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It’s the flower stage, blossom time August 29, 2015

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Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, 1980-0908 The Dangers We Face 1980, Caxton Hall

For you this Universe was created, for you this Earth was created, no doubt. And today you are at a situation where you have to get out of this illusion. The time has come, everything is right. But on a tree if you notice the most delicate stage is that of a flower. Flower is the most delicate thing. The roots are tough, extremely tough: they penetrate through the land, hardest possible land; they go through different rocks and find their ways. But when it comes to the flower stage, it’s a very, very, delicate stage: though the whole creation just waits for that time. The whole tree works it out, and the tree creates that beautiful flower. It’s waiting for that time, that blossom time, when the flowers have to become the fruit. Now that is the time, that precarious time, that beautiful time, that fantastic, dynamic time is. But we do not know how delicate it is, and that’s how, we really play too much with ourselves.

Before realisation, you have seen people who have come to Me who had terrible mental problems; who were mentally deranged people absolutely, epileptic and of serious type. They got cured, they got their realisation, they settled back. You have seen people with cancer, with blood cancer, all kinds of physical troubles: they got their blessings, they got their realisation, they have settled back. You have seen people from very false gurus who have damaged their being completely, who have been mesmerised, who have been absolutely misled and lynched and have been made into you can say just cabbages. Such people also came to Sahaja Yoga and tried and prospered.

But again it’s the flower stage one must not forget, and that is the time one has to be very careful. At the blossom time only, imagine, the times are so precarious that the gardener has to worry that there should not be a hailstorm! And all the satanic forces have worked up in their fullest form, with their greatest strength, with all their tricks and methods, to curb down the progress of this creation into its fruitful happening. At such [a] precarious time one has to be very aware of all the dangers that we can face.



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