When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

What is yoga? April 27, 2014

QUESTION: My first question to you is what is yoga?

SHRI MATAJI: Yoga is actually it means that union with the Divine, with the Divine Power which surrounds us. We are not aware of it, but it is described in all the religions that there is an all-pervading power of Divine Love and that is what one has to get connected to. That is real yoga.
The other yogas that people talk of Patanjali are for thousand s of years, long time back. He started to give this yoga when first the physical thing with this should come, one thing. Then mental fitness should come. Then emotional fitness should come. How to establish that was the point. And it used to take a lot of time and the tradition was that only one person needs to get the Self Realization.

The reason may be, perhaps I think, they used to, first of all, evaluate the personality and then give Realization because if you give to anybody else and they might misuse i ÿt and try to exploit people. That would be another reason. Another thing was formerly people used to all torture all the saints. Any where in the world, if you see the history, saints are all tortured. Real saints, they are all tortured.

So maybe they might be afraid that they should be so prepared, so equipped that they can bear all the torture. That might be the reason. But it was the traditional way. They used to give Self Realization to only one person, but when I was born I found out that it doesn’t work if you have Self Realization for one person and time has come to give en masse Realization.

So what I did only thing that I put in as my effort that I worked on the various peoples, personality and their kundalini and tried to find out what are the permutations and combinations that torture these people. Why can’t they get Realization? And by 1970 I found out the method which it is very easy to raise the kundalini of all the people.
That is how it is working. So Sahaja Yoga means saha means with  , ja means born. Born with you is the right actually it’s the right or everybody [???] to get this yoga.

Press Conference. Sutton Place Hotel, Vancouver (Canada), 27 June 1999.


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