When unconscious became conscious this is Samadhi

First Sahaja Program in Kosovo February 3, 2010

Bulgaria, Macedonia,India, Serbia and Austria team work . 50 received their realization. Thanks Mother.

You can find us in “ODA” theater.

Please enjoy the photos HERE.


39 Responses to “First Sahaja Program in Kosovo”

  1. Frida Unger Says:

    Dear Yogis,
    I personnaly find it very depressing that you try to recruit new followers. Kosovo is a very poor country and most of the people struggle to survive. Don’t exploit them – Shri Mataji has enough superb castles bought from the money of ‘her’ naive followers. Kosovarians dont deserve this!
    What you are doing is evil, evil absolute evil!!
    If you have enough time available help the people here – not with collecting money – but real help. Help to lessen suffering – don’t inflict it.l
    Stop spreading your evil message!

    • Peter Says:

      Dear Frida,
      Sahaja yoga is always FREE of charge.

      When you practice SY you can correct yourself and improve quality if your life.

      • Frida Unger Says:

        I don’t believe a word. A very close member of my family is a Sahja Yoga and there are no such improvements visible. On the contrary – his life has become increasingly narrow. He is going to loose his family. His only contacts are restricted to Sahaja yoga members. That means that he gets isolated more and more. It seems as if he got ‘brainwashed’. I only do hope, that he is able to find a way back into society and finds a way back to his family.
        Please do Kosovo a favour and stop recruiting new members. Kosovarians have to deal with so many difficulties – they don’t need more.

        Have you ever realised how many beautiful houses, mansons your ‘divine guru’ possesses. Do you know who she got them? I do think – those ‘palaces’ are bought from donations of ‘seekers’.
        Furthermore, have you read about the school in India – where according to sources in the internet poor young children were sexually abused? And nobody helped the children – but those victims were accused of having’sexual imaginations’.
        I truly do think that the members of Sahaja yoga are honest but unfortunately misled people. They are full of fear to face the real situation of Sahaja yoga. It is nothing more than a thriving buisness for the ‘Guru’ und her ‘family members’. The members of Sahaja yogas full of fear to speak negativly about the Guru. They think that real bad things will happen to them – that as the Guru told them will become very ill, disasters will struck them and that the will loose everything – even their vibrations.
        I am so sich of all this – reconsider your activity here in Kosovo. Stay at home – find a way out of this sekt und enjoy life again.

  2. Peter Says:

    Frida, is not question of believe or not.
    I BELIEVE , I THINK is fanaticism because you don’t have actual experience.

    I saw SY system working for 20 years.
    I don’t believe, but I KNOW that SY is working, because I have my personal experience. When you have your personal experience you can decide for yourself.

    May be your relative does not understand correctly SY. There are cases like this.

  3. Frida Unger Says:

    If children are sexually abused (with the knowledge of the Guru) is not a question of believe or non-believe it is a criminal act.

    Amounting hoards of material goods (houses, jewels….) pressed from naive ‘followers’ has nothing to do with believe but pure greed.

    Children (even babies) who cried in front of Shri Mataji were accused of being obsessed by the devil. (You can watch the comment made by Shri Mataji herself on the video). It is ill!!!!!

    When do you wake up???

    • Peter Says:

      Sexually abused children. This can be in Catholic church but not in SY.
      Please provide evidence or apologize.

      We people are very good in twisting The TRUTH.

    • Avdhut Says:

      There are many cults in the society and the world in general, fashion cults, music cults, literature cults etc. The word itself has taken on bad connotations due to the anti-social behaviour of people both inside and outside of such groups.
      A culture is a cult that has become established and accepted.

      Sahaja Yoga is diffiCULT…there is no membership, lots of people from all walks of life come and go and ingrained ideologies clash as people are faced with different mannerisms and forms of self-expression. It’s the biggest challenge facing humanity; how do we all get along !?

      I can understand Frida’s concern. Certainly there have been a lot of terrible things said about Sri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga. For someone living in a war torn country, where crimes against humanity, perpetrated by erstwhile neighbours, fear will seem like a necessary precursor to caution. Unfortunately fear is our biggest enemy.

      People who speak like her are doing so out of fear and concern, just like the people who publish and contribute to the anti-sahaj web-site.

      As such it perpetuates fear in others, whereas, what has been written is usually only a ‘half-truth’, written in order to get back at those who have made one feel fearful.

