When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Personal experience by @library April 17, 2012

I would like to share my personal experiences with Sahaja Yoga.

When I was twelve I first asked myself, what is God, who am I, and what is this ?
Gradually I started to grow and I studied those who I respected, but I felt a need to be carefull and searched with an approach that everything must be verified within.
I continued to seek and grow.

When I was 16, I stayed at a friends house and (unknowingly to me) he was a Sahaja Yogi. When I stayed in the guest room I noticed a picture of an Indian Women (Shri Mataji). I asked about it and so my friend gave me a documentary about Her which I watched at home, but I did not pay much more attention to it after.

A couple of days later, my Kundalini rose spontaneously. During the day I felt like my perception had suddenly changed. The same evening, I stumbled upon a paragraph of the Bible, the acts of the Apostles chapter 2 which describes a wind that sits in each Apostle. As I read the paragraph, I felt an energy rise through my body emiting a breeze out of both my hands and out the top of my head in a circular shape. . After the experience, I walked around for a couple of days a bit confused, but my entire paradigm had changed. At first I thought maybe I had hypnotised myself, but clearly a transformation had taken place and I would continue to often feel my Kundalini working.
After about a week I felt the need to tell someone so I told that friend of mine what I had experienced, surprised he shared with me a link of Sahaja Yoga and I read an exact description of what I had felt.

That was 5 years ago. Since then Sahaja Yoga has helped me grow on many levels. I have left many addictions behind, I have developed better relationships with all my family, my school had suddenly improved dramatically, I was much more effective in general, more peaceful, consistent, happier and innocent. Do I owe this to Sahaja Yoga? Yes absolutely. Have I seen the same thing happen to people around me such as friends and family? Yes.

I had the chance last year to see Shri Mataji in person. That to me got rid of any doubts of my mind. When Sahaja Yogi’s talk about a cool breeze, it is not changes in the air or anything, I have felt my Kundalini rise outside with strong winds and I could feel the difference between the wind emerging from my hands from my Kundalini and that of the surrounding winds. This breeze is very specific and is felt when one’s kundalini goes through the Sahasrara.

There is so much negativity in this thread against Sahaja Yoga so I decided to briefly share this as I am clearly an outsider.

So in short I don’t really get what a cult is as from my understanding almost anything can be defined as one. I do not think Sahaja Yoga is dangerous at all, on the contrary based on my own experiences and searching it is the most effective way for spiritual growth. To be honest, I don’t really mind what it is labelled, as I will be forever grateful no matter what others say…

May God Bless you all.


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