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Elohim – plural; Eloah – Goddess February 4, 2010

Elohim  is Hebrew term for God. Most of us believe that God is singular but looks like that we are sadly mistaken.

Elohim (Hebrew) [from ‘eloah – Goddess + im – masculine plural ending]

In this way Hebrew meaning for God is very close to Hindu deity Virat Purusha.

More about Virat Purusha can be found in Purusha_sukta


4 Responses to “Elohim – plural; Eloah – Goddess”

  1. maaark Says:

    I’ve understood Elohim to be a generic Canaanite word as well as Hebrew, an impersonal term like lord. Watching for the root “el” in names of other deities it is in Baal or Bael and more.
    The Bible is apparently written from within culture yet transcending it, similar yet contrasting. Later in the Bible there are more personal references to the Hebrew God using the root word El but personalized “El Saddai” meaning something like Lord provider.
    Similarity to Hindu deities are always possible.

  2. volodimir108 Says:

    i’ll try to translate this!

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