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We have to awaken Christ within ourselves April 10, 2015

” If you have to really come to resurrection then you must awaken Christ within yourself in the Agnya Chakra. If you cannot do it, all this enactment, even I have seen some people in Spain, they say, are enacting as crucified. I mean, this is mockery going on in this world. We are living with pretensions and falsehoods. All these things are going to take us nowhere. We have to face ourselves, we have to awaken Christ within ourselves. We have to bow to Him in full understanding of how great He is.

On the contrary, we always bend towards people who are pretentious, who make a circus out of Him. It’s amockery going on everywhere. This carrying the cross or any drama, I mean, it was such a miserable thing. And to enact it – I don’t know why people want to do that, I just can’t understand, I can’t bear it.

But I mean if you have feelings, you can see within yourself. It cannot be a ceremony, a ritual – to be sacrificed and to be resurrected. It’s the actuality, is the becoming, is not any drama. And people want to see a drama like that and be satisfied.

For us Sahaja Yogis it is important to understand the significance of Christ’s life.”

Shree Mataji Nirmlala Devi, 06.04.1980


Аbout (not) watching eclipses April 5, 2015

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“Like it is said in India, that if you see an eclipse of the sun then you get, and if you are pregnant, then the child becomes deformed.  And if you see an eclipse of the moon, and you are pregnant, then the child becomes mentally deranged also.  Because nature has a great play upon our life, which we should understand.”

(HH Shri Mataji – Italian Interview part 2) – founder of Sahaja Yoga


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Introduction to Sahaja Yoga April 4, 2015

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Catholic Family Services likes Sahaja Yoga March 27, 2015


Happy Birthday Holly Mother March 21, 2015

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Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi – 21 March 1923 

Happy Birthday Holly Mother


Sahaja Yoga in “Free Press Journal” – Mumbai

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An article on Sahaja Yoga which appeared in “Free Press Journal” dated 21-03-2015Free Press



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