When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Knowledge is to understand who you are-Yunus Emre (1238-1320) September 11, 2008

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Knowledge is to understand

To understand who you are.

If you know not who you are

What’s the use of learning?

The aim in learning is

To understand God’s Truth.

Because without knowledge

It is wasted hard labour.

Do not say: I know it all,

I am obedient to my God.

If you know not who God is

That is sheer idle talk.

Twenty-eight syllables

You read from end to end.

You name the first `alpha”

What can it possibly mean?

Yunus Emre says also

Let me receive what I need.

The best possible thing

Is to find perfect peace.

Yunus Emre (1238-1320)


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