When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

This journey of Sahaja yoga transformed me April 14, 2010

Beautiful explanation from Manga.

Manga Says:

One who has not tasted a cake right in front of him/her would not know neither the taste of that cake and joy and satisfaction that cake can give nor the recipe of cake. Sahajayoga is the same, unless one experiences and has a desire to experience wouldn’t know the full dimension of it.

It is not the just the joy and bliss of the Divine but also solves all the so called problems of the world today we are talking about.. be that Russia or Africa or any other corner of the world. We have a capacity to judge and find faults with everything and everybody and seem to prefer not to face ourselves rather criticize others.

Quite human as saying goes “to err is human and to forgive is Divine”. This is only because of ignorance. That ignorance comes may be from a feeling that I am OK and others are not. I have done this in the past and judged my own family member who was practicing sahajayoga because I was looking at him all the time what I want him to be rather than what he was and what he has gained from sahajayoga.

Moreover I was probably thinking I was alright and he was not, a kind of judging out of my so called achievements/talents and my emotional involvement with the person. Now I can say practicing sahajayoga for several years, after 10 years of speculation and reluctance that it changed me into a person who can understand others feelings and respect people as they are rather than how I want them to be.

This journey of sahajayoga transformed me to the extent that I want to help others to turn their attention to the beauty of inside which is the pure spirit, untainted rather than feeling despair, addictive to bad habits, irresponsible towards oneself and society or even think no end of themselves and belittle other people putting them to indignity.

One who has experienced sahajayoga meditation undoubtedly knows that only through transformation of our inner self through meditation, introspection and correction that we can achieve everything for oneself and also to the world. This is the only reason why sahajayogis want to spread sahajayoga to every corner of the world…to spread the joy, love, respect, peace and truth that they have experienced.

I suppose all the religions came on the earth for the very purpose but now sahajayoga has a greater purpose of uniting the essence of all the religions and integrate the whole world.

It is our honor to look after Shri.Mataji and Her family. For her nothing is important..She accepted a petal of flower from a child, a garland from a yogi, material and aesthetic presents with equal love and regard and she accepted only to please them.

Anybody who wants to criticize Her Divine incarnation may try and sit on the chair continuously for 7 hours and see if they can. One has to understand subtle system to know the truth that to receive material from others is not an easy task. There is whole lot of science and a great practice of patience needed for that.

One also need to understand that Shri Mataji’s family is very generous towards sahajayogis in sharing Her and they are all well placed in the society and if they acquired Shri Mataji’s property it is a honor for sahajayogis and it is perfectly legal.

I can assure that no sahajayogi is forced to do anything and none of them became any poorer by giving donations to sahajayoga in anyway. Significance of money in sahajayoga is zero and money is something we understand needed to do create infrastructure, travel, fulfill our needs and spread the love and joy to the world.

Sahajayoga schools are made very beautiful and are located in serene atmosphere so that children are nurtured and educated to the highest moral principles and become responsible citizens of the society. There may be sporadic incidents in schools and sahajayoga where things went wrong but they are very rare occurrence.

Why should we take such examples when there are great many examples of success? Schools are not ignoring such examples but striving to improve with constant attention and care. Nothing can be achieved over night. Every institution has to learn while doing and evolve continuously. Sahajayoga takes care of very delicate inner feelings and subtleties of children therefore it has been a learning for children, parents and teachers and now we can say we are established while still trying to meet better standards in every way.

Shri Mataji has worked very hard physically to give sahajayoga to the world; least we can do is to offer salutations and thanks to Her. Thank you Shri Mataji for giving us self realization.



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