working. I am not doing anything”. It is very important that you remain alert, because after this when you powers get destroyed, you only will say that Mother the power has gone and everything has gone. The power that is working-allow it to workout.

It is like a tree, how does the leaves fall out? Have you thought of that? A cork like thing comes in between the leaves and the tree so the Shakti (nutrients) does not come to it and it falls off. Some way it happens with the human being. His power are united with one great power and with this power he is working but as soon as he start thinking high of himself and starts becoming egoistic or gets involved into his a activities – like competition etc. then there is a breach between him and the great power and then he cannot draw his power. He was only instrumental. “The Shakti that was flowing through him was working.”

Like in this case (pointing at the microphone) if this looses its powers, my speech may not stop. It won’t but it is like this.

That is why pay proper attention to the fact that the power awakened in us, which is reflecting a shade of new enlightened personality, – we should not stop this power we should not think that we have become great.

On the other hand another thing that happens is when this Shakti awakens in you sometimes you feel a sort of a despondent that this person has reached that far whereas I have not, he has done this much I haven’t and many such things. On top of this there are many persons who keep feeling sad about small things, very small things like everyone has got a badge, I did not get it.

In Ganapatipule we had very strange experiences – people started telling one – I got one box of cheese I want one more. Some other person said that someone got this much, he didn’t get it. Is it a thing to say? In that enjoyment and happiness such things are not to be thought of. They get unhappy over small things. There are these things like somebody’s husband has revolted or somebody’s husband was waylaid or somebody’s wife was all right but unhappy. Now you have had so many husbands and marriages in your last births. And this time in this birth you have one marriage – carry on somehow – but no! Day and night you are worried over it, I have this, I have that etc. Is there any end to it, can’t anyone get over it since this is such small – small thing I can’t understand. Anyone comes and tells me such a small thing and I feel like laughing. I keep quite but then I say, “you are a Sahaja Yogi, I have made your heart like an ocean and forehead like Himalayas and you are talking about these small nonsensical things which have no meaning”. Talk about this one or that one. Talk about all the world but what about Sahaja? About that you are mum. What is happening in Sahaja Yoga you don’t know. Now I have heard that in Poona less people are coming for meditation because ‘Mahabarata’ has started (on TV). Now I have not seen this Mahabarata till now. One that I have seen, is enough and what is the use of seeing it? Now we have to make another Mahabarata. If you are so keen on Mahabarata then get the film and watch and see. When Puja is going on, you have to come to the centre and where is your Shakti? She has gone – gone in Mahabarata thousand years back. With that this Shakti also is finished. People get involved with these things which are for our amusement and anything that is in excess goes against Sahaja. Like in music, if you are getting involved too much in it and no meditation, poems if you get too much involved in that, to do too much of anything is against Sahaja. Keep this in your attention properly. And then another thing is our Shakties should be balanced then only we will get balanced knowledge, integrated knowledge. If you are after one thing only – looking at one thing only you won’t get integrated knowledge. If you want balanced knowledge you have to do only one thing.

One thing I have seen that there are many well educated ladies who never read newspaper, they do not know what is happening in the world. You ask them about someone they say they don’t know who he is. Then the men, they only know, what sort of food is cooked in which house and where the food is good and in whose house you get good food. Regarding food matters the Indian give too much trouble, and the women also are like that they make variety of good preparations making fool of themselves. In this the Shaktis of both get entangled. I want this to eat, I want that, I will eat from this plate, I will eat from that plate, make this and that and women do that to please men. In this the Shaktis of women and the men get destroyed. This is why I have started this method that in Sahaja Yoga we have to cook our own food. If somebody says I want to eat this – then make it yourself. At the most – you will have to remain hungry. You like this preparation then you only will prepare it, that would be fine. When you start making it you will understand how much work you put in. It is very easy to praise anything or find out faults in anything but when you make it yourself you understand that the comments that we pass on are not justified.

When people pay attention to these trivial things I am surprised. You are saints! You have very big powers – Shaktis in you, all sort of powers within you. Try them, you can do anything. You can sleep on the floor, you can sleep on the road. You can fast for ten days – nothing will happen to you. Any type of food you can eat. Take a look at our Western Sahaj Yogis – how they live – in what conditions, with what difficulties. An Indian Sahaja Yogi told me that in Brahmapuri, arrangements were not good, food was not good. You were not there so there were many problems, difficulties regarding food, water, so I went and asked those people where did you enjoy the most? and they said, “they enjoyed the most in Brahmapuri”, Any problems? What was there in Brahmapuri? – so they said, “River Krishna was there, where we could bathe, sit down and feel all the Chaitanya flowing through us”. They were talking about these things only and here these people are thinking only about their food and water. So, when they say that, our surrender is less, it is so because we are involved, confused. We have old traditions, we have had many saints, sages, ideals. Due to them we do know that what is good and what is bad. But along with this we have within ourselves pretentious nature.

