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People still live on mental level January 19, 2015

“What you have to do is to understand how to correct your chakras, and you must understand how to work out your machines. Perhaps people still live on mental level and try to solve problems on mental level. And that’s why all the problems start coming up. Now, if you have a problem with any chakras or there is anything catching, or you find that there is something wrong, no use working it out on any other level but spiritual level. Some people believe that if they have dressed up like something, or if they outwardly behave like something, they become that. That is not true. Like we have hippies in the West and they think that they have become primitive. You do not become primitive by believing into it, because you are so overdeveloped that you cannot become primitive. So by just doing something mentally, we do not become.”

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi – 16 January 1983


Kundalini January 11, 2015


Jesus in India – Documentary by Indian Govt December 24, 2014

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Christ is born within us, and the Bethlehem is within us

“So, today, at this juncture, when we are celebrating the great event of Christ’s life, let us know that Christ is born within us, and the Bethlehem is within us.  You don’t have to go to Bethlehem, it’s within us.  He is there, and we have to look after it. It’s still a child.  You have to respect it, and youhave to look after it.  So the light … really glows and people know that you are realized souls.  Nobody will doubt that you are not.  May God bless you all” (HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Talk at Caxton Hall, London, 10.12.1979)


Remember Him morning, evening, every time December 22, 2014

“Remember Him morning, evening, every time. Remembering Christ brings down your ego very much. He did everything that was possible that you should not develop your ego. Everything that was possible. He was born as an ordinary carpenter’s son. Lived in the most ordinary conditions. Kept Himself behind the whole scene. He could have been born as Roman Emperor.

He could have been anybody there. But no He was born Himself. You know that He took his birth in a place where even ordinary people do not take their births. But, there also the light was there. Wherever He was born there was light and joy. And this is the thing we have to know, that we have lost the joy because we have forgotten God Almighty.

When we forget Him, that He is love and He is joy, naturally joy is also forgotten. And then we see people are not at all happy. They have affluence, they have money, they have everything, but still they are not happy. All the time they are in such a mess that you don’t know how to talk to them. If you say this word they’ll be angry. If you say that word they’ll be angry.

They are not at all normal human beings. They are sick people. Sick with their ego. It’s a very simple thing is to ask for forgiveness. How many times do we do that? Not even once a day, not even once a month, not even once a year. Even on a Christmas day if we could say, ‘Forgive us Oh Lord for whatever we have done so far.’ It will work out.”

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi – 18 December 1978, extract from public programme, Caxton Hall, London, UK.


Truth, it is not to be tolerated; it is to be enjoyed November 23, 2014

“Some people thought that Christianity would work out. Others thought that Islam might work out. Some thought it was Buddhism that is going to help us and some thought it is some other religion will help us, like Jainism or Zen. Now, if you really see all these human endeavors from a detached mind you will find that there is something missing in them. There are psychologists who said that it is the sex energy which is important and we should not be conditioned. So they used their ego to express themselves without any conditioning. And the others who believed that it is the will power that is important and you must develop your will power. But one should know that truth cannot be two. It has to be absolute. And the point at which we are today, we are absolutely diversified. So, we developed a new, another system by which we say we should be tolerant of everyone. We must tolerate everything; there should be coexistence of everyone. But it is a very vicarious imbalance. Any day it may blow off. Every moment there’s a danger that the whole thing might blow off; this tolerance might just topple down from this side to that side.
India is the greatest democracy – I have seen the democracy part of it. I have seen all the democracies of the world because I had a chance to visit most of them. I have seen all – most of the totalitarian governments, also the communist regimes all over the world. And I feel all of them have missed the point. In none of these organizations, people are happy. We can see clearly that there is a kind of a dearth everyone feels. If somebody thinks that fire is too much to burn the body you jump in the frying pan – it’s just the same. So this so-called tolerance also has no basis. On the contrary, in this tolerance we might even tolerate horrible people who are demonic. So the modern times, as we see, are full of confusion. No one knows who is right, who is wrong. It is all a relative world we live in. Everyone thinks that they are the best, and at the most they can tolerate each other. If it is Truth, it is not to be tolerated; it is to be enjoyed.[…]
We cannot establish any religion out of fear. Religion is within ourselves. It is to be awakened; it is the sustenance within us. If it is awakened we do not do anything that is wrong. In darkness if we are – we may bang at each other; we may do anything. But in the Light we know relatively how we stand to each other and there is no need to have toleration. Only the blind have to talk of toleration because they have to save themselves and save others because they are blind.”
Shree Mataji, Nirmala Devi, Public Program, Geneva ( Switzerland ), 30 August 1983

Kundalini is November 11, 2014

“This Kundalini is absolute dharma, is absolute righteousness, absolute purity, ideal most personality that you could think of, which doesn’t tolerate any nonsense, falsehood, untruth, anything like that. She’s Nirmala you can call Her. She is pure. She’s purity personified. She doesn’t accept any nonsense, no compromise. She is within you. See how beautiful you are. She’s not afraid of anyone. She cannot be enticed, enchanted or tempted by anything. And She loves. But Her love is that pure that nothing is higher for Her than Her own love. She never reconciles to anything. And She’s the one who is going to give you your Self-Realization.”

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi – 11 November 1979, extract from public programme, Caxton Hall, London, UK.


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