When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

How cancer starts ? July 27, 2014

“You’ll be amazed most of our diseases come from psychosomatic, like cancer, which are incurable mostly, cancerand we can say AIDS, all such which are supposed to be absolutely incurable and difficult, all that come with our connection, with our connection, which we are not sure of, with the left side. As we, you have seen here in picture, left side, I don’t know.

We know only the right side medical science and that too in such details, it is not necessary, you must also know the left side of a human being and about left side we are absolutely not aware. For example, a person who is mad, lunatic, he is in the lunatic asylum. He doesn’t get heart trouble, why? How has he got mad? What is his connection with ourselves? For example, you take a patient who is suffering, say, from cancer. We know a lot about cancer, no doubt, how virus is started and all that, that we know. But how cancer is caused no one knows and to what type of people cancer comes in, you don’t know.

Now these are two, as you see, there are two channels within us, one looks after the right side and one looks after the left side. Now if you have a problem in the left side then problems psychosomatic can come in. Supposing, your hand is broken or is there some sort of a physical problem then it’s all right. But when it is the complicated psychosomatic trouble then doctors cannot cure it, I am sorry to say. Because you don’t know the other side of it, what is affecting the patient to get this cancer, you don’t know. You will be happy to know in Sahaja Yoga cancer is curable, curable if it is at a very early stage it’s very easy but otherwise also. Specially blood cancer is absolutely curable.” – Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Doctor’s conference at AIIMS, New Delhi (India). 2 April 2002.



How cancer starts May 23, 2013

Left Side


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