      What exactly happened betwen the boy who claimed he was sexually harrassed and the teacher ? I understand the teacher put his arm around him and asked him to come closer. This happened to me once also, when I was singing next to my teacher. He was so happy with the progress he got excited and told me ‘come, come, come here, closer’. Indian people feel a lot of affection for those they get on well with, particularly when a teacher feels he has found someone he can successfully pass on his life’s work to. There is nothing sexual about it. Indian boys often hold hands and walk around. Sex doesn’t come into it, in fact if that was mentioned they’dprobably beat you up 🙂

      There is an ongoing problem in the school with youngsters whose heads are full of sexual intrigue, coming from our dirty media. From young they se it everywhere and so they equate everything with it, it is sold as everyone’s reason for being and a suiccessful person’s highest aspiration. So when placed in a institution where people are more innocent with their personal self-expression it’s easy how a child could become afraid.

      No doubt Sri Mataji was not told about this incident as the people involved where afraid she would say it was a silly thing to be bothered about, she has said Herself how hard it is for her to understand people’s obsession with sex; it’s like a medicine, a little bit appropriately taken is good, but to be addicted to it is bad for your health. It is also at the root of so much evil in the world. Lust drives the anger that drives people to rape and murder. It is also indicated as a contributing factor in psychological ailments.

      As for the property Sri Mataji lives in; we would not have it any other way. After all we all, including her, know that at the end of the day it’s all just for our enjoyment.

      Money is NEVER charged for Sahaja Yoga and money is not necessary to be a Sahaja Yogi, but unfortunately it is necessary at the moment in order to perpetuate it, so people give as and when they feel like it, the only compulsion being to help spread that which has brought so muh peace and understanding to so many people.

      The people in Sahaja Yoga are just the same as anyone else inside and so terrible things do happen from time to time, but it is not condoned, but seen as a symptom of what we are all trying to change in the world, that’s why we send our children so far away from the mainstream in the first place.

    • Avdhut Says:

      Dear Frida

      You wrote,

      ”…I don’t believe a word. A very close member of my family is a Sahja Yoga and there are no such improvements visible. On the contrary – . ”

      It must be very hard for that member of your family to cope with your hostility. Please be gentle and kind to them, without coercion, then they will be able to grow with your Love.

  4. Frida Unger Says:

    If you are not aware of the accusation, please read the testimony I found published in the Internet:
    Sahaja Yoga: Facts interviews an eye witness that we will call Sam
    Sam: I would like to tell you about the sexual abuse accounts I witnessed at the Sahaja Yoga school in Dharamsala, India. I was a student enrolled there at that time. There are many reasons why I currently do not practice Sahaja Yoga, but this reason is key. If you would like to discuss this issue I would be more than happy to disclose all the information.
    SYFacts: Please tell.

    In 1994 I left for India to attend the International Sahaj Public School in Dharamsala. My family had been involved with Sahaja Yoga for quite some time and it was my personal decision to attend school in India. At the school I met an eleven year old boy call Miles. He was a great spirit…

    Sometime in October 1994, there was commotion in the court of the school. A friend from the US and I ran outside to witness a Swiss girl, Miles, Sir Raja (the music teacher) and his wife crying, screaming and fighting. For a few hours, Mrs Chitnavis who was the principal at the time kept the four in her office.

    The next day, puzzled by the debacle, the Swiss girl confided in me and told me what happened. Apparently, Miles was in the music teacher’s quarters practising his instrument (they were good friends). Then the teacher took advantage of Miles, sexually; I’m not going into it but you can imagine. After this horrific occurrence, Miles confided in the Swiss girl who went to tell the music teacher’s wife. Well, she didn’t believe it, and accused the Swiss girl of having an affair with her husband.

    The worst part is that at Diwali puja, a couple months later, after the music teacher was sent away, the school arrives at the puja just to see the music teacher up on the side of the stage where they sang bhajans in the microphones, five feet away from the so-called ‘Divine’ Shri Mataji. Miles saw this and ran back to the boys tent, scared, confused and hurt. How could Shri Mataji let a sex offender on her stage to be one of the key musicians for the night?

    So that’s my story, it was very painful to relate and to mentally hear again.
    SYFacts: Firstly, can you assure us that this music teacher is no longer at the school?
    Sam: Yes, he’s no longer there.
    SYFacts: Do you know if the sexual abuse was an isolated incident?
    Sam: To my knowledge it was a one-time occurrence, neither Miles nor anyone else ever stated the exact happenings…
    SYFacts: How far was the issue kept silent? We heard that Yogi Mahajan knew. Why is it that Guido from Italy withdrew his own children after the incident?

