When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

Shri Mataji – Washington DC Public Program 1999 May 14, 2010

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10 Responses to “Shri Mataji – Washington DC Public Program 1999”

  1. clark Says:

    This is such a beautiful talk.
    I hope all Americans will seek to evolve beyond any attachment and greed for money, and that we will learn that we came to this Earth to achieve so much more than just material gain. Mother, please pray for us. JSM!!!

  2. Peter Says:


    We ca blame others but is more important what we have done with ourselves.
    Enjoy Sahasrara 24h.

  3. clark Says:

    Dear Peter,
    ( I am the other), I’m an American. I’m not saying ALL americans are money oriented toward spirituality,but if you had lived here all your life, like me, you would see that what mother says is generally true about americans attitude towards money. Yes money should be a blessing, with boundries. So,,,i’m not playing the blame game, simply agreeing with mother. Thats all.

  4. Manga Says:

    Nice video Thanks Peter for posting. I understand what Clark is trying to say. It is Shri Mataji’s desire also that Vishuddi chakra works out and America sets an example for others as its quality if responsibility. Once we become one with the whole, no matter wherever we are we are all connnected and also do our bit with humility and Mothers love and Her guidance coming from within. Enjoy Mothers talk and enjoy Sahasrara.

    • Peter Says:

      Manga, Clark,

      The most important quality of Vishudhi chakra is the connection with Collective being /Virata/. So far in Sahaja yoga only 50-100 people are FULLY connected with Virata.

      Thanks for the video.

  5. clark Says:

    yes Manga,
    i’m not an eloquint writer,,
    but you said it well

  6. clark Says:

    Hi Peter,
    I was just curious where you heard that so far in sahaja yoga,
    only 50 to 100 yogis are FULLY connected with Virata.
    was it from one of Mothers lectures? I was just wondering,what your source was. thank you.

  7. Peter Says:

    Dear Clark,

    I am blessed to know one person who is connected. It is my pure desire to be part of it as well.

  8. clark Says:

    that is many peoples desire also,
    but please tell me your source of that number( 50 to 100) yogis only, please and thank you.

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