When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Ten principles of Gandhi December 13, 2010

1. You must be the change you want to see in the world
If you change yourself, you change your world. If you change your way of
thinking, then change your actions, but how you feel. And thus the world around
you will change. Not just because now you can see your environment through new
‘lens’ thought and feelings, but because the change means you can allow you to
act in ways you had never imagined.

2. “Nobody can be hurt by without my permission”
What you feel and how they react to something, it’s always your choice. There
may be a ‘normal’ or a common way to react to different things. The truth is
that you can select your own thoughts, feelings and reactions to almost
everything. No need to panic, to overreact or negative. At least not every time
and not directly. Sometimes reflexes react and not consciously.

3. ‘The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong

“The ‘eye for an eye, can only lead to the whole world blind”
To combat the evil with evil is not going to help. You can always choose how
you react to situations. When embodiments of this thinking in your life, then
we can react in a way that is most useful for you and for others. You realize
that to forgive and forget the past, we offer you and those around you for a
great service? To you waste your time on negative experiences, once you get all
the lessons from them, I would not offers nothing. Most likely it is to cause
yourself to more pain and the paralysis making him unable to take action when

4. “We want to predict the future. I am committed to this moment. God has
not given me control of the next minute, but that ”
The best way to overcome the internal resistance that often stops the action is
to stay in this as much as possible and being receptive. Why? Because when you
live in the present, do not worry about the next time anyway you can not

6. “It is foolish to be very sure of his wisdom. It’s healthy to remind
yourself that the strongest might weaken and wiser can be wrong ”
When deify humans, even though they have done amazing things in danger, to
distance himself from them. Often begins to feel that you could never achieve
similar feats. It is important to remember that they too are human beings like
you, no matter what they achieve.

7. “First I will ignore it, then laugh at you, then I will fight and win
Being resistant to sabotage you in the same your self. Just then, your inner
resistance will become ill and will visit more and less. Find what you really
want to do and then find and inner motivation to continue. One reason why
Gandhi had so much success with the method of nonviolence, was that he and his
followers did not give up ever.

8. “I see only the virtues of the people. Since I am not infallible, it
will analyze the mistakes of others ”
We all have something good in us. If we are to improve then it is useful to
focus on the good side of people. When focusing on the positive aspects of
others, you still have an incentive to help. By helping others you are not only
their own lives better. By the time you get back that gave me and the people
who helped me more inclined to help other people. So, together, create a
positive change that strengthens.

9. “Happiness is when what think, what you say and what you do, are in
“Always aim at complete harmony of thought, the words and acts. Always
aiming to purge your thoughts and everything will be OK. ”
One of the best advice for improving social skills is to behave consistently
and to communicate with an authentic manner. People like it, and calms the mind
when thoughts, words and deeds are perfectly aligned. If you truly do not need
to prove anything because your body language and tone of your voice, which some
say is 90% of communication-are attuned to your thoughts.

10. “Continued growth is the law of life. He tries to keep his doctrines
appear consistent to others, leading himself on the wrong track ‘
There are times when you are inconsistent or give the impression that you do
not know. This is better than trying to keep a old saying that you know is
wrong for fear to judge others. Do not do it. Chose to develop your thoughts
and evolve.


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