When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Sahaja Yoga Music November 1, 2011

This is an attempt to compile and share all the notes of the beautiful songs that we have in Sahaja Yoga.
Published files:
All files published here are subject to free (re)distribution and use under the terms of GNU-GPL and this will apply to all contributors to this project with no exceptions.
If all the songs are to be included, this should be a collective effort, so everybody that has or can make some notation is welcomed to join.
How can you help
  • Make a music score with MuseScore and send it to
  • Send your work in other digital form – midi or proprietary music scoring software files. (please include program name and version in your e-mail)
  • Scan your handwritten sheets and send it for further processing.
  • Place links to this site – on any other site so more people will know.
  • Tell everybody 🙂
  • Check the published songs and report any mistakes. Make improvements by adding introductions or endings.
  • Help improve this site by providing translation to your language.
 Writing the notes for publishing here will be done with the help of MuseScore program and the main reason behind it is that it is a GNU/GPL licensed, so everybody is free to use it and thus a greater number of people can join for the achievement of our goal – compile and share with all the notes of the beautiful songs that we have in Sahaja Yoga.
 Our desire is to publish all songs with notation and lyrics, but as most of the songs are repeating the same melody, there is no point of publishing the notes for the whole song but just the first couplet and chorus. Of course there are always exceptions and if needed the whole song will be published.
If you have any questions or proposals please send it to

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