When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Yoga Kshema Ananya November 23, 2015

Shri Krishna has said in His “Gita” – you must know that Shri Krishna was a diplomat, He was not a mother, and He knew human beings how they are. He wanted them to go round and round to find out the truth, because nobody likes a straightforward statement.

At that time specially He just told it to Arjuna. He said three things for them, in which see His diplomacy, if you can see through the lines, is first one He said that you must get to gyana. He was not a good salesman because salesman will never tell you the best thing first, but He said you should take to gyana. That is what it is. “Gyana” means this knowledge on your central nervous system.

But the second thing He said, that you should do bhakti, “Whatever fruit or flower or water you give Me, I’ll take it, but you must do bhakti which is ananya.” Now if you know Sanskrit, “ananya” – when you are not the other, when you are a realized soul.

If you are not connected, what is the bhakti on you? Many people complain, “Mother, I have been fasting, I have been doing this, I did this, and see my condition. I have become a nervous wreck.” It’s not the mistake of God; you are not yet connected. It’s a simple thing like a telephone.

If the telephone is not connected, what’s the use of telephoning? You’ll spoil the telephone. So bhakti without the connection is wrong, that’s why Krishna has said it, “Yoga kshema vam aham” – “First yoga, then kshema.” First you must achieve your yoga and then your benevolence will come; otherwise it won’t work out. Very subtly He has put yoga first. Why didn’t He say “kshema – yoga”?

Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi, Public Program. Madras (India). 6 December 1991


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