    This is the hardest question for me to answer. I was very close to Yogi Mahajan and his daughter. I have been to his house, parties, his cottage at the school and a member of my family is also close. He knew. Which is disgusting. Because he knew right after it happened, and that schmuck was on the stage two months later singing bhajans to Shri Mataji. Everyone knew. Whether they discussed or not they knew. My mother tried to contact the Peartrees about it when I got home from India. They were silent. Just like everyone who feels that they should not talk about these kind of things for they would feel a hot breeze, God forbid. Uncle Guido yanked Niranjana and Shakti right out of the school that year, along with many other Swiss, American and Australian parents. Everyone knew, their kids told them. Whether or not they heard them is the issue.

    My own family was, as one could say, ‘closely related to the politics’ of Shri Mataji. For my ‘blind’ family, except my mother, has scoffed the issue, like it never even happened. They have also accused me of lying.
    SYFacts: Would you allow us to publicise your account?
    Sam: I guess I want to promote awareness about this issue. This is a severe issue that should not be left silent.
    SYFacts: Thank you for your trust.
    Sam: Thanks for listening. I feel that I have got back a part of myself after sharing this with you.

    • Peter Says:

      I was clear that you need to provide evidence.
      Unproved stories from here and there always can be found.

      BTW please explain us more about you your religion and belives.
      So far you are only criticizing but not providing any solution.

  5. Frida Unger Says:

    those are testimonies of children being ‘forced’ to stay in a school – they did not have any choice! Nobody protected them. It’s not me who is claiming this – those are members or ex-members of your sect, who got mistreated. Many, many people of your cult testimonied what happend to them – is that not proof enough. Is your solution of whatsoever to approve of this? If your Guru is the holoy spirit, Jesus etc….. she claims (better claimed – now she is ill and on drugs anyway and her husband has overtaken the business) and she could not prevent this – or at least deal in a proper way with it – she seems to be everything else but holy.

    • Peter Says:


      I would like to ask simple question. Can we blame Christ about all Christian killings and etcetera?

      You didn’t answer my question. Tell us about your religion and your church? If you don’t answer I will be forced to remove all your comments.

  6. Frida Unger Says:

    YOU WILL BE FORCED TO REMOVE ALL OF MY COMMENTS? ONly because you don’t know to which faith I belong? Isn’t it ridiculous?
    Nevertheless, I am telling you my faith. I do believe there are nice, honest people living on this planet -I am an atheist! Because, one of my close relatives became a SY – and every day I am able to see how destruction any religion can do.

    But to your other question. If Christ would be alive – I also would ask him – what he has to say to his ‘followers’ who commit crimes -the same way as I ask you and of course your Guru – she is responsible for it and your abused children, women and men in your organisation.

  7. Frida Unger Says:

    But you didn’t also not answer my questions. Don’t you feel responsible what your Sekt is doing. Inflicting harm and suffering. Taking money from poor people. Sending children not older than 2 away from their parents – using earlob-pulling, shoebeating ……….. And without retrospection spreading this system to other countries!
    Don’t you see what is happening. Your Guru’s greed only can be fed by new members – and their contributions. And you are helping to exploit people. I truly feel sad – that you don’t have the ability to look behind the scene. Why are you so shy to look into the accusations. – Find out the truth and I’m absoluty sure you wouldn’t be in this sekt anymore. But most likely you are much too scared of the threats your Gurus was telling you. But be asured – nothing will happen. The only change will be, that you are free again.

    • Peter Says:

      I can be responsible only for myself. We are grown up people and if somebody is doing wrong things should be punished by the law.

      • Frida Unger Says:

        Yes, but it is your ‘holy Guru’ (ha,ha) who blamed the victims and praised the offender!

  8. clark Says:

    Hi Peter.
    frida,, regarding ,”you would ask Christ”. ??
    you sound like you would put jesus and / or the Mother on a witness stand in a court of law. Do you really think you would have the liberty to talk to GOD that way???? I think some objective experiment with sincere scientific meditation needs to be done before you are ready to talk to “GOD” like that.
    Maybe you should contemplate humility,and pray for your “close family member”. your story sounds like its straight out of the anti/ ex- sahaja yoga web sight. Not at all original. I hope you and yours truly find peace.

  9. clark Says:

    SOURCES ON THE INTERNET!! ha ha ,,,love it

  10. Frida Unger Says:

    Why don’t you answer the questions about the many buildings Shri Mataji owns. Houses in Italy, England, America and so on.
    All bought from money spent by the members of SY. Now owend by her family members (grandson, daughter, husband ……….)
    No greed at all????
    What’s about Child abuse in your organisation – doesn’t it bother you???? But child abuse in Catholic church seems to be an issue you. (For me in both institutions – its not acceptable – and its a crime). Two year old children sending away in an institution – deprived of their parents – it also could be called cruelty!!!
    But if you won’t see it because you are ‘brainwashed’ it doesn’t make any sense to continue this conversation. What I only wanted to tell is: I can imagine, that it is extremly hard for you to commit, (that for years, maybe decades you devotly served your Guru who misled you, who deprived you of many years to live a full live, for whom you made so many sacrifices) that you not only was fooled but that you too misled others. (or worse, you sent your own child away for years without your support to being mistreated?????) But please – stop misleading the Kosovarian people!!!!

