When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

How to meditate according Devi Bhagavatam May 21, 2013

1-5. The Devî said:–Getting up from the bed early in the morning, one is to meditate on the thousand petalled lotus, bright, of the colour of camphor, in the top part his brain on the head. On this he should remember his S’rî Guru, very gracious looking, well decorated with ornaments, with His Consort S’akti and bow down to Him and within Him he should meditate the Kundalinî Devî thus —

“I take refuge unto that Highest S’akti Kundalinî, of the nature of the Supreme Consciousness, Who is manifest as Chaityana while up-going to the Brahmarandhra (the aperture supposed to be at the crown of the head, through which the soul takes its flight at death) and Who is of the nature of nectar while returning back in the Susumnâ canal. After meditating thus, he should meditate on the Blissful Form of Mine within the Kundalinî Fire situated in the Mulâdhâra Lotus (coccygeal lotus).


4 Responses to “How to meditate according Devi Bhagavatam”

  1. dr ak Says:

    can sy change the mind of evil doers and house breakers?I asked this Qn to Adi Shakti at Ramlila ground in 2002/still find game goes on?

  2. Peter Says:

    GOD give us free will.

  3. crystal Says:

    crystal askes why did God give us free will ?

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