When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

I am very proud that I am a Woman August 13, 2013

Wisdom Quotes of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi“We are made by the Divine. But one should be very proud that you are women. I am very proud that I am a Woman. Because women can perform so many things which men cannot do. Woman is like a Mother Earth

So we can say the men are like the Sun. Both have to combine. But the Sun can be eliminated. But Earth cannot. The Sun is not there in the night. Still we exist. But look at the Mother Earth, how much She can bear. How much She can bear. See now She is so sensible. 

She creates beautiful flowers, beautiful trees, everything for us with out any grudge. And moreover that She nourishes us despite the fact we are doing so many sins against Her. But the Sun doesn’t want to become the Earth and Earth doesn’t want to become the Sun. Because they know they are stationed for a particular purpose.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – 9 July 1988, extract from formal talk to Sahaja Yogis, Paris, France.


Gravitation of Mother Earth April 1, 2011




Mother Earth Talk, Surbiton, UK September 12, 2010


Kundalini coming from Mother Earth December 14, 2009

“In the mid-1990’s,I heard Shri Mataji say at Sydney, Australia, that crop circles, for example, are a phenomenon that is happening through the activation of the Kundalini energy within the Earth itself. The activation of the Kundalini energy within the earth itself, which we can see externally, is also happening within the human body —- and Shri Mataji describes this activated Kundalini energy like this: “Because the powers are unlimited, it has gone into every atom and every molecule”.


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