    • Peter Says:

      Her husband was KCMG, Secretary-General Emeritus, of the International Maritime Organization. He is not poor person.

      Why you are so concern about Kosovarian people!!!! Are you Kosovarian. What you have done about them?

      • Frida Unger Says:

        Yes, you are right that her husband had a high position but those many buildings are bought from Sahaja yoga – and now the don’t belong to SY anymore but tho the family of the Guru.

        The only thing I was trying to tell you was that those people are not concerened about you but only about how they can profit!!

        Furthermore, I find it very interesting that your dont’t care about the victims in your organistation – please open your eyes!!!

      • Frida Unger Says:

        There has been speculation among Sahaja Yogis whether Mr Srivastava is actually a deity, perhaps even Sadashiva – God Almighty Himself. One Sahaja Yogi dismissed the idea because he knew that Mr S beats Mataji which he didn’t think a deity would do.
        Why do they need the money of their followers – because if you are greedy – money and material goods never can be enough!!!!

        also found in the Internet: (interesting to read)

        In 1986, British devotees paid £300,000
        in order that the movement might buy a mansion near Cambridge.

        And a whole lot more money went into renovating it. Also many Sahaja Yogis went to work there for free – of course signing on the dole at the same time.

        (Five years later an Italian castle was added to Mataji’s impressive property portfolio.)

  11. Peter Says:

    “Yes, but it is your ‘holy Guru’ (ha,ha) who blamed the victims and praised the offender!”

  12. Peter Says:

    “The only thing I was trying to tell you was that those people are not concerened about you but only about how they can profit!!”

    Usually I write “concerned” without E after R. 🙂

    thanks for your concern but I can see magnificent results from Sahaja yoga in my life.
    Sahaja yoga is open and FREE for everybody but it is up to us, how we can practice and clean our problems.

    We are grown up people and not in kindergarten to blame the Teacher for everything.

    • Frida Unger Says:

      Sorry, for the spelling mistake – but we are not disscussing spelling, do we?

      But again, you evade answering – why was the property – bought by your members transfered to the Guru??? Because she and her family isn’t greedy????? (ha, ha, ha). Don’t be blind!!!!!

      Interestingly, your group is asking to sign petitions against child abuse in the Catholic Church (which I support) but why don’t you send out a similar petition against abuse in your organisation – (because related to the small number of people belonging to SY compared with the hughe number of Catholics in the world – the crime commited in your organisation might be significantly bigger!!!!) Don’t dismiss everything, which doesn’t fit in your concept. Perhaps, just consider, that their might be at least be ‘some’ truth’ in my arguments too. Otherwise your are a scrupelous fundamentalist. (Just think – start thinking – not repeating everything your Guru tells you) THINK!!

  13. Frida Unger Says:

    As I can see – it doesn’t make any sense to try to show how mislead you are I’ll give up!
    It’s very interesting that your spirality isn’t stained by child-abuse -commited in your organisation!
    I think you are just an extreme case of coward.
    enjoy your meditation (and don’t forget the misused people in your organisation!)

  14. Peter Says:

    People are spending their time, money and effort to travel to Kosovo and you can only criticize.
    This is so boring.
    Make some effort and do something.

  15. Frida Unger Says:

    they better stay at home – nobody asked them to come.They only do this because they are pure egoists and most likley suffering from some sort of phsycological illness! I hope only few people will attend your meeting tomorrow!!

  16. master craftsman Says:

    Within us is truth, reality, wisdom, silence, peace, oneness, and union – Yoga. Come and experience the difference. That’s all!

  17. clark Says:

    Just my personal humble opinion , but i’d be willing to bet that not all the contributors to the ex/anti sahaja yoga web site are well meaning “concerned” citizens. There is a negative force at work here, that would like to intentionally confuse people,play on their fears and prejudices,twist half truths,and out right lies so as to keep as many seekers from getting their realization as possible. Some may be ex “members”,that are bitter,for what ever reason, but just because the physical bodys of devils like rajneesh are gone,doesn’t mean all the followers are gone. i’m sure their is some contribution from bhoots like that as well. just my opinion. JSM!!!

