When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

“Fruit of apple” or “fruit of evil” March 15, 2010

The Evil in Genesis is mistake. Latin “malus-apple” is mix up with “malum-evil”. Both words in genitive case sound same – “mali”. Instead “fructus mali fruit of apple” is translated as “fruit of evil”.


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  1. clark Says:

    Hi Peter,
    I love this topic.
    i dont know much,but please share anything more you’ve found. i.e. , evolution , archetypes, etc.. thanks

  2. clark Says:

    hi Peter,
    this is from (beginners guide to revelation,a jungian interpretation) “it appears that man,by his very nature,his unique combinaton of mind and body,is destined to eat the the fruit of the tree. The Bible presents it as a matter of pride.Adam and Eve eat the fruit because they want to be like gods. But what else can they desire to be? They have been given the spirit of God as well as the body of an animal.However, anyone who has ever made any spiritual advance in life knows how easy it is to assume that he or she has become a very wonderful person, almost a god. It is almost a given in therapy that you need to balance the extremes of a client.when the client has little feeling of self worth,the therapist quite rightly points out what a marvelous , unique person the patient really is. But when the patient becomes inflated with too high a self-evaluation, the therapist , again rightly, attempts to deflate the patient, to point out that there is a long way to go toward divinity or even full humanity. We just can’t handle this god-substance, this spirit,we contain within ourselves. If we decide that we are spirit,it possesses us and we fill up with false pride. If we try to deny the spirit within and limit ourselves to our animal nature,we feel sad and empty, bereft of all purpose. Our story seems to be the story of an attempt to answer the seemeingly unanswerable: how to merge god and animal into one being.” i just thought it was food for thought.

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