When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Shri Mataji as received in Heaven – Cristian’s dream March 1, 2012

Shri Mataji as received in Heaven

Cristian’s dream Visan, Bucharest

In February 2011, when the mother has chosen to take Mahasamadhi, and I was among the mourners by Shri Adi Shakti. I thought then that it broke a part of me that I was not myself. On the computer all the farewell ceremony, which is broadcast online (due to the professionalism of Canadians and Italians), I opened a window and entered a chat room Sahaja. I entered into conversation with Sahaja-Yoga in Arizona (USA). When he asked what I do, I answered briefly with an icon that cry. Sahaja-Yoga That told me that it is pointless to complain that this is its form of Shri NIRAKARA (The formless) ……. and I should not worry, be happy and glad that I had the opportunity to know the dancers and teaching Dance. I now understand the depth of the message, because I was too sad. However, the words stuck with me and continued to bother me for months and I resound in mind: “They are in the form of Shri Nirakara” …. mind was something that was knocked

In October 2011, a meditation evening, after the necessary purification, comes to mind and write his mother a plea: “Mother, I may be too daring, I may be a little naughty, but I want to know how much you were received in Heaven? “. Time passed, I forgot about the desire addressed to the Divine, but never forgot the Divine and one night I had a dream.

The dream started with a voice told me: “I have no LIFE or DEATH, for I (n: Shri Mataji) are UNIVERSE!” Then I saw the blue space. The landscape was fascinating! I saw an uprise, with two hills, which were two men dressed in white, who rolled a beautiful multicolored carpet. Suddenly a white angel (not: the role of messenger) came running over and cried aloud: “OUR LADY COMES! OUR LADY COMES! …… United also announced! … A man then gave the following command: “Prepare Honor Guard!!” And then: “Be Ready!” Then people dressed in white (which formed the Guard of Honor) were placed in position ” Japanese sit “(the knee), his lit candle in front of them and waited for that before a Puja. There was a silence.

When given the command: “Be ready!”, Who formed the Guard of Honor made a semi-kneeling as a final Transylvanian folk dance, forming a belt good angels who were holding hands and everyone was right one candle. This was the first (R1). Follow the second row (R2), composed of men and women sariuri Kurt, standing in Namaste. Third row (R3) was composed of men and women with plates with colorful flower petals. Fourth row (R4) was formed by a choir of angels with violin in hand, to interpret a song of meditation. Fifth row (R5) consisted of men who had some trumpet and had the mission to announce the arrival of the convoy. Sixth row (R6) were some balls white protective yellow halo.
The convoy comes to meditation music suddenly stops and all the trumpets begin to sound Anthem Honor of the Heavenly Kingdom. Choir and those present began to cry, and their voices were heard as if in echo: Victory to Durga Kali Mata! Victory to Durga Kali Mata! …… Durga Mata Kali!


Line 1 …… Shri Ganesha wearing short trousers and western yellow blue and had a whistle and play a rhythmic dance, being in great joy, being completely absorbed by the song.

Line 2: two men who sang the Dolac

Line 3: a lot of people in traditional costumes from all over the world. They were people of all races: white, black, Asian, etc.., Who held hands like a dance in line. And artistic band that consisted of many such people who danced and advancing rhythmically, forming the hub many people line danced before.

Line 4: a man dressed in white, Kurt, who was playing the board, complete this whole music hub.

Line 5: On the left I saw it on Shri Kali. She was blue as blue can not describe ….. something like Voronet blue, but it was not that color was beautiful ….. was heavenly … more. She was dressed like Roman army commanders, with silver armor, the Roman military dress knee. Golden crown on her forehead, the ones that are offered Mother the Puja. The right nostril was a ring, some gold ornaments, which it bears and Indian ladies. Hands and feet have bracelets. She was shod with shoes of Greco-Roman type. Throughout the parade, she welcomed the crowd coming, with Namaste. Namaste He only smiled and held hands and looked carefully, very carefully. When I saw it, I started to cry ….. Shri Kali smile!!! ……… Was too much for my small mind. I started to cry: “Mother Kali ….. You smile?! …….. Where you are ghirlada (skulls) and belt (the devils hands), and skull scepter with sickle. I know you with tongue out and blood red. She looked at me, gave me wipe my tears and said: “HERE ARE AMONG MY CHILDREN. HERE ARE REALLY … HOME! How can I, my dear, leave Sochi? That’s arsenal for the devil, not for them!
In the center I saw it on Shri Durga, dressed in a red jump, adorned with many ornaments, jewelry and weapons, standing astride the lion SEMIASANĂ on EI, which went disciplined.
Shri MahaSaraswati right dressed in a white jump, adorned with many ornaments, jewelry and weapons, standing astride the Tigris SEMIASANĂ on EI, which went disciplined, but when his fierce snarling, but every time mother care to make them observation reins: hăţul gently pulled ….. and boy, have no choice but to obey. Does not care much discipline, compared with Leo, but mother is smoothly without problems. I forgot to mention, a male tiger was beautiful, impressive INDIAN TIGER. (See breed Indian film SANDOKAN, TIGR MALAYEZIEI-1983).

