When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

I don’t believe. I know. May 14, 2008

C.G. Jung was asked if he believes in God.

He answered: “I don’t believe. I know.”


The King May 7, 2008

A week ago I had a trip to Lion park- Johannesburg. It is a great experience to sense the King so close.

“So one has to understand that you are part and parcel of the heart of the universe.  One thing is essential that you have to be very flexible people.  You have to be flexibility of the heart cells.  Now heart has to pump.  It has to be strong, and surprisingly the lion is your emblem, so you have to have a lion’s heart.  And lion’s heart means he’s not afraid.  He’s the king and he lives like a king, like a lion.  And Leo as in astrology is a man who is extremely generous.  Lion-hearted.  Not afraid of anyone.  There should be no fear.”  – Shri Mataji



Buddha and four kinds of horses April 26, 2008

In one of the Agama Scriptures, there is the following passage:

The Buddha once told his monks that there were four kinds of horses. The first, upon seeing the shadow of the riding crop, is startled and forthwith follows the wish of its rider. The second, startled when the crop touches its hair, forthwith follows the wish of its rider. The third is startled after the crop touches its flesh. The fourth is awakened

only after the touch of the riding crop is felt in its bones.

The first horse is like the person who hears about the death of someone in a distant monastic community and forthwith feels aversion for things of the world. The next horse is like the person who hears of the death of someone within their own monastic community and then feels aversion for things of the world.

The third horse is like the person who hears of the death of someone near and dear to them and then feels aversion for things of the world. The fourth horse is like the

person whose own body experiences sickness and suffering, and only then feels aversion for things of the world.


Life has no… April 24, 2008

Spirit of Nirvana Satakam

I have no name

I am as fresh breeze of the mountains.

I have no shelter,

I am as the wandering waters.

I have no sanctuary,

Like the dark gods.

Nor am I in the shadow of deep temples.

I have no sacred books,

Nor am I well seasoned in tradition.

I am not in the incense mounting on high altars,

Nor in the pomp of ceremonies.

I am neither in the graven image

Nor in the rich chant of a melodious voice.

I am not bound by theories

Nor corrupted by beliefs.

I am not held in the bondage of religions.

Nor in the pious agony of their priests.

I am not entrapped by philosophies

Nor held in the power of their sects.

I am neither low nor high,

I am not the worshipper nor the worshipped.

I am free.

My song is the song of the river

Calling for the open seas,

Wandering, wandering.

I am life.

Life has no philosophy

No cunning system of thought.

Life has no religion

No adorations in deep sanctuaries.

Life has no god

Nor the burden of fearsome mystery.

Life has no abode,

Nor the aching sorrow of ultimate decay.

Life has no pleasure, no pain,

Nor the corruption of pursuing love.

Life is neither good or evil,

Nor the dark punishment of careless sin.

Life gives no comfort

Nor does it rest on the shrine of oblivion.

Life is neither spirit nor matter,

Nor is there the cruel division of action and inaction.

Life has no death,

Nor has it the void of loneliness in the shadow of time.

Free is the man who lives in the eternal.

For life is.


When you see life from within April 21, 2008

Your view of the world and the life that you see,
is totally the opposite of what it appears to be.
It’s not in the real world that we see all the time,
but it’s quietly happening in the back of your mind.

An opportunity is growing …to understanding yourself,
and you can’t even read it from the books on the shelf.
Light enters darkness, when you go that next step.
here’s something unique you must learn to accept.

The world as you see it …that great illusion,
is totally the opposite, and you must reach this conclusion.
You only go outward to get further in,
you only get further, when you see life from within.


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