When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Earth’s An Intelligent Being February 19, 2022

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Earth’s An Intelligent Being That Holds Universe’s Secrets, Suggests New Study

Shri Mataji: Now, the subtle side of Mother Earth is the Kundalini. She is expressed within us as Kundalini.

What does this mean for humans?

Adam Frank, co-author of the paper from the University of Rochester in a press release claimed that “we don’t yet have the ability to communally respond in the best interests of the planet.” Frank was referring to human activities on Earth that are currently causing radical changes on the planet – be it in the form of climate change, pollution, or resource exploitation.

Earth ecosystemsiStock

According to Frank, such enquiries into the Earth’s invisible mind could help humans become responsible in terms of how we treat the planet and its abundant resources. In addition, he believes that this might help humans find aliens.


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