When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Is the hell real? March 16, 2014

Below the Mooladhara Chakra, which I have shown you there down below, lies the most fearful area of Hell. It exists. It is there. We maybe not believe in it, but it is there, and it can be proved.
In the collective subconscious, as I have told you, when we die we get into it. Normally, not abnormally, but normally. Those people who have been extremely unhappy in life, who have been tortured and suppressed, who are being made very miserable and have a malice burning in their hearts, when they die they still have the vindictiveness and they want to make everyone else a miserable personality.
They can’t see happiness around. Such people, even if when they die they linger along in this area, which is not gone into the collective subconscious. The collective subconscious receives a normal personality who has just accepted death as a transition. Actually, when we die we really do not die, only part of us, the earth element drops down. And part of the water element also. But the rest of the elements that form this body, the different koshas, the Kundalini that goes out and the Atma that rises, all that put together as Soul you can call it, all that goes into the collective subconscious and starts going smaller and smaller.
Into the area of that collective subconscious, where it is to be placed for getting smaller and smaller. But the people who die, as I told you, as the great sufferers, with great desires and lust, very depraved and debased people, who indulge in alcoholism and drugs and sex, who make their life miserable, who are violent to themselves and not to others, who are not aggressive but are aggressed, who commit suicide, they do not go to the appointed place.
They stick on around and some of them are really busybodies. They try to torture other souls. All the mental cases that you find in this world, suffer from the obsession or the possession by these entities. We call them as Bhoot and Pashatra. You may not believe it because people don’t believe in Bhoots.
You believe it or not but they exist. These people are not ambitious people, but they are sly, they are mysterious, but they are afraid. So they try to find out this type of people, they enter into the psyche of such people and they make them even worse. They make their lives miserable and they make such a person absolutely abnormal. When the psychology starts treating such abnormal people they perhaps do not know what they are up to.
The psychologist, when they get in contact with such abnormal people, they themselves are influenced or contaminated, they catch. From these depraved and debased, lusty, sexy people, and they themselves become so abnormal. Because they seldom have any relationship with normal people, that they start putting up theories absolutely abnormal. An abnormal personality is made as a normal personality and is made to be accepted by everyone.
So they start with the theory that you should not suppress your desires, you should become very expressive and absolutely liberated as far as these desires are concerned. “All right, go ahead!” But they are not aware of the other side of the human beings, that those who do like this can get into the other trap and can become egoistical.
It starts as a trip of their Ego then, they become so egoistical that they forget what is saint, what is God, what is holiness. That is what has happened in the Western countries. Perhaps maybe the war, in the war so many people were killed like that, they must have possessed these people. And such patients must have gone to these psychologists and these psychologists must have come out with these unique ideas of psyche being conditioned if you tell them about religion.
Psyche is conditioned, no doubt. If you all the time tell the child “Don’t do this, don’t do that”, the child gets conditioned, no doubt. If you discipline a person too much, he might get conditioned, no doubt. But if you are a model yourself, if the father and mother both are the models of goodness then the child accepts it without being conditioned. This is the central path of evolution.”
Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Beyond Human Consciousness, Delhi ( India ), 23 February 1977

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