When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Osho-Rajnish: “Jesus is not enlightened” January 5, 2011

This is red light for all followers of Osho-Rajnish.

“Jesus is not enlightened”


One Response to “Osho-Rajnish: “Jesus is not enlightened””

  1. Suri Says:

    It is understood that the followers of Nirmaladevi are making a Bloody quagmire for Her, Beware of them, Nirmalaji…………
    Genital parts are parts of whole Physical Body as We are all parts of Universe and OSHO is telling about all the instinctive things of entire Universe phenomena and the People like You think that You are very Intelligent like Adishankara in 8th century who traveled across India arguing, debating and defeating all the renowned scholars, theologians and so-called religious leaders until the situation came where Mandan Misra’a wife asked the question about the Sex which Adi Shankara didn’t learn about at all and succumbed to failure. Here what I’m telling is “The ABSTRACT to be understood.” About Jesus Christ what “OSHO” telling is correct as he said One’s enlightenment doesn’t saves anybody but shows the path for solution saying its not that kind of Enlightenment JESUS did have.
    I’m Sure you are not enlightened as you didn’t understant the matter that you are telling that it is Red Light to OSHO Followers. Remember No followers for OSHO but cherishing their own paths through the teachings of him. Your Words are your Fate, Don’t make any Loose talk. Be careful.

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