Any person calls himself Ram or calls himself Bhagwan. Somebody calls herself Sitaji. This sort of nature.

I asked about one person, they said he is called ‘Bhagwan’. I said, “How can you call anyone ‘Bhagwan’? He may be saying so but there are certain ways. A person who is not himself realised, how can he be Bhagwan?” ‘yes, that is so’ why then he is calling like this because he is not himself. He is speaking a white lie.

“But he wants money. It is O.K. He is taking money but he is giving us philosophy, so what is wrong. Let him take the money, what is money, what is money after-all?” They are prepared for this now. We have great Ideals before us – Mahabarat, Rama this and that and we are just sitting on that.

So we should understand that, great things that have happened within us, which have covered us-evolved us and because of which we are at a great height but so long as we do not understand that we want to be only that what we are watching? We should have internal desire for this, not from outside. You should feel from inside, ‘have I got it?’ ‘Have I achieved my destiny?’, ‘Have we achieved it?’ ‘We want to achieve it’. We have to be sincere regarding this and so long as you do not have the sincerity, Shakti will not have sincerity with you. This is the battle between you and your thoughts with different methods. You have to experience this yourself and see if you have achieved it. The Shaktis are awakened fully or not.

Why can’t we achieve it because we are sort of cutting ourselves in a way , Sahaja Yoga does not have a place for this dual nature. Try to get it from your heart. Everything you should try from your heart. You should understand – know it from your inner self. For this none of the superficial thing will help.

Somebody is keeping smiling face, somebody very grave appearance.

There is no use of outside-acting. One that is inside you (the emotion) that is coming out. So why have the acting? The emotions that are inside us are only apparent outside because the emotions that are inside are connected with the Shakti and are coming out. And those people who understand this first, that we have to sincerely do the Sahaja Yoga.

I see the surrender of the people and I can say behind this surrender there is a big surprise and that is that the people think that they are getting only spiritual well-being. No other thing is there. There are many benefits of Sahaja Yoga. Your children are better, you get better jobs, your brain works better, you earn name, prestige. A person whom no one knew can be well known, everything can happen. But what do we want? We want our spiritual ascent nothing else. Once you get spiritual ascent then a person does not think, everything else is nothing for him. There is not a single thing for him for which he is worried or wants it-if there is everything, if he gets it – it is all right, if he does not get it also it is all right for him. When you achieve this state then you should think that you have achieved something in Sahaja Yoga. So long as you don’t get this state you are still insincere and you are always moving from here to there. The great Shakti residing in you which can settle you, is ‘Shraddha’. Awaken this Shraddah from your heart and remain in Her ‘Bhakti’ (devotion). Remain in the joy of Shraddha. Shraddha is joy giving Shakti. Remain in this innocent happiness. Remain in the ecstasy. Till you get fully immersed in this happiness and become one with it.

The problems, difficulties are all Maya. Once you get hundred rupees, what is the problem? You want two hundred rupees O.K., what is the next problem? – My wife is like this, so have another wife – then the third one comes who is like this. You yourself must reduce your problems, enjoy your Shraddha. So with Shraddah you enjoy your spiritual happiness that is flowing and increase your Shakti.

After all everything is there for you to achieve. But if you do not obtain the Shakti that can give spiritual happiness then what is the use? – so now this become a thing like a fly sits on a flower but how can she get the honey? She has to be a honeybee for that.

If you become a fly you will still wandering all over. If you become a honeybee, you will get everything. Whatever honey you want you will take and remain in your own joy. This is the biggest state in Sahaja Yoga. Our attention should fully be devoted to one state and that is our spiritual ascent. This does not mean that all the time you remain giving bandhan to yourself or all the time you keep tying knots and say in Marathi – (Shendila gath marane – tie the knot).

In whatever condition you are, you should be one with your spirit which resides in your heart. When the flow of Chaitanya starts, all the gurus, saints Namdeva, Kabir etc. all Gods and Goddesses are inside you. These saints did not have anyone to tell them, no one to take care of them, there was no one to protect them. You have all this.

You are sitting in the shade of an umbrella of the Divine and sitting in this shade you have to increase your own Shakti and the spiritual ascent. You should know how many Shaktis are inside us, and out of that how many are awakened and how will they be working. You can do what you want. (Jo Je Wanchchila to be Laho, – Whatever you desire it will be fulfilled). But if your desire is changed, your ways and means will be changed.

