When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Because I’m a Mother April 10, 2011

After talking to the six hundred onlookers at the Toronto program in 1993, Mother asked for some questions. A very large, 150-plus kilogram man, wearing a dark overcoat, bounded from the back of the hall, down the centre aisle and attempted to climb the steps to the stage. We felt Mother was testing the centre Heart.

The man was persuaded to remain at stage front and he was tentatively handed the portable microphone.

“I am Chief Agada from Nigeria”, boomed the voice. “My sister came to this country four years ago and she got involved with your organization, with your people! She was ready to commit suicide.” You could hear a pin drop. “Your people – she went up and up. They helped her so much.”
Stunned, the audience sat in silence as Chief Agada announced, “She loves you, Mother. I want to help you. I want to pay.”

The audience erupted into applause. We all had to make him take back the hundred dollar bills he was throwing on the stage.
Mother explained that there was no need to pay.

Chief Agada then asked Mother if She could help him to become the richest black man in America.
“We’ll see”, replied Shri Mataji.
“How is it you are so powerful? Why do you have so many powers?” continued Chief Agada.

“Because I’m a Mother“, Shri Mataji replied.
“I love you, Mother”, Chief Agada’s voice rang out.
The audience broke out into applause and the centre Heart had opened.


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