When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Do I need Shri Mataji’s photograph to meditate? August 13, 2011


Dr. B. Bhattacharya in his work, ‘The Science of Cosmic Ray Therapy’, states: “The photograph of a person has the same set of vibrations as the person himself and therefore, the cosmic ray  generated and focused at the photograph of the patient, instantaneously travels with its natural speed of light, and recognizes and envelopes the person concerned. This cosmic ray immediately starts its work in the appropriate place within the person.”

Photograph of Shri Mataji emitting vibrations
Vibrations emitting from a photograph of Shri Mataji placed in the middle of a large room.
A few Sahaja Yogis can be seen to the sides of the picture. One nearest on its right can be actually seen bowing before it.

“My photograph is the photograph of Reality. Whatever I speak, because I am That, it is Pranava flowing. It is actually Pranava. My every talk, everything, is a mantra going out.”– Shri Mahagrasa Devi


One Response to “Do I need Shri Mataji’s photograph to meditate?”

  1. mamalilou Says:

    lot’s of joy to find it here
    took nearly the same in Sorrento may 1989 🙂

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