Like someone wants to see ‘Mahabharata’ today. There is Puja, Mother is coming. I have come here. It is the occasion of Puja and people have difficulty in coming from Calcutta and I am Sakshat’ (In person) sitting here. There are people who could have come easily, left their work and come. But they can’t understand the importance of this. This is so important they do not know. They do not have ‘Shraddha’. They say when they retire they will come at ease. Have it on Sunday but there has to be a holiday before and after.

Now, do we have Sahaja Yoga for this kind of people? How far can the horses go? and these are not even mules. When you think how far they can go in Sahaja Yoga. All the arrangements are done what else should be there? and they say “we have to go to office tomorrow”. You will go tomorrow. Everything will be all right. But if you go now you will be waiting in Khandala Ghat – I may do all those tricks, but you do not get it in your brain what to do. I feel anyhow I should bring you to the correct path and if you want to be on a correct path you have to work for it. If you are still sliding down, how much more effort I have to put in?

The Shaktis that have awakened in you, many of these Shaktis can reach different heights. So first you have to correct yourself and try to understand how many Shaktis you have. How many Shaktis you can achieve. How great you can become. What benefits you can get and what benefits you can give to others. There is a big treasure inside us. You have got the keys. It is open. Only you have to take out, wear and enjoy using them.

Today we are having this Puja of the Shakti and I want you to understand that this Shakti belongs to you. With this you are going to be sincere and true Sahaja Yogis.

Saints had to get beating from all sort of troubles. Look at their condition, they need not be told. You have got the connection but it is so loose. We have to keep connecting it all the time. Every time it slips it has to be tightened.

So now, think only this that all the Shaktis inside us are to be awakened, so that there need not be anything left behind, no problem remains. All of them are to be awakened at a time. You have to have desire for this. With all your concentrated efforts awaken them fully. Attention should be there. Half mind is not good. You will be neither here nor there.

One small seed gives birth to thousands of trees. The human being and you can make thousands more. The Shakti is with you. But after putting the seed, you don’t take care, throw it on the road and it does not become a tree, that Shakti remains suppressed. You should judge fully that what are we and what we are doing; and how far we can go.

With this, you desire small things which people on the road don’t desire – like indecent behaviour etc. They are full of this. But you should be different. People should say, ‘This is a different type of a person standing here’. Your enlightened personality will shine. He is not scared of anything, when ever something is not to be said he does not say it, he is balanced. All this you have inside and you will feel it. If you try you can be with your Guru, your Happiness.

Now you feel that all your relations, your grandma, grandma’s relations should come, that is not possible. They are not what you are. They are not deserving. Those who do not deserve should be left at that state. Why fight with them? It was your bad luck that you had undeserving father and mother. It was your bad luck that you married such an undeserving person that’s what you should say. Those who are not deserving why bring them by force to Sahaja Yoga and put them on my head to correct this and that because she is your wife, he is your father, your grandfather? I do not have any relation with them. If they are not in Sahaja Yoga, keep all these undeserving people out. Those who are deserving make friends with them. Enjoy with them. Where is the need for you? Only this we do not understand and keep doing same thing again and again.

These worldly relations go on like this,yes if you are with people who can walk with you, talk with you, you can get along well with them, otherwise these undeserving people do not have the necessity to come to Sahaja Yoga. Sometimes I see very undeserving people come to Sahaja Yoga and I have headaches. You were deserving so you came and got Sahaja Yoga, you got blessed and you got a lot of things. Those who are beggars what is the use of giving to them? and those who are beggars plus they have a hole in their bowl. What is the point in giving them; Who will do nothing, there is no need to carry on with this kind of people. You do not have to talk to them. No need to keep contact with them. No need to carry on with them. If they correct their heads they will come, stabilise in Sahaja Yoga, otherwise why are you spoiling your head over them? It is of no use. Their heads are like stones.

Today we have to think this, that we are a personality now and we have achieve this according to our karmas in previous births. Because we had lot of Punyas, we are sitting here. We can sit here and enjoy. We can go higher. Why should we have stone tied on us when we are taking a jump in the ocean. If you can swim – be free – enjoy swimming and get advantage of all your Shaktis.

I bless you today that all your dormant Shaktis will get awakened, gradually you will feel them and the flow of these Shaktis that are within you will bring the joy and many blessings to you.


NAVARATRI: 5th DAY (PANCHAMI) October 12, 2010



Asya Shri Argala stotrum mantrasya Vishnu rishih, anushtupa chandah, Shri Mahakalaxmidevata, Shri Jagadamba preetaye jape Vineeyogah.

Of these Argala Hymns, Shri Vishnu is the rishi (Saga), Anushtup is meter Mahalaxmi is the deity and it is recited for the love of Shri Jagadamba as a part of Sapta shati.