    • Manga Says:

      One who has not tasted a cake right in front of him/her would not know neither the taste of that cake and joy and satisfaction that cake can give nor the recipe of cake. Sahajayoga is the same, unless one experiences and has a desire to experience wouldn’t know the full dimension of it. It is not the just the joy and bliss of the Divine but also solves all the so called problems of the world today we are talking about.. be that Russia or Africa or any other corner of the world. We have a capacity to judge and find faults with everything and everybody and seem to prefer not to face ourselves rather criticize others. Quite human as saying goes “to err is human and to forgive is Divine”. This is only because of ignorance. That ignorance comes may be from a feeling that I am OK and others are not. I have done this in the past and judged my own family member who was practising sahajayoga because I was looking at him all the time what I want him to be rather than what he was and what he has gained from sahajayoga. Moreover I was probably thinking I was alright and he was not, a kind of judging out of my so called achievements/talents and my emotional involvement with the person. Now I can say practising sahajayoga for several years, after 10 years of speculation and reluctance that it changed me into a person who can understand others feelings and respect people as they are rather than how I want them to be. This journey of sahajayoga transformed me to the extent that I want to help others to turn their attention to the beauty of inside which is the pure spirit, untainted rather than feeling despair, addictive to bad habits, irresponsible towards oneself and society or even think no end of themselves and belittle other people putting them to indignity. One who has experienced sahajayoga meditation undoubtedly knows that only through transformation of our inner self through meditation, introspection and correction that we can achieve everything for oneself and also to the world. This is the only reason why sahajayogis want to spread sahajayoga to every corner of the world…to spread the joy, love, respect, peace and truth that they have experienced. I suppose all the religions came on the earth for the very purpose but now sahajayoga has a greater purpose of uniting the essence of all the religions and integrate the whole world.

      It is our honour to look after Shri.Mataji and Her family. For her nothing is important..She accepted a petal of flower from a child, a garland from a yogi, material and aesthetic presents with equal love and regard and she accepted only to please them. Anybody who wants to criticize Her Divine incarnation may try and sit on the chair continuously for 7 hours and see if they can. One has to understand subtle system to know the truth that to receive material from others is not an easy task. There is whole lot of science and a great practice of patience needed for that. One also need to understand that Shri.Mataji’s family is very generous towards sahajayogis in sharing Her and they are all well placed in the society and if they acquired Shri.Mataji’s property it is a honour for sahajayogis and it is perfectly legal. I can assure that no sahajayogi is forced to do anything and none of them became any poorer by giving donations to sahajayoga in anyway. Significance of money in sahajayoga is zero and money is something we understand needed to do create infrastructure, travel, fulfil our needs and spread the love and joy to the world.

      Sahajayoga schools are made very beautiful and are located in serene atmosphere so that children are nurtured and educated to the highest moral principles and become responsible citizens of the society. There may be sporadic incidents in schools and sahajayoga where things went wrong but they are very rare occurrence. Why should we take such examples when there are great many examples of success? Schools are not ignoring such examples but striving to improve with constant attention and care. Nothing can be achieved over night. Every institution has to learn while doing and evolve continuously. Sahajayoga takes care of very delicate inner feelings and subtleties of children therefore it has been a learning for children, parents and teachers and now we can say we are established while still trying to meet better standards in everyway.

      Shri Mataji has worked very hard physically to give sahajayoga to the world; least we can do is to offer salutations and thanks to Her. Thank you Shri Mataji for giving us self realisation.

      • Avdhut Says:

        Thank you didi, thank you so much !!!

        If only everyone knew the truth that can only be experienced.

        Sat, Chit, & Ananda.

      • Peter Says:

        Manga this is gorgeous.
        You need to create a blog and start sharing this wisdom. I can help you with creation of blog here.

    • Avdhut Says:

      That old saying, ”The only thing to fear…fear itself.”

      When the left side aspect of the heart chakra is fully open and strong the bhoots become subservient to the divine will… because there is no fear.

      Sri Siva – / Sri Kamadeva – God of Love, Sri Kshamakshetra – filed of forgiveness, Sri Atmayoni – origin of the self, Sri Karuna Sagar – Ocean of mercy, Sri Shankara – compassionate ( …even unto the bhoots!)

      God is Love.

      ”Truth is Love and Love is Truth”. Her Supreme Holiness Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi ( …on many occasions .)

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  19. Manga Says:

    Thanks Peter. I am pleased with your offer. I will contact you as soon as I feel ready for my own blog. Sat Chit Ananda Rupam Shivoham Shivoham…..Thanks Avdhut…Yes, heart needs to be opened and be strong. Then everything works out..everything is guided by the pure spirit.

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