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Meditation Can Be More Effective Than Medication June 22, 2010

Many people become interested meditation for spiritual reasons, but science has also shown evidence that Sahaja meditation has physical health and healing properties, as well.  A while back, BBC News reported that Sahaja Meditation can help  asthmatics relieve symptoms of breathing difficulties. In studies carried out at the University of Exter, asthma patients were split two groups: one doing general relaxation techniques and another doing Sahaja meditation. After being given asthma medication, the responsiveness of the patient’s airways were measured. The results showed that those who did Sahaha Meditation were much more responsive to asthma medication than those who did normal relaxation. The mood of the meditating asthmatics also increased.
According to Peter H. Canter of Peninsula Medical School, other studies have shown that Sahaja Meditation can help people with epilepsy lower their stress and have less seizures – but this area of research is difficult to measure due to the vast differences in the kinds of epilepsy and the stress levels. Another study published in the Journal of Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, co-authored by Dr. Ramesh Manocha – children diagnosed with ADHD took part in regular Sahaja meditation sessions over a 6 week period, versus a control group that didn’t meditate.  The children in the meditation group reported better sleep patterns and less anxiety at home – and better concentration at school.
While the benefits of meditation are very real and obvious to most people who practice (and stick with it for a while), it’s good to know there is also some scientific evidence to support it.

5 Responses to “Meditation Can Be More Effective Than Medication”

  1. Its great to see that science is finally catching up with what the ancients had been saying thousands of years ago!

  2. Manga Says:

    Very true, time will prove this ….specially sahajayoga meditation to be received and practised with full gratitude to Shri Mataji and recognise that one of the true feelings of Shri.Mataji, a Divine personality is that sahajayoga, combining all the techniques of meditation into a simple practice of ‘Samadhi’state ‘thoughtless awareness’ can actually prevent many diseases and can offer simplistic solutions to physical, mental and emotions problems to one and all to lead a healthy, balanced lives.

    Shri.Mataji indeed looked at people in India suffering with poverty, lack of medical aid since her childhood and devised sahajayoga through Her innate capacity to awaken the kundalini of people to give them realisation. While medical science has its own place it is the need of the hour that medical practitioners recognise the role of sahaja yoga meditation and alternative medicine into the main stream medicine which is truely integration of science of spirituality which has been neglected so far…as the existence of the God Almighty. Let us desire with sincere hearts that this will come into effect at the level of United Nations and all Government policies as everybody knows that rich and poor are alike subjected to several diseases which can be prevented through sahaja yoga meditation in the first place and can be effectively helped to improve the state of health by using Shri Mataji’s picture.

  3. Peter Says:

    It is more important SY to reach the heart of the people than United Nations.

    • Manga Says:

      Dear Peter,

      Hearts are very much controlled by minds, that is what I understand looking around me in all aspects of life. These controlling power is rested on few minds who are elected or selected or come out well in competition who can decide everything for a common man. I totally agree that Sahaj needs to be reached into the hearts of the people; that is where lies a key to give solutions to all the problems that we are facing today. However, people are so used to accept somebody to control their hearts by the minds of few that the reception is so poor…even one who receives the message is dropping very quickly and falling back to the original state, or always looking for somebody to control them, decide things for them but not growing themselves to help the situation. That is why if the hearts of the people who control others, who decides things for others in everyday life is awakened, may be things get better…. just a good wish and ofcourse sincere pray to the God Almighty :).


  4. healthnyogaa Says:

    Exactly I agree with you meditation is the need of time. Meditation helped me a lot in getting out of pressure and concentrate on work.

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