Amen, salutations of Shri Chandika! Shri Markandeya spoke thus:

1. Om Jayanti Mangala kali Bhadrakali Kapalini Durga Kshama Shiva dhatri swaha swadha namostute. 1. O Goddess Jayanti (who wins everyone), Mangala (who gives salvation), Kali, Bhadrakali (who is benevolent to devotees), kapalini. Durga, Kshama (who tolerates everyone) Shiva, Dhatri, Swaha and swad, salutations to you.

2. Jai twam Devi Chamunde jai bhutartiharini, jai sarvagate Devi Kalratri namostute. 2. Victory be to you O Devi chamunda (the killer of chanda and munda) victory be to you O remover of miseries of all living beings. Victory be to you O Devi who is present every where. Salutations to you O Kalaratri (the last night).

3. Madhu kaitabh vidravee vidravee vidyatra varde namah. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 3. Salutations to you O Devi, the killer of the demon Madhu and Kaitabha and the bestower of boons on Shri Brahmadeva. Please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

4. Mahishashura nirnashi bhaktanam sukhade namah. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 4. Salutations to you O Devi, the killer of Mahishasura and giver of happiness to your devotees. Please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

5. Raktabeej vadhe Devi chandamunda vinashini. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 5. O Devi, the killer of Raktabeeja and destroyer of demons Chanda and Munda. Please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

6. Shumbhasya-aiva nishumbhasya dhoomra-akshasya cha mardini. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 6. O Devi, the killer of demons Shumbha, Nishumba and Dhumraksha. Please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

7. Vanditanghri-yuge Devi sarva saubhagya dayini. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 7. O Devi, whose lotus feet are worshipped by gods and who gives good fortune. Please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

8. Achintya-roopa-charite sarva shatru vinashini. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 8. O Devi, whose form and character are beyond mind and who destroys all the enemies. Please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

9. Natebhyam sarvada bhaktaya chandike duritapahe. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 9. O Devi, Chandika, the destroyer of sufferings, please give those who always humble before you in devotion, the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy the enemies.

10. Stuvadabhyo bhakti-poorva-twam chandike Yyadhi-nashini. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 10. O Devi chandika the destroyer of all diseases, please give to the devotees, who praise you with devotion, the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy their enemies.

11. Chandike satatam ye twam archyanteeh bhaktitah. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 11. O Devi Chandika, please, give those, who always worship you with devotion in this world, the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy their enemies.

12. Dehi saubhagyam-arogyam dehi, me param. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 12. O Devi, please give us good fortune, health, complete happiness, spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

13. Vidhehi dvishtam nasham vidhehi bala-muchchakeh. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 13. O Devi, please destroy those who hate your devotees, give me strength, the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

14. Vidhehi Devi kalyanam vidhehi paramam shriyama. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 14. O Devi, please confer upon us the benevolence, great wealth, the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

15. Surasur-Shiroratna nighrashti-charane ambike. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 15. O Devi Ambika, your lotus feet are rubbed by the gems of the crowns worn by Gods and demons. Please bestow upon us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

16. Vidyavantam yashasvantam laxmivantam janam kuru. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 16. O Devi, please make your devotees knowledgeable, glorified and wealthy and give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy their enemies.


17. Prachanda-daitya-darpaghne chandike pranataya me. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 17. O Devi, the destroyer of the ego of ferocious demons. O Chandike! Please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

18. Chaturbhuje chaturvaktra samstute parameshwari. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 18. O Parameshwari (The supreme Goddess) having four arms and who is praised by four-faced one (Brahmadeva) please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

19. Krishnen samstute Devi shashvad-bhaktya sada ambike. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 19. O Devi Ambika, who is ever praised with all devotion by Shri Krishna, please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

20. Himachal-sutanath-samstute parmeshwari. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 20. O Parameshwari, (The supreme Goddess) who is praised by the husband of the daughter of Himalayas (Shri Shiva) please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

21. Indranipati-sadbhava-poojite parmeshwari. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 21. O Parameshwari, who is worshipped with true feelings by the husband of Indrani (Indra) please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

22. Devi prachanda-dornanda-daitya darpa-vinashini. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 22. O Devi, the destroyer of pride of demons by your strong arms please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

23. Devi bhakta-jana-uddam-datta-anand-udai-ambike. Roopam dehi, jayam dehi yasho dehi, dvisho jahi. 23. O Devi Ambika, you enlighten the supreme joy (moksha) of your devotees, please give us the spiritual personality, the victory, the glory and destroy our enemies.

24. Patnim manoramam dehi manovritta-anusarineema. Tarineem durga-samsar-sagarasya kula udbhawama. 24. O Devi! please give me the wife, who is pleasing to mind, who goes according to the mind (obedient) and who can cross the most difficult of worldly ocean and who comes from a good family.


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