When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

The Creative God of the Bible is described as feminine Spirit. February 3, 2010

“Spirit of God, in the original Hebrew, is ruah Elohim. Ruah, the word meaning, “Spirit,” is a feminine noun. Elohim is a grammatical feminine plural form of God. Nothing is said about a bearded old man in flowing white robes. What is said is that Spirit, denoted by a feminine word and a feminine plural word, is Creator and moves.

There is no fearsome Father to run from, no overbearing Mother, no absent parent to search for. Remind yourself, make a note if you need to: No matter what you might have heard before, the Creator is not a large man. This reminder will help clarify the Bible for you. The Creative God of the Bible is described as feminine Spirit.”

The Feminine Spirit: Recapturing the Heart of Scripture
By Lynne Bundesen


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