When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

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Purification of Swadhistana chakra May 24, 2008

From couple of months my attention was to find relations between different asanas and chakras.

Couple of days ago I start my meditation with couple of minutes in Padmasana (Lotus Pose) and after I remain in  Siddhasana.

My personal feeling was very quick purification of Swadhistana chakra, specially the right side.

During this exercise, please use your vibratory awareness and discrimination. 

Good luck. 



SELF – CONFIDENCE April 11, 2008

The word ‘Self – Confidence’ has got a great meaning. When we say lack of ‘Self – Confidence’, it means lack of understanding one’s own Self. And why do we fail to do that is because we don’t know how much power each individual has within himself.

Following is an attempt to understand our real inner -self and how understanding of that helps us build up the Self – Confidence and thus become a Fearless person.

The lack of Self – Confidence within a person implies some obstruction on the 4th Centre ( Anahata / Heart Chakra ). After Self – Realization, when this Heart chakra is enlightened, divine vibrations start flowing through this chakra.

These divine vibrations make you feel strong and make you confident of taking the right decisions. You can take the right decisions because of the wisdom that developes within you with the enlightenment of the 1st Centre ( Mooladhara Chakra ).

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