When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Jesus, Mohamed, Abraham and Moses are relatives September 17, 2011

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Shri Mataji – Washington DC Public Program 1999 May 14, 2010


Priest robs bank September 23, 2009

A priest stole the equivalent of some 1,000 euros from a bank after having terrorized a woman cashier with a knife.

The robbery took place in Szamotuły, western Poland.  The man was detained shortly afterwards by police, whereby he introduced himself as a priest.

On making an ID check it turned out that he is indeed a priest, recently working in a parish in Białogard, northern Poland, though at present he is currently without any permanent assignment.

He is facing a prison sentence of up to several years.


O saint Khwaja reside in my heart May 18, 2008

This song is dedicated to Hazrat Khawaja Nizamuddin Auliya (1238 – 3 April 1325) also known as Hazrat Nizamuddin, was a famous Sunni Sufi saint of the Chishti Order in India.


Khwaja mere Khwaja – lyrics – English Translation

Khwajaji, khwaja
(O saint khwaja)
Khwajaji, khwaja, khwaja ji
(O saint khwaja) ; (O saint khwaja)
Ya gharib nawaz
(The one who cherishes/soothes the poor)
Ya moinuddin, ya khwaja ji
(O Moinuddin Chisti), (O khwaja saint)
Khwaja mere khwaja
(O saint khwaja)
Dil mein sama ja
(Reside in my heart)
Shaho ka shah tu
(You are the king of kings)
Ali ka dulara
(Ali’s beloved)
Khwaja mere khwaja dil mein sama ja
(O saint khwaja); (Reside in my heart)
Beqaso ki taqdeer, tune hai sawari
(The destiny of the ones in despair, you have changed for the better)
Khwaja mere khwaja
(O saint khwaja)
Tere darbar mein khwaja
(At your door, o khwaja)
Door toh hai dekha
(I’ve seen it from afar)
Sar jhuka te hai auliya
(Your confidents/protectors/confessors bow down to you)
Tu hai Hindalwali khwaja
(You are the hindalwali Khwaja)
Rutba hai pyara
(Your status is glorious/great)
Chahne se tujhko khwaja ji mustafa ko paya
(By wishing/worshipping you Khwaja, I have found Muhammad [the chosen one])
Khwaja mere khwaja
(O saint khwaja)
Dil mein sama ja
(Reside in my heart)
Shaho ka shah tu
(You are the king of kings)
Ali ka dulara
(Ali’s beloved)
Mere peer ka sadka
(The alms of my old age)
Hai mere peer ka sadka
(It is the charity of my old age)
Tera daaman hai thama
(That I have come in your refuge)
Tali har bala humari
(All my problems/crisis have been averted)
Chaya hai khumar tera
(Your trance is all over me)
Jitna bhi rashk kare beshak
(No matter how much one may envy (rashk) be jealous)
Toh kam hai ae mere khwaja
(Its just too less, o khwaja)
Tere kadmo ko mere rehnuma nahi chodna gawara
(Its not acceptable(gawara) , o my guide(rehnuma), to leave your feet(kadmo)now.)
Khwaja mere khwaja
(O saint khwaja)
Dil mein sama ja
(Reside in my heart)
Shaho ka shah tu
(You are the king of kings)
Ali ka dulara
(Ali’s beloved)
Khwaja mere khwaja dil mein sama ja
(O saint khwaja); (Reside in my heart)
Beqaso ki taqdeer, tune hai sawari
(The destiny of the ones in despair, you have changed for the better)





I.2  Yogas- citta-vrtti-nirodhah

yogah = process of yoking; union

citta = consciousness

vrtti = patterning, turnings, movements

nirodhah = stilling, cessation, restriction

Yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness.

May be this is the most popular sentence from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. How many of us can really experience this state? Are we looking to achieve this state? Believe me, I had a chance to be there and it is beyond description.

