When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

What are chakras? June 26, 2013

“The chakra are according to our awareness in different state. For example for a doctor or for all of us, we know that we have plexuses in our body, you know we have different plexus’s. 

Like you can say pelvic plexus, we’ve got solar plexus, we’ve got aortic plexus, we have got cardiac plexus, we have got cervical plexus, you have got optic chiasma, you’ve got limbic area, to act on you can say pituitary and pineal body at optic chiasma, and then you have got limbic area where your have got certain points that are active. 

This every doctor knows because they have even tested limbic area of some monkeys and they found that if you excite the limbic area of the monkeys they feel very joyous there’s electricity. So all these chakras in the body of a human being are only felt as gross expressions, which we call as plexus in the parasympathetic and sympathetic channels.

They’re all connected as I’ve told you, that the sympathetic comes from both the sides and creates the central channel and that is the parasympathetic. It depends on the balance of both these sympathetic, that the parasympathetic works out well.
When the balance brakes up any balance can upset both of them, and when it is completely broken then they become on their own, and that is how it is the complete so called, liberation of man from Gods grace.

Once he is completely liberated from that thing he starts falling into the state of, as you call them rakshas, he goes to hell, I mean he goes to the other kind of awareness where there is no feeling, no consciousness of conscious. He doesn’t think twice, he can kill hundred people without even feeling bad about it. He looses all his emotional side and also he looses all his wisdom. What remains in him is his own ambitions and his own desires (inaudible) and he goes on without feeling any compunction or any binding from the Divine or his own dharma.

So these chakras are very important for us because first of all they give us the balance for our everyday existence. They give us God, and we can think of subtle things and abstract things. This all comes through the help of the chakras. 

If you ask Me if the animals have the chakras, they have but they don’t have all of them separated, sometimes they’re confused chakras and all the chakras are not separated from each other, and they are not all opened out because of their evolutionary process is not yet complete. But some animals I’ve seen have got their awakened Kundalini and they’re realized animals I’ve seen.” – Shri Mataji, 26.01.1977


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