Line 6: I saw someone color of the sky when the storm comes (the dark blue), with a golden diadem, with some eye frumoţi. DANCE flute, a song only he knew. I realized that I was in front of Shri Krishna, who smiled very mysterious, with underlying meaning.
Behind Shri Krishna, I saw a man in an arc by taking it with your hands above your head. The man at Vidraru! The man at Vidraru! The man at Vidraru! … I cried then. “ERROR”, I said a voice! “The man at Vidraru, as you call it, not man, but woman is the sister …… and Shri Krishna.” I realized with amazement that Shri VISHNUMAYA. Dressed in an orange Punjabi. Electric arc that was golden, buzzing and the thickness of a plum tree trunk. That voice told me: “See electricity, why? …. With so much energy going to bow to judge people … who need and how should …. and, by the mercy of Mother, they reach only a trickle.

Line 7: A traditional peasant sleigh pulled by two large swans, made his appearance. Sania was adorned with garlands of white flowers necklaces, pink and red. In sledge back seat …. was Shri Mataji. My mother was dressed in a white jump and have identity Dance years 1970-1985. She held his hand to his mouth and looked carefully at all the others, like a teacher who once called the catalog, watch if all, if not omitted any student jumped.
Sania was surrounded by ladies jump.
The left slide was Shri ……. BHAIRAVA (Michael) ….. was dressed like an athlete (SHORT SHIRTS +) carrying the Olympic flame. The Olympic flame of E identical to that of the Statue of Liberty in NY
Right …… sled was Shri Hanuman (GABRIEL) …… with his club ball with spring steel arrow tip. Steel ball was adorned with a small number of square pyramids in the middle. I saw with surprise that he held in November Gada as we stick to Aarti. He wore shoulder disciplined with only 4 fingers, 5th (of Anahata right) was on upright heart. I was told somewhere that he keeps his finger as a sign of appreciation to Shri Rama, that only in moments of stand-by. Shri Hanuman always follow as a GPS, moving attention Mother (GPS = Global Positioning System, which identifies a few millimeters where you are). He looked at Mother eyebrows, then forget where mother is. Again the mother’s eyes, they looked again he went. Always watching where he goes out mother and wanted to know beforehand what She wants.
At the back of the sled went with dignity and with downcast eyes to the ground Shri Jesus. He was flanked by five deities deities left and 5 right, thus forming a V-shaped device (like Phalanx they submit in formation).
At one point, I see a man among four left the blue, with a tiger skin around the middle, with a sword at his waist and a cobra overhead. I said: “GOD! …. This is Shri Shiva?!! What’s behind Shri Jesus? “And that voice that accompanied me throughout my dream ….. makes observation again:” WRONG!!! ……. This is Shri Shiva Shakti … …. For this device’s military EKADESHA EKADESHA … EKADESHA …. …… EKADESHA Rudra. “And that voice began to say the word” Ekadesha “the echoes.
The only deity who had no weapon was Shri Lakshmi Narayan ……. which was wearing pink jump and sat in lotus position on a lotus ….. Having the silver tray, with beautiful models, as that is made Puja Goddess, but with some money in it. With her left hand she held the tray and held it right roll a bunch of envelopes with window thick (like the kind VODAFONE, RDS, NAFA, etc. FISC. Pulling a peek at what was written on the invoice from the inside … so I could read ( ….. “PAYMENT”). That voice told me that in this paper adjusts the accounts people. They were addressed to all people who have fraudulently obtained money. Money is blessing them, but also her secret weapon! ” How? “….. I asked.” Well …. no army without money does not move on Pământ.Toţi will be respected, valued and paid for what they do. So all these qualities are hers …..! “


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  1. J’ai shri mataji a tout mes frères yogi et yogini soyer sur que shri mataji est seigneur

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