I am not so satisfied from Sanskrit translation as well. Please find below some clarifications from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

“’Chit’ is the attention, the ‘Consciousness’.  You are just now conscious and listening to me.  Every minute, you are conscious.  But every moment is becoming dead into the past.  Every moment is coming from the future to the present.  But you are conscious at this moment and are listening to me”.

“I do not know what is the word for ‘Vritti’ in English language.  It is not ‘aptitude’ but a person gets ‘prone’ to, or his Attention is dragged to – I do not know if there is a word in the English language for Vritti. Vritti means a temperament by which you are drawn to.  Whatever is your temperament, it acts like that.

For example, if you see a man walking, say, blindly, he cannot see things.

One person may get angry with that person.

Another may have pity for that person.

Third man may come forward to help him out.

Is the vritti, is the temperament you have developed through your three Gunas.

That is why this Attention becomes identified with you, and when you are identified with this, your vritti, your temperament then you are still in a misidentified area.”

“But for a Sahaja Yogi the most important thing is : ‘you must save your attention’. Is called as Chitta Nirodha. Nirodha : saving of your attention. ” Where is it going, It’s such a precious thing for me. Were is it running” ?

Then how do you save your attention ? Is through concentration. Concentrate. Try to concentrate. Don’t allow your attention to wobble. Gradually you will develop concentration”.

I hope with these clarifications it will be easy for you to comprehend the message of Maharishi Patanjali.

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So childish. 😦

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“You know King Janaka was called ‘Vidheha’. Great sage Narada asked him one day, Revered Sir, how are you called as Vidheha, you live in this world, how can you be a Vidheha?

Raja Janaka said, “this is very simple. I will tell you about it in the evening. Now, please do this little job for me. There is milk in this bowl. You take this bowl & come along with me. Please see that not a single drop of milk is spilled on the Earth. Then only I will tell you why I am called ‘Vidheha’. Narada took the bowl & followed Janaka everywhere. He had to be very careful because the bowl was such that by the slightest movement the milk might have spilled. He got very tired. When they returned in the evening, Narada asked ‘Please tell me now, I am quite fed up with carrying this bowl & following you everywhere at the same time.

Raja Janaka said, “First of all tell me what you have seen?’

Narada, “Nothing except this bowl of milk so that it won’t spill.”

Raja Janaka, “Didn’t you see, there was a big procession in my honour, then there was a court wherein, there was programme of dancing? Didn’t you see anything?

Narada said, “No sir, I have not seen anything”

Raja Janaka, “My child, likewise with Me, I also see nothing. All the time, I just watch my attention. Where is it going? Making sure that it won’t spill away like the milk.”

“This sort of attention one has to develop. ‘CHITTA NIROD’. Nirod means the saving of your attention, so your attention should not be on saving money & worldly things and all that, but attention itself must be saved. As you watch your money, as you watch your road, when you drive, as you watch your child, when it is growing, as you watch the beauty of your wife, or the care of your husband, all put together you watch yourself; your attention.”




John 3:3
In reply Jesus declared, “I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.”
John 3:2-4 (in Context) John 3 (Whole Chapter)
John 3:7
You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’
John 3:6-8 (in Context) John 3 (Whole Chapter)
Do you think that born again is certificate like in the school or should be something more? We can say thousands times “I am born again” but still is nothing more than a lip service.
Christ clearly specified how this can happen.
“5Jesus answered, “I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit. 6Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. 7You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ 8The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”
This happening should take place inside within us not outside. Where is the location of the Spirit and the Water within us?
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After the initial raising of the Kundalini (self realization) you may feel many things.  
You will likely feel some tingling or numbness on the fingertips.  As the Kundalini rises
it informs you through your central nervous system if there are any blockages on
your chakras.  See the section on Chakras to find out more information on the

It can be felt as a cool breeze in the palm of your hands or you may feel a slight
coolness at the top of your head.  It also starts a flow of divine grace inside us.  For
the first time we can feel the presence of the divine. It purifies the attention of the
person and establishes this awareness in the state of meditation.  You may also feel
some heat – this is the Kundalini cleaning some obstructions on your chakras – it is
not painful at all.
The Kundalini knows everything about you.  Whatever chakra she touches, she
knows what is wrong with that chakra before hand and she adjusts herself fully so
that you do not get a problem by the awakening.  If any chakra is constricted, she
waits and goes on slowly opening that chakra.
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DAY OF WRATH March 16, 2008


