When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Mother protects all-See the picture under the bus May 27, 2010

From Isha:

This State Transport bus, headed from Murbad to Kalyan, had 30 passengers on board when the driver lost control as he tried to manouevre a sharp turn on a bridge at Shahad on Sunday night. The vehicle dangled perilously over the road below, as the retaining wall of the bridge gave way. Passengers tried to get out through the emergency exit, but it was jammed. Left with no option, they started to jump out of the windows. Miraculously, all 30 escaped unhurt.

And just in case you did not notice, there is a advertisement board of a Sahaja Yoga Meditation Center right below the bus  🙂

Jai Shri Mataji !!



4 Responses to “Mother protects all-See the picture under the bus”

  1. clark Says:

    What a miracle.

  2. Katharina Says:

    Wow, amazing!! Thank you for sharing! JSM

  3. narendra bansod,nagpur Says:

    whqt to say about this miacle! so many of thistype are taking place every now and then in many sahajyogee’s life.thanks for highlighting. will definitely enhance the faith of the new ones.

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