When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Did we achieve the highest in Sahaja yoga? June 1, 2010

After so many years and so many pujas and lectures I realize that still there are problems in my chakras and nadis.

Recently I met the person who was able to active Nirvichara and Nirvikalpa state with Sahaja yoga only in 5-6 months. I realize that the most of the Sahaja yogis get satisfied with very small things like little Kunalini above Sahasrara and feeling problems in their chakras.

Establishing in Nirvikalpa is the minimum according Mother’s lecture from 4 May 1985.

Lets all of us establish our Kundalini very high as much as we can and stay in Nirvichar during the day.

In my next post we will speak about how we feel Kundalini and how we feel our Spirit.


6 Responses to “Did we achieve the highest in Sahaja yoga?”

  1. Vinayakah Says:

    Sometimes there is an activity to keep Nirvichara, but it is quite interesting try. Nirvichara should be like a natural state of being, withour trying to “hold/keep” it. It is like to be in love – once you are in love, how much energy do you invest to keep yourself in love? There is none…. We are immersed in the love by itself, if we really are in love.

    To reach, hold, keep Nirvichara…is like we are standingat the doorstep and holdthe door, not to close. But the word Nir-vichara sayn NO THOUGHTs at all….it doesnt say keep the thoughts aside… I think we need to go through the door, not to stay at the doorstep…

    Once we love our Mother, we need just to dive in Her love, and thoughts are over. That is Nirvichara, immersed in Her love, with Her love flowing, there are no thoughts coming.

    Once we dont fluctuate in the state, we can enter Nirvikalpa…

  2. Manga Says:

    Dear Vinayakah, please read regarding Mothers advice on effortlessness(
    It is also at the end of mantra book 🙂

    “The biggest problem we face is to keep the connection between this Spirit and the Kundalini. Our connection is very loose and that’s why this Kundalini cannot look after the Spirit.

    I wonder if you have noticed one thing in Sahaja Yoga, that you can manoeuvre the Kundalini, but not the Spirit.

    You can raise your hand, the Kundalini will move. You can manoeuvre it. You can give it a Bandhan. It will go around.

    But the Spirit cannot be manoeuvred.

    There’s only one mantra to awaken the Spirit, in the sense that to please him you have to say you are the Spirit (= say “I am the Spirit”). You have to bring in the Kundalini to look after it. You have to take Kundalini there, to the Heart, so that this Spirit has to be carefully developed and matured.”

    Shri Mataji (

    In another talk Shri Mataji mentioned that we need to raise Mother Kundalini again and again to bring to Sahasrara and also open Susushma channel so that we can have this state of thoughtless awareness all the time, whatever we do.

    Thoughtless awareness was also explained by Shri Mataji, it is not that there is no thoughts but the gap between rise and fall of thought widens which is called ‘vilumbha’ which is established gradually to a state of ‘witness’ where we watch thoughts and do not get involved with them and so is with others state of mind and speech etc then we will be able to achieve our hightest which is pure manifestation of our spiritual being without gettng entangled into thought and movement of thought which gives us ego and superego, rather enjoy what we do, and enjoy the result of action….eventually become akarmi (state of ‘you do but don’t do in reality’ as it is the God Almighty who does everything..
    If we can enjoy achievements (so called), all good deeds of others either sahajayogis or non sahajayogis and appreciate then we are almost there. That is where we have overcome our all 6 enemies and established pure detached love, which is the state of the pure spirit. If we can do it collectively, we have really done what Mother wants us to do, it is a great happening.

    All my good wishes for your meditations.

    • Peter Says:

      Dear Manga,

      At the beginning Kundalini is helping the Spirit. After merging Kundalini and the Spirit, the Spirit is guarding around Kundalini like a wall.

      When we are identified with the Spirit we became automatically detached. We can feel the cool breeze coming from our Spirit in the heart. Kundalini and the Spirit should merge at the top of our head.


  3. Manga Says:

    Thank you Peter. I agree what you say. Thats so beautiful, cool breeze in the heart, spirit is being a wall around Kundalini…everthing that I have tried to explain you have put it in brief…Identify with the spirit. Let the joy of Sahasrara rule us.

  4. Jack Johnson Says:

    Nirvikalpa state is possible to achieve very fast if we have the proper dedication. I would say after 3 months of keeping the attention pure and attachment free, one
    can start feeling the Nirvikalpa state beginning to establish itself within. The joy starts to come in at this time and begin to bubble continuously within yourself at all times of
    the day no matter what is going on around you. Your speech will also start changing too. It will become more elegant and beautiful with tremendous magnetism. This is really when we start becoming like the saints whom Shri Mataji has described in the past like Leonardo Da Vinci, Kahlil Gibran, and Sir Isaac Newton. The amount of inspiration that comes into you at all times is amazing. The main thing that we must remember is that when we reach Nirvikalpa state we do not forget to maintain discipline over ourselves or it is possible to fall even after this state. Remember we always have free will to use it as we like.

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