Verdi’s Requiem

Dies irae

Eternal rest grant them, O lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
A hymn becometh Thee, o god, in Sion,
and a vow shall be paid to Thee in Jerusalem;
o hear my prayer.
all flesh shall come to Thee.
Eternal rest grant them, o Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
Lord have mercy on us,
Christ have mercy on us,
Lord have mercy on us

Tuba mirum

Wondrous sound the trumpet flingeth,
Through earth’s espulchres it ringeth,
All before the throne it bringeth.
Death is struck and nature quacking,
All creation is awaking,
To its Judge an answer making

Liber scriptus

Lo! the book exactly worded,
Wherein all hath been recorded,
Thence shall judgement be awarded.
When the Judge his seat attaineth,
And each hidden deed arraigneth,
Nothing unavenged remaineth.

Quid sum miser

What shall I, frail man, be pleading?
Who for me be interceding,
When the just are mercy needing?

Rex tremendae

King of majesty tremendous,
Who dost free salvation send us,
Fount of pity, then befriend us.


Think, kind Jesu, my salvation
Caused thy woundrous incarnation;
Leave me not to reprobation.
Faint and wary thou has sought me,
on the cross of suffering bought me,
Shall such grace be vainly brought me?
Righteous Judge, for sin’s pollution,
Grant thy gift of absolution,
Ere that day of retribution.


Guilty now I pour my moaning,
All my shame with anguish owning;
Spare, o God, Thy suppliant groaning.
Through the sinful woman shriven,
Through the dying thief forgiven,
thou to me a hope hast given.
Worthless are my prayers and sighing,
Yet, good Lord, in grace complying,
Rescue me from fires undying.
With Thy favoured sheep o place me,
Not among the goats abase me,
But to Thy right hand upraise me.


When the wicked are confounded,
Doomed to flames of woe unbounded,
Call me, with Thy saints sorrounded.
Low I kneel, with heart submission,
See, like ashes my contrition,
Help me in my last condition.


Ah, that day of tears and mourning!
From the dust of earth returning,
Man for judgement must prepare him;
Spare, o god, in mercy spare him.
Lord, all pitying, Jesu blest,
Grant them Thine eternal rest.


Lord Jesus Christ, king of glory,
deliver the souls of all the faithful departed
from the pains of hell, and from the deep pit.
Deliver them from the lion’s mouth,
lest hell swallow them up,
lest they fall into darkness;
and let the standard bearer, St. Michael,
bring them into the holy light.
Which Thou didst promise of old to Abraham
and his seed.
We offer Thee, o lord,
a sacrifice of praise and prayer;
Accept them on behalf of the souls
we commemorate this day.
And let them, o lord. pass from death to life.
Which thou didst promise of old to Abraham
and his seed.
Deliver the souls of the faithful
from the pains of hell.
Let them pass from death to life.


Holy, holy, holy,
Lord of hosts,
heaven and earth
are full of thy glory.
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed is he that cometh
in the name of the Lord.
Heaven and earth
are full of thy glory.
Hosanna in the highest.

Agnus Dei

Lamb of god,
who takest away the sins of the world,
Grant them rest.
Grant them eternal rest.

Lux Aeterna

Let eternal light shine upon them, O lord,
with Thy saints for ever,
for Thou art merciful.
Eternal rest grant them, O lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them

Libera me

Deliver me, o Lord from everlasting death
on that dreadful day,
when the heavens and the earth shall be moved.
When thou shalt come to judge the world by fire.
I quake with fear and I tremble,
awaiting the day of account and the wrath to come.
That day, the day of anger,
of calamity, of misery,
that great day and most bitter.
Eternal rest grant them, o lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.


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