When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

No idea of sinning, no idea of hell, no idea of Christ August 23, 2013

“You go anywhere, you will be surprised, how the faithful, simple-hearted people are misused by these churches. They are used for voting, they are used for money, for everything to such an extent that money was made, artificially counterfeited in billions by the church itself.

Such autocracies, such control, such authority they had that whatever they did was, the pope is infallible, whatever he does is alright. No idea of sinning, no idea of hell, no idea of Christ. Which was nothing but purity and innocence.

Christ had taken a hunter and hit all the people who were selling in front of the temple, because God can not be sold. They were not selling God, they were selling only goods, but he said the respect of the temple, talked about the respect of the temple.” –  Shri Mataji, New Delhi, India
25 December 1996



Christ came on this Earth to show that you have to become the Spirit August 13, 2013

“Christ has said very clearly that, “You are to be born again.” I mean the whole message of Christ’s life is realization because Judaism talked of the dharma, of the sustenance, of maintenance of the balance in the center. That also like the tree, that was very important. But then Christ came on this Earth to show that you have to become the Spirit. By His resurrection He showed that, and this is the message of Christ.

But Christianity, I don’t know how many people are seeking. They think that by going to church every morning … it’s finished. Or same with the Indians where it was said in every scripture, even about Vedas the first thing is said that, “Through this knowledge if you cannot seek your Spirit, it’s all useless.” – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Public Program, Hampstead Meeting House, London ( UK ), 23 October 1980.


10 Commandments for Kids February 7, 2013


Jesus and Kundalini July 15, 2012












I believe… April 19, 2012


Jesus: Pray to Abba Amma September 20, 2011

Gospel of holy twelve

Lection XIX

Jesus Teacheth How to Pray
Error Even In Prophets

1. As Jesus was praying in a certain place on a mountain, some of his disciples came unto him, and one of then said, Lord teach us how to pray. And Jesus said unto them, When thou prayest enter into thy secret chamber, and when thou hast closed the door, pray to Abba Amma Who is above and within thee, and thy Father-Mother Who seest all that is secret shall answer thee openly.


New Testament is much more dominated by Paul

We should remember that the New Testament, as we have it, is much more dominated by Paul than appears at first sight. As we read it, we come across the Four Gospels, of which Jesus is the hero, and do not encounter Paul as a character until we embark on the post-Jesus narrative of Acts. Then we finally come into contact with Paul himself, in his letters. But this impression is misleading, for the earliest writings in the New Testament are actually Paul’s letters, which were written about AD 50-60, while the Gospels were not written until the period AD 70-110. This means that the theories of Paul were already before the writers of the Gospels and coloured their interpretations of Jesus’ activities. Paul is, in a sense, present from the very first word of the New Testament.


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