When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Kundalini and chakras at commonwealth games 2010-opening ceremony October 5, 2010

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3 Responses to “Kundalini and chakras at commonwealth games 2010-opening ceremony”

  1. last year on october fifth after approxamately 7 days of what was later reffered to as mania, i conducted a series of what i guess i will call “numerological experements” that involved using fibbonaci numbers and as i remember calling it a “fractal code” that i dialed into the telephone at the time of the opening cerimony of the 2010 winter olympics. i learned today that i may have entered a state of higher consiousness at the time and i learned that it is referred to as “kundalini”. after each series of…

  2. after each set of numbers dialed into the phone, there was a long pause in the crowd, and from the announcers. just a strange coincidence mabe? i wish it werent, but i still retain the idea of the possibility that i reached the world that day.

  3. my bad it was in february that this happened. and at the olympic games. it would be nice to find out someone remembers the long pauses from the crowds, and the announcers. can this be explained? or was i just in a state of mania.

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